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Yesterday God began speaking to me further about the attack of the spirit of divination (witchcraft and sorcery) that is operating against His people. God took me back to the note I wrote on V2K Technology, which is psychological warfare used by the illuminati to do what the Nazi’s did in Germany, before Hitler went into full throttle of his great evil against the Jews, using tactics and means by which to brainwash people. Presently, with advanced technologies there is a great disturbance against the minds of mankind, where satan is working overtime. Therefore, as we are made aware of the enemy’s tactics, God opens our eyes so we are not deceived and do not perish in being devoured, but rather we rise up in the power of God’s Might, as seeing the Lord of Hosts!!!!


Whenever, there is a great move of God in the Old Testament we see a visitation of a messenger of the Lord of Hosts or as in Isaiah 6, there is an encounter with the Lord of Host! In the last training I have done for God’s Fire Wall, titled “Malachi 3:1-4; Revival Fire – God’s Holy Fireman,’ the emphasis is on THE COVERING OF GOD!!!! God had me dissect the Hebrew Aleph-Bet letters in the training and the consistent ones were Kaph, Lamed and Sheen. The Ancient Hebrew, which was pre-Canaanite, was a picture language that almost looks like caveman language. You know the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, well in the ancient Hebrew, and the letters were formed in such greatness of God to convey truth so His people would see the Power of Yahweh! I have taught the ancient Hebrew in great depth in our third year of God’s Fire Wall School of the Prophets, where we saw the book of Isaiah revealed as never before, by looking at the depth of God’s Word in Power even down to each letter.


35 Sky and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away. Matthew 24:35 Amp


33 The sky and the earth (the universe, the world) will pass away, but My words will not pass away. Luke 21:33 Amp


God’s Word does not pass away. I realize there is a place in Judaism where the enemy has perverted God’s Word and in this aspect of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet gets more into New Age and even witchcraft, called Cabalism, which is not any means of which I am referring. Before we moved further I wanted to make it clear.


What I am referring to here is what Holy Spirit has shown me while reading and teaching the Word. As I mentioned earlier, the main Hebrew Aleph-Bet letters used during the Malachi 3:1-4 Training were Kaph, Lamed and Sheen. Kaph is the ancient symbol of the palm of someone’s hand and means to open, to allow and COVERING. Lamed is the ancient symbol that looks like a cattle’s goad (shepherd’s staff) and means TONGUE, CONTROL AND AUTHORITY. Sheen is the ancient symbol of teeth, also indicating fire and means in the negative ‘to devour,’ but in the positive ‘to CONSUME!’ Here is the first snippet of that training to give you an idea of how God started us off. Just to let you know I began writing this in December of 2015 to prepare for January 2016’s training.

“1 Behold, I send My messenger, and he shall prepare the way before Me. And the Lord [the Messiah], Whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple; the Messenger or Angel of the covenant, Whom you desire, behold, He shall come, says the Lord of hosts. But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and like fullers’ soap; He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and He will purify the priests, the sons of Levi, and refine them like gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord offerings in righteousness. Then will the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasing to the Lord as in the days of old and as in ancient years. Malachi 3:1-4 Amp


Messenger here in Hebrew is mal’ak, mal·äk’ (SCH # 4397) ךְאָלְמַ meaning ‘to dispatch as a deputy; a messenger of God, an angel, a prophet, a priest or a teacher. Ambassador, king, and messenger.’ The Hebrew letters are Mem, Lamed, Aleph and Kaph. Mem is the ancient symbol of water meaning massive, flood and chaos. Lamed is the ancient symbol of a cattle goad meaning tongue, control and authority. Aleph is the ancient symbol of an ox meaning first (beginning), strength and power. Kaph is the ancient symbol of a palm of a hand meaning to open and cover. Therefore, the word picture you have here of messenger is THE MASSIVE AUTHORITY AND STRENGTH FROM THE BEGINNING BRINGING GOD’S COVERING! (Exceprt from ‘Malachi 3:1-4; Revival Fire – God’s Holy Fireman’ by Robin Kirby-Gatto pg. 1)

The covering God has over us is Love!


5 And the Lord will create over the whole site, over every dwelling place of Mount Zion and over her assemblies, a cloud and smoke by day and the shining of a flaming fire by night; for over all the glory shall be a canopy (a defense of divine love and protection).
6 And there shall be a pavilion for shade in the daytime from the heat, and for a place of refuge and a shelter from storm and from rain.We already see the training starting out with Kaph and Lamed, indicating the Covering of God that brings Control and Authority from above, and here as we see with messenger and the letter Mem, it comes massively!!!! Isaiah 4:5-6 Amp

4 He brought me to the banqueting house, and his banner over me was love [for love waved as a protecting and comforting banner over my head when I was near him]. Song of Solomon 2:4 Amp



This is a preface to take you to a deeper understanding of God’s Word and what He has revealed to me against the attack of the enemy! God had me go to the scriptures that He has me continually praying and telling others to pray when they message me, which blew my mind when I found out what Hebrew letters composed those words. However, before we get there, let me get into what God began to show me yesterday.


God said that the tactics of the spirit of divination are ramped up because of the time we are in and the advancement of technology, which allows its operation all the more. Now you might think I am crazy and that is fine, I’m simply sharing what God has given me. Moreover, there are times where I have been preaching, where all of a sudden the attack of the enemy is coming against the message and satan begins to attack my mind in great measure while I am preaching. I resist the enemy in those times and cannot even begin to tell you what goes on in my mind when the enemy is attacking me; he wants the message to be cut off. However, I press through in order that the power of God’s Word in my weakness is made known to the hearers of it!!! Oh my I am getting excited!!!


Now many times in the past God has shown me the attacks of the enemy while I am preaching but as of late it has been at measure hidden, until now!!!!! God showed me the revealing of the enemy’s tactics in this hour that show forth the attack that comes against my mind while I am preaching the Word. Now when I tell you that I preach the Word, I’m referring to the times where I teach hours upon hours in a day with our trainings or the schools we do. However, it can be analogized or compared, as well to the times when ministers are preaching whereby the enemy attacks in the same method. This is why it is necessary for us to know the LORD OF HOST in this hour as never before!


We are in the season of knowing the Lord as the Lord of Host, the King of Glory, for the battle we are in this hour as we draw near to the end of this age.


One of the main references in which we see ‘divination,’ is Acts 16:16. What is interesting is ‘16’ means marriage covenant and is composed of 8+8. Jesus was circumcised on the 8th day , which indicates the Bridegroom’s ‘8,’ and God showed me at the Feast of Tabernacles 8th day celebration is convocation unto God as a SEPARATION OF HOLINESS, which is our 8!!! Oh my goodness I am getting fired up; God is bringing many things together for verses He has me reading!!!!


36 For seven days you shall offer an offering made by fire to the Lord; on the eighth day shall be a HOLY CONVOCATION and you shall present an offering made by fire to the Lord. It is a solemn assembly; you shall do no laborious work on that day. Leviticus 23:26 Amp


The Hebrew root word of convocation is qara’, kä·rä’ (SCH # 7121) meaning ‘to call out, that are bidden, call forth, call upon, be famous, guest, invite, mention, given name, make proclamation, pronounce, publish, etc. The Hebrew letters that compose this are Qoof, Resh and Aleph. Qoof is the ancient symbol of the back of someone’s head and means low, to follow and behind. Resh is the ancient symbol of a man’s face meaning head, highest and person and Aleph is the first letter and symbol of an ox, meaning strength (power), first, and beginning. Therefore, the word picture you have here for the root word of convocation is THE HUMBLE (LOW) OF THE MOST HIGH HAVE HIS STRENGTH FROM THE BEGINNING!!!!!! It is the humble, to whom God exalts and strengthens!!! (See Isaiah 40:31; James 4:6)


Therefore, in addressing this spirit of divination the fact that we see it in Acts 16:16, indicates this spirit is after the MARRIAGE COVENANT OF GOD (16) TO BRING IN THE COUNTERFEIT MARRIAGE COVENANT (16)!!!!!!!!!! Wow wow wow wow wow super wow!!!!!! Do you see this???? This is wild because we are just getting started!


What is interesting, is that right before I did the Malachi 3:1-4 training in Winfield, Alabama in February, which was the 2nd time to do the training, I had a dream about Jezebel and another friend had a dream about Jezebel operating in divination, which was all about the FALSE COVERING!!! Here is link to the dream.


Jezebel is always going to operate in the false covering as we see in 1 Kings 18, which is crazy; I was preaching that at the end of January in Winfield, Alabama and then in Golden, Mississippi. When you see divination you can bet Jezebel is operating. (See links below for Jezebel Notes)


16 As we were on our way to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who was possessed by a spirit of divination [claiming to foretell future events and to discover hidden knowledge], and she brought her owners much gain by her fortunetelling.


In Greek divination here is python, pü’-thōn (SCG # 4436), which comes from the word Putho, the name of the region where Delphi, the seat of the famous oracle was located. It was named python by the supposed ‘diviner there, that was inspired by soothsaying, and divination.’


God addressed this issue of soothsaying with His people Israel in Deuteronomy 18.


When you come into the land which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of these nations. 10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, or who uses divination, or is a soothsayer, or an augur, or a sorcerer, 11 Or a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer. 12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and it is because of these abominable practices that the Lord your God is driving them out before you. 13 You shall be blameless [and absolutely true] to the Lord your God. 14 For these nations whom you shall dispossess listen to soothsayers and diviners. But as for you, the Lord your God has not allowed you to do so. 15 The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet (Prophet) from the midst of your brethren like me [Moses]; to him you shall listen. Deuteronomy 18:9-15 Amp


God told His people they were to have no part in this type of FALSE INSPIRATION coming from satan and his abominable acts; it was not of God. Instead God would raise up A PROPHET, Whom we know to be Jesus the Messiah, whom God’s people would listen.


11 And the crowds replied, This is the prophet Jesus from Nazareth of Galilee. Matthew 21:11 Amp


It was because of the Deuteronomy 18 prophecy by God that the Pharisees approached John the Baptist asking him, who he was and if he was even THE PROPHET.


19 And this is the testimony of John when the Jews sent priests and Levites to him from Jerusalem to ask him, Who are you? 20 He confessed (admitted the truth) and did not try to conceal it, but acknowledged, I am not the Christ! 21 They asked him, What then? Are you Elijah? And he said, I am not! Are you the Prophet? And he answered, No! John 1:19-21 Amp


Jesus, the Messiah (Yeshua) is THE PROPHET referred to in Deuteronomy 18. The reason that people were directed to Jesus is because HE IS THE DIVINE INSPIRED WORD OF GOD!!!!


Divination in Deuteronomy 18:10 is qecem, keh’·sem (SCH # 7081) meaning ‘divination, oracle, divine sentence or witchcraft. Soothsayer here is nachash, nä·khash’ (SCH # 5172) meaning ‘to hiss, to whisper, a magic spell, to prognosticate, divine, enchanter, enchantment, diligently observe, learn by experience, etc. Witch here is kashaph, kä·shaf’ (SCH # 3784) meaning ‘to whisper a spell, enchant or practice magic, sorcerer, witch and witchcraft.


The first word divination is composed of Qoof, Samech and Mem. Samech is the ancient symbol of a prop and means to prop up (support) or turn around. Mem is the ancient symbol of water meaning to flood forth, massively or chaos. We did the ancient symbol for Qoof earlier, which is the back of a person’s head meaning low, to follow and behind. Therefore, the word picture you have here is TO FOLLOW THE CHAOS THAT SUPPORTS AND PROPS UP. The reason people follow is because they are bound and do not see they are chained to the WORD GIVEN (the divine sentence) by the spirit of divination. In addition, Soothsayer here in Hebrew is composed of the Hebrew letters Nun, Chet and Sheen. Nun is the ancient symbol of a fish swimming through water, meaning life and activity. Chet is the ancient symbol of a fence or chamber (secret place) and means to be separated. Sheen again is the teeth (fire) indicating either devour or consume. Therefore, the word picture you have here for soothsayer is ACTIVITY THAT SEPARATES YOU IN ORDER TO DEVOUR!


Now are you ready for the last Hebrew word letters for “witch?” The letters are KAPH, SHEEN AND PEY! Kaph is the covering, Sheen is the consuming or devouring and Pey is the ancient symbol for the mouth, meaning WORD, TO OPEN AND SAY!!! Therefore, the word picture you have here for witch is THE COVERING THAT DEVOURS YOU BY ITS WORD!!!!!!!


God is our covering and not the enemy! When you allow the enemy to be your covering, then you are separated from your true covering and the enemy begins to kill, steal and destroy in greater measure!!!! I believe in the covering of God and write on it in length in the Fear of the Lord God as it relates to submission to Authority in the book Princess Warriors. In here I talk about the scriptures with the woman’s covering of her husband, being submissive as in the work place, as it relates to our leaders THAT ARE NOT TRAITORS (Obama is a traitor and not our true leader, but he is also our judgment), as well as church leadership authority. HOWEVER, DO NOT CONFUSE THE AUTHORITY OF GOD WITH THE COVERING OF GOD!! I have seen many not all, but many leaders in what they call a church not under God’s covering but instead man’s covering and in rebellion to God. Therefore, know the difference before we go further. If you want to read what I have written buy the book Princess Warriors.

The people rejected God as their Covering (KING) and instead wanted man because of the rebellion of their own heart. We see here the desire for God to be the covering of His people.

6 But it displeased Samuel when they said, Give us a king to govern us. And Samuel prayed to the Lord. 7 And the Lord said to Samuel, Hearken to the voice of the people in all they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not be King over them. 8 According to all the works which they have done since I brought them up out of Egypt even to this day, forsaking Me and serving other gods, so they also do to you. 1 Samuel 8:6-8 Amp

God gave the people what they wanted, which was man’s covering that would keep them bound as slaves. This revelation of truth shows you the mentality Paul was addressing when he causes the people to consider the false apostles, whom they allow to be Lord over their life, by rejecting God and wanting man!

Here what God is exposing is the makeup of the spirit of divination which includes the many sided attributes of the abominable acts described in Deuteronomy 18:10-11. I am only focusing on Deuteronomy 18:10 that is what God has told me to do, as well as given me the grace to do.


When you put all the Hebrew letters together of these three words in Deuteronomy 18:10, you have the word picture TO FOLLOW THE CHAOS THAT SUPPORTS AND PROPS UP ACTIVITY THAT SEPARATES YOU IN ORDER TO DEVOUR YOU BY ITS COVERING THROUGH ITS WORD!!!!


Life and death are in the TONGUE, which is why God warns us that many should not become teachers of His Word, because they some are operating out of divination!


1 Not many [of you] should become teachers (self-constituted censors and reprovers of others), my brethren, for you know that we [teachers] will be judged by a higher standard and with greater severity [than other people; thus we assume the greater accountability and the more condemnation]. For we all often stumble and fall and offend in many things. And if anyone does not offend in speech [never says the wrong things], he is a fully developed character and a perfect man, able to control his whole body and to curb his entire nature. If we set bits in the horses’ mouths to make them obey us, we can turn their whole bodies about. Likewise, look at the ships: though they are so great and are driven by rough winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the impulse of the helmsman determines. Even so the tongue is a little member, and it can boast of great things. See how much wood or how great a forest a tiny spark can set ablaze! AND THE TONGUE IS A FIRE. [THE TONGUE IS A] WORLD OF WICKEDNESS SET AMONG OUR MEMBERS, CONTAMINATING AND DEPRAVING THE WHOLE BODY AND SETTING ON FIRE THE WHEEL OF BIRTH (THE CYCLE OF MAN’S NATURE), BEING ITSELF IGNITED BY HELL (GEHENNA). FOR EVERY KIND OF BEAST AND BIRD, OF REPTILE AND SEA ANIMAL, CAN BE TAMED AND HAS BEEN TAMED BY HUMAN GENIUS (NATURE). BUT THE HUMAN TONGUE CAN BE TAMED BY NO MAN. IT IS A RESTLESS (UNDISCIPLINED, IRRECONCILABLE) EVIL, FULL OF DEADLY POISON. WITH IT WE BLESS THE LORD AND FATHER, AND WITH IT WE CURSE MEN WHO WERE MADE IN GOD’S LIKENESS! 10 OUT OF THE SAME MOUTH COME FORTH BLESSING AND CURSING. THESE THINGS, MY BRETHREN, OUGHT NOT TO BE SO. 11 Does a fountain send forth [simultaneously] from the same opening fresh water and bitter? 12 Can a fig tree, my brethren, bear olives, or a grapevine figs? Neither can a salt spring furnish fresh water. 13 Who is there among you who is wise and intelligent? Then let him by his noble living show forth his [good] works with the [unobtrusive] humility [which is the proper attribute] of true wisdom. 14 But if you have bitter jealousy (envy) and contention (rivalry, selfish ambition) in your hearts, do not pride yourselves on it and thus be in defiance of and false to the Truth. 15 This [superficial] wisdom is not such as comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual (animal), even devilish (demoniacal). 16 For wherever there is jealousy (envy) and contention (rivalry and selfish ambition), there will also be confusion (unrest, disharmony, rebellion) and all sorts of evil and vile practices. 17 But the wisdom from above is first of all pure (undefiled); then it is peace-loving, courteous (considerate, gentle). [It is willing to] yield to reason, full of compassion and good fruits; it is wholehearted and straightforward, impartial and unfeigned (free from doubts, wavering, and insincerity). 18 And the harvest of righteousness (of conformity to God’s will in thought and deed) is [the fruit of the seed] sown in peace by those who work for and make peace [in themselves and in others, that peace which means concord, agreement, and harmony between individuals, with undisturbedness, in a peaceful mind free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts]. James 3:1-18 Amp



The enemy, when he gets ahold of our mouth, causes the venom of the pit of hell, which gives false words that are not of God but simply meant to devour His people, causing them to be filled with chaos in their lives, whereby they do not walk in the spirit but instead they walk in the carnal nature because they are bound to the words out of the false teachings of the enemy that bring condemnation, making a slave out of man’s souls!!!!!!!! JESUS CAME TO SET US FREE!!!! JESUS CAME TO BRING LIFE ABUNDANTLY!!!!!!


This is what Paul had issue with many times over when it came to the false apostles, which we see in the church of Corinth. Instead of making God’s people devoted in great hunger to God, they instead by the flog of the Word of God using condemnation, put heavy burdens on people and make people DEVOTED TO THEM!!!!


1 I wish you would bear with me while I indulge in a little [so-called] foolishness. Do bear with me! For I am zealous for you with a godly eagerness and a divine jealousy, for I have betrothed you to one Husband, to present you as a chaste virgin to Christ. BUT [NOW] I AM FEARFUL, LEST THAT EVEN AS THE SERPENT BEGUILED EVE BY HIS CUNNING, SO YOUR MINDS MAY BE CORRUPTED AND SEDUCED FROM WHOLEHEARTED AND SINCERE AND PURE DEVOTION TO CHRIST. FOR [YOU SEEM READILY TO ENDURE IT] IF A MAN COMES AND PREACHES ANOTHER JESUS THAN THE ONE WE PREACHED, OR IF YOU RECEIVE A DIFFERENT SPIRIT FROM THE [SPIRIT] YOU [ONCE] RECEIVED OR A DIFFERENT GOSPEL FROM THE ONE YOU [THEN] RECEIVED AND WELCOMED; YOU TOLERATE [ALL THAT] WELL ENOUGH! YET I CONSIDER MYSELF AS IN NO WAY INFERIOR TO THESE [PRECIOUS] EXTRA-SUPER [FALSE] APOSTLES. But even if [I am] unskilled in speaking, yet [I am] not [unskilled] in knowledge [I know what I am talking about]; we have made this evident to you in all things. But did I perhaps make a mistake and do you a wrong in debasing and cheapening myself so that you might be exalted and enriched in dignity and honor and happiness by preaching God’s Gospel without expense to you? Other churches I have robbed by accepting [more than their share of] support for my ministry [from them in order] to serve you. And when I was with you and ran short financially, I did not burden any [of you], for what I lacked was abundantly made up by the brethren who came from Macedonia. So I kept myself from being burdensome to you in any way, and will continue to keep [myself from being so]. 10 As the truth of Christ is in me, this my boast [of independence] shall not be debarred (silenced or checked) in the regions of Achaia (most of Greece). 11 And why? Because I do not love you [do not have a preference for you, wish you well, and regard your welfare]? God perceives and knows that I do! 12 But what I do, I will continue to do, [for I am determined to maintain this independence] in order to cut off the claim of those who would like [to find an occasion and incentive] to claim that in their boasted [mission] they work on the same terms that we do. 13 For such men are false apostles [spurious, counterfeits], deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles (special messengers) of Christ (the Messiah). 14 And it is no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light; 15 So it is not surprising if his servants also masquerade as ministers of righteousness. [But] their end will correspond with their deeds. 2 Corinthians 11:1-15 Amp


The Gospel these false apostles preach is that which is not of Grace, whereby making the souls of man a slave to their own superiority,making themselves to be like God!!!! Wow sounds like what satan did; IT IS PRIDE!!! It is the false apostles pride which operates in this manner, keeping people bound up, where you hear the message of God’s Word delivering more about how great they are and all those around them, exalting themselves above others, while flogging others down to feel beaten and smitten (bruised)!!!!


Paul knew of the deception of the church of Corinth and pleaded for them not to look to man but to look to God and their devotion to God. The enemy came in and made ‘MAN THE COVERING REMOVING GOD ALTOGETHER!’ This, saints of God, is a form of divination.


However, it is not only seen in false churches but also seen in the world at large, where the spirit of divination is operating against God’s people for one purpose, TO SEND FORTH MESSAGES (WORDS) THAT DEVOUR THEM AND TRY TO SEPARATE THEM FROM GOD BY KEEPING PEOPLE DISTRACTED FROM THE POWER OF HIS WORD!!!!!! GOD IS A JEALOUS GOD AND ALL CONSUMING FIRE!!!



We see how it attacks God’s people in Acts 16!



16 As we were on our way to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who was possessed by a spirit of divination [claiming to foretell future events and to discover hidden knowledge], and she brought her owners much gain by her fortunetelling. 17 She kept following Paul and [the rest of] us, shouting loudly, These men are the servants of the Most High God! They announce to you the way of salvation! 18 And she did this for many days. Then Paul, being sorely annoyed and worn out, turned and said to the spirit within her, I charge you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her! And it came out that very moment. 19 But when her owners discovered that their hope of profit was gone, they caught hold of Paul and Silas and dragged them before the authorities in the forum (marketplace), [where trials are held]. 20 And when they had brought them before the magistrates, they declared, These fellows are Jews and they are throwing our city into great confusion. 21 They encourage the practice of customs which it is unlawful for us Romans to accept or observe! 22 The crowd [also] joined in the attack upon them, and the rulers tore the clothes off of them and commanded that they be beaten with rods. 23 And when they had struck them with many blows, they threw them into prison, charging the jailer to keep them safely. 24 He, having received [so strict a] charge, put them into the inner prison (the dungeon) and fastened their feet in the stocks. Acts 16:16-24 Amp



First we see the divination operates hand and hand with mammon to bring those in operation of that spirit things such as MONEY, THINGS OF THE WORLD, FAME, ETC. The first thing this spirit of divination did was go to the place where the Word of God was being preached in order to do one thing BRING A DISTRACTION TO OTHERS SO THEY WOULD NOT HEAR THE WORD OF TRUTH AND SEPARATE THEM UNTO DIVINATION! This spirit was loud and not quiet in one thing, drawing attention to itself by flattery. Now it does operate in flattery but we will see that this spirit can send messages to minds of its hearers without being in the form of flattery. It wants a right of entry in which it can operate in order to do one thing DISTRACT FROM THE WORD OF GOD! We will go into much greater depth in a bit.


The spirit of divination seeks to attach itself to God’s Work in order to wiggle its way in like it did the Garden of Eden, which is the analogy Paul the Apostle makes to the church of Corinth regarding the false apostles. Paul discerned the spirit that was within her and cast it out by the power of the Word of God! When she was delivered of this spirit she was no longer able to bring her master gain by the soothsaying and fortune telling, which is the counterfeit of the gift of prophecy and tries to make itself as THE PROPHET (THE WORD OF GOD)! What is interesting is when this spirit is confronted, it will come against God’s anointing by saying it is the very vessel of God that is bringing confusion to this whole town, this whole area!!!!! The fingers begin to point against the vessel of God and by the divination that had already been speaking and prophelying (opposite of prophesying) over people with the lies from the venom of hell, it had made their souls slaves to the system of mammon that controlled it which was also tied to FAME!!!!




We see this type of fame and money go hand and hand with the oracle of Delphi.


Dating back to 1400 BC, the Oracle of Delphi was the most important shrine in all Greece, and in theory all Greeks respected its independence. Built around a sacred spring, Delphi was considered to be the omphalos – the center (literally navel) of the world.

People came from all over Greece and beyond to have their questions about the future answered by the Pythia, the priestess of Apollo. And her answers, usually cryptic, could determine the course of everything from when a farmer planted his seedlings, to when an empire declared war.

Arguments over the correct interpretation of an oracle were common, but the oracle was always happy to give another prophecy if more gold was provided. A good example is the famous incident before the Battle of Salamis when the Pythia first predicted doom and later predicted that a ‘wooden wall’ (interpreted by the Athenians to mean their ships) would save them.

The lack of a strict religious dogma associated with the worship of Greek gods also encouraged scholars to congregate at Delphi, and it became a focal point for intellectual enquiry, as well as an occasional meeting place where rivals could negotiate.

Delphi became a fantastic showcase of art treasures and all Greek states would send rich gifts to keep the Oracle on their side. It finally came to an end in the 4th century AD when a newly Christian Rome proscribed its prophesying. (PBS.org/empires/thegreeks/background/7_p1.html)


It is interesting that it says that Delphi was the “navel” of the world because it immediately brought to mind Song of Solomon 7:2.


Thy navel is like a round goblet, which wanteth not liquor: thy belly is like an heap of wheat set about with lilies. Song of Solomon 7:2 KJV


Here we see God’s people do not want liquor (mixed wine) but instead are filled with the PURE WINE of His Love! The wine in Song of Solomon represents devotion and love. Here the liquor represents the mixture (mixed love of the world with the Word), which is lukewarm! The navel is the place of the cord and the supply of substance in the womb. Likewise, we see this picture as it represents Delphi and that it was the navel to the abomination of divination!!! That is why the work of Paul and Silas was so important!


What is interesting is Paul’s name means ‘little or small,’ which is what he desired after the road to Damascus experience where pride was exposed! Silas here is actually named after a Roman god of the forests, indicating that PAUL WAS GOING TO GO TO THE ENEMY’S TREES AND CUT THEM DOWN AT THE ROOT!!!! They were taking divination head on, which was the navel system of the world!!! THIS IS WHY GOD WANTED HIS PEOPLE TO HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT AND TO TOTALLY DESTROY IT! This spirit is the most deceptive and controlling spirit operating under a cloak in order to do one thing, promote itself as the REAL when it is the COUNTERFEIT!




When we think of fortunetellers what do think? CRYSTAL BALLS! The crystal ball is where the messages of divination come forth from the pit of hell to speak and forecast death! It should be no surprise about quartz crystals. What is really  crazy is when I watched youtube videos there was this 7 year old kid who was allowed to do this crystal grid and he makes videos even as he got older, saying that the crystals have keys in them and they speak to him. DO YOU SEE THIS DIVINATION? The false rock wants to speak!!!

We see this largely now today in our own nation. As we are seeing the increase movement of the Illuminati in the New World Order, whom I like to call ILLUMINED NOT I, because they are not illumined. The Illuminati have been COVERING the nations and especially the USA by setting up a mind control system from the days of Nazi Germany, to take over the nation of freedom and establish a communistic rule between Russia and China as we see Obama role out the red carpet to invite them in. This is real!


Moreover, God began to show me how the enemy is making grids in our homes picking up on what we say and do by the very grid created through none other than CRYSTALS that are stationed in items that include advanced new technology such as cell phones, televisions, iPods, iPads, etc.


Quartz crystals are resonators of frequencies causing oscillation whereby any type of impact that the crystal incurs,  then excites the electrons in order to provide a constant and accurate frequency of oscillation. This CONSTANT and ACCURATE FREQUENCY is that which scientist have harnessed its use for technology such as watches, computers, televisions, lasers, radios, optics and much more. What makes this interesting is that with such advanced technology we now have these quartz crystals all over our house, whether it is in our cell phone, television, computer, etc.


It was when God began showing me about divination and gridding and how it is getting into our home to operate and even pick up on what we are saying that blew my mind. I wrote on this last year before we moved from Birmingham to north Alabama and shared how I was in an entirely other room away from my laptop when I touched something and later went to my laptop back in the den, only to see the thing that I touched in my room (a piece of jewelry) was replicated on my sidebar of an advertisement on Facebook! Here is link to that note.


Note: V2K Technology


In addition, God had me write on the quantum computer data grid collecting information on us, last year when we were praying for Jade Helm. Here is that link.




God then began to bring this altogether and showed me how when I went to locations and was either preaching or just simply attending a meeting how the enemy has been attacking me through the spirit of divination as it relates to these crystals. I know we can plead the blood of Jesus and we will get into that in a bit. However, bear with me while I share with you what God showed me. So many people want to deflect what God is saying by using the phrase THE BLOOD IS GREATER! They do it in order to deflect and not receive the wisdom God is revealing about this assault so we rise up in the Wisdom of God.


God showed me that divination uses crystals to operate, which is why the attacks have increased; there are more quartz crystals in our home than we realize. In the midst of these quartz crystals being in our phones, lets say at church or a meeting, God showed me how the spirit of divination if it is at operation will pick up on those frequencies in those crystals and begin sending those frequencies through the room to attack God’s saints and the hearers of the Word!!!!


While I’m preaching this thing will send messages to my mind, whereby I will have to stop preaching and usually take authority. Its means and purpose is to send messages through the frequencies, which is how the enemy uses mind control; it is all about frequencies!


God took me further and showed me how the enemy was attacking marriages, children, churches, businesses, communities and our nation by using the weapon of psychological warfare not through just television and the internet; we got rid of television in 2002. The enemy is attacking God’s people through the frequencies the enemy sends to the cell phone into the quartz crystal that when impacted begins to send those frequencies to our mind!!! This is dumbing us down and making us more tired than usual!!!!!! As a result there are very few people AWAKE and few churches AWAKE!!! You hardly hear anyone preaching on end times and the book of Revelation but instead they act like our President (who is not our president but a traitor) just needs prayer because the WORD OF GOD SAYS, and do not realize the Word of God tells His people to use the truth as their constitutional right to confront such atrocity in our nation!!!!!! IT CAUSES THE PEOPLE TO BE IMPOTENT!!!!!! NOW YOU HAVE A BUNCH OF PEW SITTERS WHO GATHER TOGETHER AND ARE ALL ASLEEP!!!!! THEY ARE BLIND AND DO NOT SEE!!!!!! The enemy has gathered in around us and hemmed us in, in the schools, in our government, in entertainment, in business and so forth, only to take over the world with the New World Order and bring in the mark of the beast!!!!!! The churches that are asleep will take it; they do not see and are blind.


We have to pray and fast as never before to come against this attack of satan, whereby we rise up in a holy boldness of God’s might to declare our devotion to God and not man!!!! The spirit of divination goes in to take over and convinces the people that the enemy is the vessel being used by God so the people end up fighting God, thinking they are doing His service!!!!!


I would encourage you to not take allow yourself to take cellphones into church or meetings of the Lord. In addition, do not sleep with the phone by you because it is constantly sending frequencies to your mind to brainwash you and cause you to be restless, not getting a good night’s sleep. Once I did as the Lord told me my nights were very restful and no longer were the frequencies being sent out over the phone.


These quartz crystals are operative in an environment where the spirit of divination is already at work and cause the messages from the enemy to go out in the airwaves. Remember satan is prince of the air.


In which at one time you walked [habitually]. You were following the course and fashion of this world [were under the sway of the tendency of this present age], following the prince of the power of the air. [You were obedient to and under the control of] the [demon] spirit that still constantly works in the sons of disobedience [the careless, the rebellious, and the unbelieving, who go against the purposes of God]. Ephesians 2:2 Amp
The demon spirit of the enemy is constantly working in the sons of disobedience, those rebellious against the purposes of God. Those that call themselves Christian but are not and living a life of falsity are given over to the rebellion of God and fight against Him, by fighting against the saints of God. Try to discern this rebellion from those that are simply bound by some stronghold and seeking God’s freedom, in order that they be free! This is not rebellion but seeking God’s grace and freedom as in Romans 7. (I wanted to make this distinction).



The spirit of divination comes to pull on any pride that might be within the vessel, bringing flattery, to do one thing, CAUSE THE PERSON TO BE IN REBELLION TO GOD! Those given over to the enemy’s flattery, then begin operating in divination.  By that spirit that sends messages to the minds of those who are oppressed, they are covered under it and began to do its work!

THE WORK OF DIVINATION IS ALL ABOUT DIVVYING UP EVERYTHING!!!! It is the counterfeit of God and works to operate through WORDS given out of REBELLION to the WORD OF GOD!


Divvy means to divide up and share, a distribution, and a profit (dividend). It comes from the Old English word ‘dividend’ which in the 19th century became divvy. Dividend comes from the Latin word Dividendum meaning ‘something to be divided’




25 And knowing their thoughts, He said to them, Any kingdom that is divided against itself is being brought to desolation and laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will last or continue to stand. 26 And if Satan drives out Satan, he has become divided against himself and disunified; how then will his kingdom last or continue to stand? Matthew 12:25-26 Amp


The Greek word for divided here in Matthew 12:25 is merizō, me-rē’-zō (SCG # 3307) meaning ‘to part, to apportion, bestow, share, disunite, differ, be difference between, distribute, divide, give part.’ The spirit of divination comes in to DISUNITE AND DIVIDE! I know this spirit well because it came into our ministry in 2011. This woman came with such flattery in order to be close to me. She began texting and calling me all the time, as well as doing things for our ministry. In the meantime it worked on trying to divide me from those around me, making me paranoid of others by casting a negative light on them and a positive light on her, while flattering me and looking as though she had my best interest. Before long, I realized that she was the only one I trusted outside of my husband and finally God woke me up by opening up my ears and I heard a massive snap, like my ears opened. When they were opened up I heard her speaking murderous words, vile words against others, and God asked me “Robin do you hear it?’ I said, “YES! I hear it, she is murdering other people!” At that moment in time I put my foot down and God kept her from coming back to our ministry.


Then after the confrontation, began the long battle of standing my ground. When this spirit is confronted it will manifest worse than any other because it is like Jezebel on steroids! It is Jezebel simply in the means of divination, used to control others. What God showed me is that spirit of divination was controlling me and controlling our ministry by its stealth manipulations against the weaknesses of my soul. As God cut her off she stopped coming to our meetings and then began putting her mouth horribly against me.

6 months after her departure and God not allowing her back, I had gone through a week of repentance, where God was showing me all the evil I had spoken with my mouth the prior year and caused me to repent. During that week of repentance (God called ‘an accounting’), I was in the midst of resting and I felt God’s hand reach into my stomach and get three huge power cords out of it and my stomach literally lifted up off the couch!!!!! It woke me up, as I was filled with such incredible strength, and I asked God what just happened????? God told me ‘Robin that thing from that woman had put three cords in you and was controlling you.’ It blew my mind; it was the THREE FOLD CORD!!!!!!!! A three fold cord is not easily broken but can be, GLORY TO GOD! Just like Jezebel with the three tentacles in the spine, this spirit of divination had 3 cords in my belly, controlling me.


The woman got even angrier after my freedom, knowing from a distance she could no longer control me because God had delivered me! As a result she began to persecute me with such hatred and vile and had others along with her that I thought it was intolerable. God in time gave me a dream and in the dream she was lifted up and pride and boasting of herself. I begged her to please repent in the dream and began to cry and while weeping asked her to stop. She would not stop and continued boasting and coming against me and in the dream she died. I wept profusely and finally the scene shifts and her husband looked so fragile and thin that I had complete grief for him. I went to him with a cart of food that was filled with meat and gave him some. Then God had money on the cart and said to give him $35. The dream ended and I was thinking what is the $35 for? God said Psalm 35!!!! When I read it, it blew my mind.


Contend, O Lord, with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me! Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for my help! Draw out also the spear and javelin and close up the way of those who pursue and persecute me. Say to me, I am your deliverance! Let them be put to shame and dishonor who seek and require my life; let them be turned back and confounded who plan my hurt! Let them be as chaff before the wind, with the [a]Angel of the Lord driving them on! Let their way be through dark and slippery places, with the Angel of the Lord pursuing and afflicting them. For without cause they hid for me their net; a pit of destruction without cause they dug for my life. Let destruction befall [my foe] unawares; let the net he hid for me catch him; let him fall into that very destruction. Then I shall be joyful in the Lord; I shall rejoice in His deliverance. 10 All my bones shall say, Lord, who is like You, You Who deliver the poor and the afflicted from him who is too strong for him, yes, the poor and the needy from him who snatches away his goods? 11 Malicious and unrighteous witnesses rise up; they ask me of things that I know not. 12 They reward me evil for good to my personal bereavement. 13 But as for me, when they were sick, my clothing was sackcloth; I afflicted myself with fasting, and I prayed with head bowed on my breast. 14 I behaved as if grieving for my friend or my brother; I bowed down in sorrow, as one who bewails his mother. 15 But in my stumbling and limping they rejoiced and gathered together [against me]; the smiters (slanderers and revilers) gathered against me, and I knew them not; they ceased not to slander and revile me. 16 Like profane mockers at feasts [making sport for the price of a cake] they gnashed at me with their teeth. 17 Lord, how long will You look on [without action]? Rescue my life from their destructions, my dear and only life from the lions! 18 I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You among a mighty throng. 19 Let not those who are wrongfully my foes rejoice over me; neither let them wink with the eye who hate me without cause. 20 For they do not speak peace, but they devise deceitful matters against those who are quiet in the land. 21 Yes, they open their mouths wide against me; they say, Aha! Aha! Our eyes have seen it! 22 You have seen this, O Lord; keep not silence! O Lord, be not far from me! 23 Arouse Yourself, awake to the justice due me, even to my cause, my God and my Lord! 24 Judge and vindicate me, O Lord my God, according to Your righteousness (Your rightness and justice); and let [my foes] not rejoice over me! 25 Let them not say in their hearts, Aha, that is what we wanted! Let them not say, We have swallowed him up and utterly destroyed him. 26 Let them be put to shame and confusion together who rejoice at my calamity! Let them be clothed with shame and dishonor who magnify and exalt themselves over me! 27 Let those who favor my righteous cause and have pleasure in my uprightness shout for joy and be glad and say continually, Let the Lord be magnified, Who takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. 28 And my tongue shall talk of Your righteousness, rightness, and justice, and of [my reasons for] Your praise all the day long. PSALM 35:1-28 AMP


Later the woman continued putting her mouth against me and was diagnosed with a rare lung cancer just four months after the dream. She contacted me by email to connect with me and when I opened her email I was hit so hard by that spirit of divination that it bound my mind up with utter confusion, and both my husband and oldest son, Christopher, had to pray for me to break it off. The woman went through surgery and it was removed. She then stirred up even more anger against me and putting her mouth against the work of the Lord I was doing, mocking it and even saying it was of satan and later was stricken with an idiopathic heart disease that keeps her almost homebound. She constantly has to go to the hospital and doctor, is not able to go to church much and they still cannot manage whatever is going on with her heart. I know it is God’s mercy that has kept her alive this long and the woman is younger than me.


But the whole purpose of divination was to operate in a controlling spirit whereby it would DIVIDE OUR MINISTRY WORK OF THE LORD AND DISTRIBUTE IT ACCORDING TO WHAT IT FELT!!!!! THIS IS WHAT WE SEE WITH JESUS AT THE CROSS!!!!!


23 Then the soldiers, when they had crucified Jesus, took His garments and made four parts, one share for each soldier, and also the tunic (the long shirtlike undergarment). But the tunic was seamless, woven [in one piece] from the top throughout. 24 So they said to one another, Let us not tear it, but let us cast lots to decide whose it shall be. This was to fulfill the Scripture, They parted My garments among them, and for My clothing they cast lots. So the soldiers did these things. John 19:23-24 Amp



The soldiers parted (DIVIDED) Jesus’ garments!!!! This is divination!!!! It wants to take what is of God and divide it up in any means necessary. Worse yet, after the division then they gamble to see who gets the tunic!!! Do you see this; this is what the spirit does inside of God’s church, by dividing up the anointing!!! It tries all the time to come after our ministry to manipulate me and control me so I am on its chessboard in the right spot, according to its opinion! I’m still not under the covering of a church or denomination and even still it thinks it can control me by sending its nasty messages by the manipulations of Jezebel to try and distribute our tiny little ministry, which really is smaller than almost all others!!! Why in the world would it do that, unless it saw the anointing and wanted to DIVIDE IT AND RIP IT UP FOR ITS OWN SPOILS (TREASURY)!!!!!


Likewise, in this country divination (Divvy-Nation) is operating in the president’s office by trying to divide up our nation and distribute it to Russia and China, while allowing NATO, UN and other nation’s soldiers (Russia) to do military training here!!!!!! The enemy has divvied out our nation and how can it do this??????? BY US BEING MANIPULATED AND DISTRACTED BY THIS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY THAT HAS BROUGHT GRIDS IN OUR HOME AND DUMBED US DOWN!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DOES THIS SOUND LIKE????? NAZI GERMANY!!!!!! (SEE MY NOTE ON THE AVENGERS, WHICH REVEALS THIS IN GREAT DETAIL).







1 Thus says the Lord: Heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. What kind of house would you build for Me? And what kind can be My resting-place? For all these things My hand has made, and so all these things have come into being [by and for Me], says the Lord. But this is the man to whom I will look and have regard: he who is humble and of a broken or wounded spirit, and who trembles at My word and reveres My commands. [The acts of the hypocrite’s worship are as abominable to God as if they were offered to idols.] He who kills an ox [then] will be as guilty as if he slew and sacrificed a man; he who sacrifices a lamb or a kid, as if he broke a dog’s neck and sacrificed him; he who offers a cereal offering, as if he offered swine’s blood; he who burns incense [to God], as if he blessed an idol. [Such people] have chosen their own ways, and they delight in their abominations; So I also will choose their delusions and mockings, their calamities and afflictions, and I will bring their fears upon them—because when I called, no one answered; when I spoke, they did not listen or obey. But they did what was evil in My sight and chose that in which I did not delight. Hear the word of the Lord, you who tremble at His word: Your brethren who hate you, who cast you out for My name’s sake, have said, Let the Lord be glorified, that we may see your joy! But it is they who shall be put to shame. Isaiah 66:1-5 Amp


God uses the broken, contrite and wounded who have been PERSECUTED AS HIS WEAPON!!!! They are the “little” (Paul) who will go into the forest of the enemy’s trees and CUT THEM DOWN, AS A BATTLE AX OF THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, THE LORD OF HOST!!!!! Those who trembled at God’s word were hated and cast out in persecution, by those who thought they were doing God’s work!!!!! This hour is the hour of great delusion and separation of God’s real church that is awake from the sleeping church that is lukewarm and left their first love!


There are other churches of the Lord God who are awake and are preparing the saints for what is to come so they are not overcome! God has divine scriptures that help us in the hour of trial, knowing our stronghold is the Lord God Almighty! Moreover, this is an hour where repentance is needed more than ever in the church, where we are not found in pride or self-righteousness. The means by which the enemy will feed on our fears and manipulate us is by the area of pride and self-righteousness.



As I prayed God then took me back to me to a scripture I have others pray constantly and the revelation of truth blew me away, with the scripture God gave me for today!!!


When people call me that have a lot of warfare going on, especially divination God will have me tell them to anoint their loved one or their home and read the entire chapter of Micah 5. Now I have taught on Micah 5 in great length as it relates to the first 5 verses, especially in the Luke 14:28; Tower of Fire – God’s Fiery Watchman training. In that teaching God had me teach on the STRENGTH OF THE LORD GOD! I’ve been praying Micah 5:8-15 for years but was blessed to teach on the rest of Micah 5 over the past year.


1 Now gather yourself in troops, O daughter of troops; a state of siege has been placed against us. They shall smite the ruler of Israel with a rod (a scepter) on the cheek.

But you, Bethlehem Ephratah, you are little to be among the clans of Judah; [yet] out of you shall One come forth for Me Who is to be Ruler in Israel, Whose goings forth have been from of old, from ancient days (eternity).

Therefore shall He give them up until the time that she who travails has brought forth; then what is left of His brethren shall return to the children of Israel.


And this [One] shall be our peace. When the Assyrian comes into our land and treads upon our soil and in our palaces, then will we raise against him seven shepherds and eight princes among men.

And they shall rule and waste the land of Assyria with the sword and the land of Nimrod within her [Assyria’s own] gates. Thus shall He [the Messiah] deliver us from the Assyrian [representing the opposing powers] when he comes into our land and when he treads on our borders.

Then the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples like dew from the Lord, like showers upon the grass which [come suddenly and] tarry not for man nor wait for the sons of men.

And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations in the midst of many peoples like a lion among the beasts of the forest, like a young lion [suddenly appearing] among the flocks of sheep which, when it goes through, treads down and tears in pieces, and there is no deliverer.

Your hand will be lifted up above your adversaries, and all your enemies shall be cut off.

10 And in that day, says the Lord, I will cut off your horses [on which you depend] from among you and will destroy your chariots.

11 And I will cut off the cities of your land and throw down all your strongholds.

12 And I will cut off witchcrafts and sorceries from your hand, and you shall have no more soothsayers.

13 Your carved images also I will cut off and your statues or pillars out of your midst, and you shall no more worship the work of your hands.

14 And I will root out your Asherim [symbols of the goddess Asherah] and I will destroy your cities [the seats of false worship].

15 And in anger and wrath I will execute vengeance upon the nations which would not obey [vengeance such as they have not heard of before]. Micah 5:1-15 Amp


The prophecy of Messiah, Who would be stricken by the rod of man on the cheek, indicates the time of Jesus’ persecution and crucifixion. But of Jesus, Who would come from the smallest (humblest) of places, He would be the coming KING RULER OF ISRAEL! This great Ruler, Messiah, would Shepherd His flock, feeding them in the STRENGTH OF THE LORD GOD! They would be fed in the strength of God’s Name and in that Name (strength) they would dwell safely!!!!


The word for strength here is different than in other scriptures and is the Hebrew word `oz, ōze (SCH # 5797) meaning ‘force, security, majesty, praise, boldness, loud, might, power, strength and strong.’ What is interesting is the two letters that compose this word are Ayin, which is the ancient symbol of an eye meaning to see, know and experience and Zayin, the ancient symbol of a weapon meaning to cut! Therefore, the word picture you have here for strength is TO SEE THE CUTTING AND EXPERIENCE IT!!!! The cutting here is Hebrews 4:12, the Sword of God’s Word that operates on our heart!


12 For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power [making it active, operative, energizing, and effective]; it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life (soul) and [the immortal] spirit, and of joints and marrow [of the deepest parts of our nature], exposing and sifting and analyzing and judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12 AmpebHebrews



The Word here for ‘Word’ is Logos, indicating the Word of God (Jesus) that reveals truth by laying forth the Father!!! Jesus came to show us the Father! In this operation (cutting) we then experience a greater anointing of Ephesians 6:17.



17 And take the helmet of salvation and the sword that the Spirit wields, which is the Word of God. Ephesians 6:17 Amp


Oz comes from the root word azaz, ä·zaz’ (SCH # 5810) meaning ‘to be stout, harden, prevail, strengthen, and be strong. What is interesting is it is composed of Ayin, Zayin and Zayin; there are two Zayin here. Therefore the word picture is TO SEE THE CUTTING AND BECOME THE SWORD (CUTTING INSTRUMENT)! This is Ephesians 6:17; “Word” here in Greek for the Sword of the Spirit is Rhema, which means a saying, and this indicates the Revelation of the Logos that has operated on your heart and brought revelation of the FATHER’S STRENGTH!!!! This is Micah 5:4, whereby Messiah (Jesus) would feed His flock in the STRENGTH OF GOD!!!!!!


This strength destroys the weapons of the enemy, which we see in Micah 5.


And this [One] shall be our peace. When the Assyrian comes into our land and treads upon our soil and in our palaces, then will we raise against him seven shepherds and eight princes among men. And they shall rule and waste the land of Assyria with the sword and the land of Nimrod within her [Assyria’s own] gates. Thus shall He [the Messiah] deliver us from the Assyrian [representing the opposing powers] when he comes into our land and when he treads on our borders. Then the remnant of Jacob shall be in the midst of many peoples like dew from the Lord, like showers upon the grass which [come suddenly and] tarry not for man nor wait for the sons of men. And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the nations in the midst of many peoples like a lion among the beasts of the forest, like a young lion [suddenly appearing] among the flocks of sheep which, when it goes through, treads down and tears in pieces, and there is no deliverer. Your hand will be lifted up above your adversaries, and all your enemies shall be cut off. 10 And in that day, says the Lord, I will cut off your horses [on which you depend] from among you and will destroy your chariots. 11 And I will cut off the cities of your land and throw down all your strongholds. 12 And I will cut off witchcrafts and sorceries from your hand, and you shall have no more soothsayers. 13 Your carved images also I will cut off and your statues or pillars out of your midst, and you shall no more worship the work of your hands. 14 And I will root out your Asherim [symbols of the goddess Asherah] and I will destroy your cities [the seats of false worship]. 15 And in anger and wrath I will execute vengeance upon the nations which would not obey [vengeance such as they have not heard of before]. Micah 5:5-15 Amp


Micah 5 refers to the enemy as the Assyrians coming into the land, at which God’s strength turns on the enemy by get this…….. RAISING UP SEVEN SHEPHERDS AND EIGHT PRINCES!!!!!! Seven indicates the Sabbath (HEBREWS 4 REST) and the perfecting of God’s shepherds in the power of His Word!!! And again we see what else …… THE NUMBER 8, WHICH IS OUR PART OF THE MARRIAGE COVENANT!!!! Here the 8 princes indicate the rule and reign of God’s Holy Remant in the faithfulness of Covenant (they are His loyal ones – Song of Solomon 5:1).


Next, we see the Lord declare that His people will waste the land of Assyria and of Nimrod! These two are key; it was Nimrod who brought in the tower of Babel and increased false worship of other God’s setting man up to be God. I have that written in detail of the note ‘The Dark Horse Meets the White Horse.” (see link here)




In this place of oppression where the remnant of Jacob (God’s people) find themselves, where they use to be weak, now by the strength of God Almighty, they will be strong!!!!! WHY????? BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE LORD OF HOST, THE LORD MIGHTY IN BATTLE, WHO HAS WON THEIR VICTORIES AND AIDED THEM IN THE VICTORIES OF OTHER PEOPLE!!!!! THIS IS REVIVAL AND SEEING GOD TURN ALL THINGS AROUND FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD AND ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE!


God’s people will be like a lion in the FOREST!!!!!! That is what Paul and Silas were; remember Silas’ name means Forest!!!! God took the Ax of His Word in Paul and caused he and Silas to take on the FOREST OF THE ENEMY AND ALL ITS BEAST, WHICH WERE ALL TIED TO DIVINATION!!


Here the Lord God would take down the enemy’s strongholds and the witchcraft and sorcery in the land, as well as the idols and what else???? The Asherim symbols and all pagan symbols that were created by the works and hands of man!!!

Here Asherim symbols are called ‘groves’ in the King James Version. The Hebrew word used is ‘asherah, ash·ā·rä’ (SCH # 842) meaning ‘HAPPY, PHOENICIAN godess AND GROVE!’ This is wild because I did a note on the phoenix, which is a note on the spirit of rebellion. Therefore, the fact that it is even a Phoenician goddess indicates the root source of rebellion. Nimrod started a rebellion!!!! God is giving us victory over our rebellion; that is what divination pulls on!!!!! DIVINATION PULLS ON OUR REBELLION (PRIDE AND SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS)!!!!!!!! This spirit flatters you and begins to make you think you know it all and lifts you up, whereby you walk in self-righteousness and pride. It is in the position of pride, that you begin to set up the WORKS OF YOUR HANDS and not do the work of God! The Hebrew letters, which compose this, are Aleph, Sheen, Resh and Hey. Hey is the ancient picture of a stick person worshipping and means to reveal. Therefore, the word picture you have here is THE STRENGTH THAT DEVOURS THE PERSON IS REVEALED!!!!! THIS IS REBELLION!!!! THE STRENGTH OF THE CARNAL NATURE!!!!! This strength of the carnal nature opposes all that is God and sets itself up to be God!!!!!!


What is interesting is Asherah is the consort of the Sumerian god ‘Anu!’ (see my link above on Anu with the dark horses; it reveals Nimrod and Cush)




The spirit is known also as ‘THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN!’ She is also known as the CREATIX of the gods, which means the Creatress (creator)!!! Remember, divination comes in after God’s covenant to get His people in a false covenant! We see this with Jeremiah! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! WE SEE THE VOWS IN JEREMIAH 44!!!!!!


She is also called Qadesh (holiness) and Elat the feminine form of God!!!! Do you see this???????? She is referred to as the wife of Anu!!! This is crazy; I wrote about Anu last year, you have to read the note in the link ON THE DARK HORSE MEETS THE WHITE HORSE!!!!


Katy Perry, in last year’s super bowl did one of many satanic false goddess rituals, one of which was Asherah performance as she came forth with lion symbolism that is associated with a bull!!!! She came out on a beast lion object. Asherah was also known as THE LION LADY, which is the counterfeit of Song of Solomon 4:8. GET THIS!!!!! SHE DANCED AMONG CHESS PIECES, INDICATING DIVINATION SETTING UP ITS CHESSBOARD!!!! IT WANTS TO DIVVY UP, DISTRIBUTE EVERYTHING WHERE IT WANTS IT TO DO ITS WORK!!!! THIS IS CRAZY; GOD GAVE ME A VISON OF THE SPIRIT OF DIVINATION HAVING A CHESSBOARD AND SETTING EVERY PERSON WHERE IT WANTS IT ON ITS CHESSBOARD TO SUBMIT TO THE COUNTERFEIT!!!! GOD SHOWED ME WHERE THE ENEMY WAS TRYING TO DO THAT WITH ME TO CONTROL ME!!!!!


In the note I wrote about that Super Bowl, God had me proclaiming the harlot coming forth with a false love to persuade people with the mouth (WORDS!!!!) that is divination!!! We even see the false goddess kali that is confirmation of this witchcraft and sorcery that is soothsaying death!!!!




The spirit of divination wants to prophelie (opposite of prophesy) death!!! YOU HAVE TO CUT IT OFF! IT WANTS YOUR MARRIAGE, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR LIFE, YOUR WORK, YOUR MINISTRY, ETC!!!!! CUT IT OFF BY FIRST WAKING UP!!!!! WAKE UP TO THE FACT YOU ARE BEING BRAIN WASHED AND MANIPULATED AND SET YOURSELF TO FASTING AND PRAYING AND READING THE WORD!!!! That is our first offense against this spirit is a lifestyle of fasting and prayer! Fast one day of the week or one meal, etc. On top of it fast your phone!!!!! There are frequencies being sent out with messages from your phone that want you to pick it up and cause you to be bound to your phone!!!!!!! Ask God to reveal this and He will! Put your phone away from your person, do not take it into meetings and also seek the Lord on the prayers of Micah 5 to declare over you continually and your household!!!!


When I have told people to anoint their loved ones and pray Micah 5 (the entire chapter) it works and some have seen deliverance and revival break out in their home!


Bind the ruling power of the air that would send out messages in your home and plead the blood of Jesus, along with calling in Zechariah 2:5, the Fire Wall of God Himself around you and your home, so no demonic powers of divination will operate through your technological devices (quartz crystals).


Fast media, fast your laptop, fast being on the phone!!!! God will show you and guide you!!! This thing is trying to get you to make a VOW with it! Vow here in Hebrew from Jeremiah 44 is neder, neh’·der (SCH # 5088) meaning ‘promise, a thing promised and vow.’ This vow is a commitment of service and devotion and that is what divination is after!!!! YOUR SERVICE AND DEVOTION TO GOD!!!! This Hebrew word is composed of Nun, Dalet and Resh. Dalet is the ancient symbol of a door and means to open and enter. The word picture you have here is THE ACTIVTIES YOU HAVE ENTERED AND GIVEN OVER TO YOUR PERSON!!!!!!! What are the activities????? Activities of rebellion!!!! Where one rebels against the Word of God, and instead in the works and activities they do, show they are not given over to the will of God but rather the will of the enemy, of divination, which fights God!



14 So that none of the remnant of Judah who have come to the land of Egypt to dwell temporarily shall escape or survive or return to the land of Judah, to which they desire and lift up their souls to return to dwell there; for none shall return except [a few] fugitives. 15 Then all the men who knew that their wives were burning incense to other gods, and all the women who stood by—a great assembly—even all the people who dwelt in Pathros in the land of Egypt, answered Jeremiah: 16 As for the word that you have spoken to us in the name of the Lord, we will not listen to or obey you. 17 But we will certainly perform every word of the vows we have made: to burn incense to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN and to pour out drink offerings to her as we have done—we and our fathers, our kings and our princes—in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem; for then we had plenty of food and were well off and prosperous and saw no evil. 18 But since we stopped burning incense to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN and pouring out drink offerings to her, we have lacked everything and have been consumed by the sword and by famine. 19 [And the wives said] When we burned incense to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN and poured out drink offerings to her, did we make cakes [in the shape of a star] to represent and honor her and pour out drink offerings to her without [the knowledge and approval of] our husbands? 20 Then Jeremiah said to all the people—to the men and to the women and to all the people who had given him that answer—

21 The incense that you burned in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem—you and your fathers, your kings and your princes, and the people of the land—did not the Lord [earnestly] remember [your idolatrous wickedness] and did it not come into His mind? 22 The Lord could no longer endure the evil of your doings and the abominations which you have committed; because of them therefore has your land become a desolation and an [astonishing] waste and a curse, without inhabitants, as it is this day. 23 Because you have burned incense [to idols] and because you have sinned against the Lord and have not obeyed the voice of the Lord or walked in His law and in His statutes and in His testimonies, therefore this evil has fallen upon you, as it is this day. 24 Moreover, Jeremiah said to all the people, including all the women, Hear the word of the Lord, all you of Judah who are in the land of Egypt, 25 THUS SAYS THE LORD OF HOSTS, THE GOD OF ISRAEL: YOU AND YOUR WIVES HAVE BOTH DECLARED WITH YOUR MOUTHS AND FULFILLED IT WITH YOUR HANDS, SAYING, WE WILL SURELY PERFORM OUR VOWS THAT WE HAVE VOWED TO BURN INCENSE TO THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND TO POUR OUT DRINK OFFERINGS TO HER. [SURELY] THEN CONFIRM YOUR VOWS AND [SURELY] PERFORM YOUR VOWS! [IF YOU WILL DEFY ALL MY WARNINGS TO YOU, THEN, BY ALL MEANS, GO AHEAD!] 26 Therefore hear the word of the Lord, all [you people of] Judah who dwell in the land of Egypt: Behold, I have sworn by My great name, says the Lord, that My name shall no more be invoked by the mouth of any man of Judah in all the land of Egypt, saying, As the Lord God lives. 27 Behold, I am watching over them for evil and not for good; and all the men of Judah who are in the land of Egypt shall be consumed by the sword and by famine until there is an end of them and they are all destroyed. 28 Yet a small number who escape the sword shall return out of the land of Egypt to the land of Judah; and all the remnant of Judah who came to the land of Egypt to dwell temporarily shall know whose words shall stand, Mine or theirs. 29 And this will be the sign to you, says the Lord, that I will punish you in this place, so that you may know that My words will surely stand against you for evil. 30 Thus says the Lord: Behold, I will give Pharaoh Hophra king of Egypt into the hands of his enemies and into the hands of those who seek his life, just as I gave Zedekiah king of Judah into the hand of Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon, who was his enemy and was seeking his life. JEREMIAH 44: -30 AMP



You are going to be blown away!!!!!!!! The place where all this was occurring was in Egypt!!!! The Pharaoh’s Name is Pharoh Hophra and in Hebrew means “THE GREAT HOUSE – COVERING EVIL!!!!!!!’ LOOK AT THIS; IT ALL GOES BACK TO THE COVERING!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS THE DREAM MY FRIEND HAD AND I HAD REGARDING JEZEBEL!!! I WAS WARRING AGAINST JEZEBEL’S COVERING OVER GOD’S PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!


The false covering comes in to separate God’s people and devour them with false words that are soothsayings (false prophecies) and cause God’s people to commit adultery and begin worshipping false gods (like Ashera) where they have set up the Asherim symbol in their MIDST!!!!!!!!!!!




We are to pray for our churches and leadership, as well as our communities and nation with what is going on in this hour. This spirit is ramped up and trying to divide God’s people in small arguments and even getting us in vain imaginations that are about man and man’s kingdom while we neglect the very Kingdom of God (God’s House)!!!! We are so busy building our house (HOUSE-Building) instead of building God’s House (the people)! (See the book of Haggai)


It is in the place of your enduring trials and tribulations by those given over to this spirit who persecute you, that a greater STRENGTH TRIUMPHS IN YOU OF THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST JESUS, THAT GUESS WHAT??? YIELDS A GREAT BOUNTY OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!! This blew my mind because in my last prophetic word in January from our training of Malachi 3:1-4 God had me declare this would be the year of humility and God’s great bounty!!!!! Joseph overcame Egypt and was a pillar of God’s strength in the midst of what came against him!!!!! When he found himself to be the least, GLORY TO GOD WOOOO HOOOO HUMBLED……………… HE THEN WAS USED MIGHTILY!!! God had me reading the story of Joseph, which I’ve preached on many times and then had me read the blessings of Joseph in Genesis 49. Although I had read it many times before, it hit me differently this time. I saw it all, the humility, the persecution, God’s strength and God’s bounty!!!!!!





22 Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a well (spring or fountain), whose branches run over the wall. 23 Skilled archers have bitterly attacked and sorely worried him; they have shot at him and persecuted him. 24 But his bow remained strong and steady and rested in the Strength that does not fail him, for the arms of his hands were made strong and active by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob, by the name of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel, 25 By the God of your father, Who will help you, and by the Almighty, Who will bless you with blessings of the heavens above, blessings lying in the deep beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the womb. 26 The blessings of your father [on you] are greater than the blessings of my forefathers [Abraham and Isaac on me] and are as lasting as the bounties of the eternal hills; they shall be on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of the head of him who was the consecrated one and the one separated from his brethren and [the one who] is prince among them. Genesis 49:22-26 AMP


Bough here in Hebrew is ben, bān (SCH # 1121) the meaning from the Strong’s Concordance is ‘a son (as a builder of the family), nation, condition, appointed, anointed one, child, common, firstborn, worthy, bough, branch, etc.’ A bough is a main branch of a tree!!! OH MY GOODNESS DO YOU SEE THE TREE OF THE FOREST!!! ONCE THE ENEMY’S FOREST IS TAKEN DOWN, GOD SPRINGS FORTH HIS FOREST (HIS GARDEN) OF LIFE!!!! Joseph would be the main branch of the tree, indicating MESSIAH. Joseph means JEHOVAH HAS ADDED!!! Where the enemy tries to divide God brings an anointing to not only be unified but to add!!!!!


The branch would by a watered well, indicating the Holy Spirit (sevenfold dimension in Isaiah 11:2 – see below) whereby his branch would be sooooo life-giving that no walls could restrain him and rather it would grow over the wall!



We see with Joseph that skilled archers have bitterly attacked him and persecuted him, which is indicative of the fiery missiles of the enemy against us. It is the shield of faith that casts down those fiery missiles. It was in the attack from the enemy, that Joseph’s bow (although he felt weak) was actually STRONG!!!


24 But his bow remained strong and steady and rested in the Strength that does not fail him, for the arms of his hands were made strong and active by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob, by the name of the Shepherd, the Rock of Israel, Genesis 49:24 Amp


Bow here in Hebrew is qesheth, keh’·sheth (SCH # 7198) OH MY GOSH!!!! LOL YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! IT CONFIRMS MY RECENT TRAINING OF MALACHI 3:1-4 AND IT MEANS………’OF BENDING!!!!!!!!” It also means “a bow, for shooting, strength, iris, archer, arrow, bowman, etc.’ This is blowing my mind because I share my testimony along with the fire that came with Evan Roberts in the Welsh revival praying Bend Me (Bend Us) Lord!! I shared my bent fork testimony of getting 4 bent forks all in a row in a series of different restaurants I had eaten at and God bending me over when He baptized me in fire one Sunday morning at church!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!! GOD IS USING THE HUMBLE ONES THE BENT ONES!!!! THESE ARE HIS BOWS!!!! THIS IS THEIR STRENGTH!!! GLORY TO GOD, THEIR STRENGTH IS THEIR HUMILITY, WHERE PRIDE IS REMOVED!!!! The Hebrew letters that composes the word Bow is Qoof, Sheen and Tav forming the word picture THE HUMBLE (LOW) WHO ARE CONSUMED BY COVENANT!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!! LOL IT IS THE TRUE COVENANT, THE TRUE VOW, THE MARRIAGE COVENANT OF GOD!!!!!!!!!


Joseph’s bow remained strong, as he rested in God’s strength!! These are two different Hebrew words for strong. The first one where Joseph’s bow (bending) remained strong is the Hebrew word eythan, ā·thän’ (SCH # 386) meaning ‘TO CONTINUE, PERMANENCE, PERMANENT, CHEIFTAIN, HARD, MIGHTY, ROUGH, STRENGTH, AND STRONG!’ It is funny because last week I saw a car tag that said CHEFROB, and I shared an excerpt out of my workbook for year 1 of God’s Fire Wall School of the Prophets, and Wanda Gunter reminded me about it; she was reading it at the time! I was trying to remember where it was and she was reading it and it was about CHEF; Chef also means ‘chief!’ Here the strength we see is the permanence to continue and what it makes me think of is the quartz crystal that is used because of its CONSTANCY AND ACCURACY!!!!! Constancy means the quality of being faithful and dependable, unchanging and standing firm. That is what ‘to continue and permanence means; it is about our constancy, our unchanging ability to STAND FIRM ON THE WORD!!!


The Hebrew letters that compose strong here for the bow are Aleph, Yood, Tav and Nun. Yood is the arm at work meaning works, make and deed. The word picture you have for strong here, is THE STRENGTH OF THE WORKS OF COVENANT THAT YIELD LIFE!!!!! This is God’s Strength, in you causing you to be committed in your humility! Joseph rested in this place of humility as our Lord and Savior and the strength of God was wrought!!!



As Joseph rested in God’s strength, his arms were made strong, which is the Hebrew word pazaz, pä·zaz’ (SCH # 6339) meaning ‘TO SOLIDIFY (AS BY REFINING), ALSOT TO SPRING (AS IF SEPARATING LIMBS), LEAP, BE MADE STRONG!’ Joseph’s branch was being solidified in its position and grow!!!!! The Hebrew letters here are Pey, Zayin and Zayin, forming the word picture THE WORD THAT CUTS FORTH IN ORDER TO MAKE A WEAPON!!!! YOU ARE THE WEAPON OF GOD BY HIS WORD IN YOU!!! EPHESIANS 6 SWORD OF THE SPIRIT!!!!! RHEMA!!! JOSEPH DID NOT KNOW THAT THE REFINING WAS CAUSING A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION TO BE MADE THAT WOULD DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL!! (Isaiah 54:16-17)




By the strength of the truth of God’s Word Joseph would go to the deepest of places!!!!!!


25 By the God of your father, Who will help you, and by the Almighty, Who will bless you with blessings of the heavens above, blessings lying in the deep beneath, blessings of the breasts and of the womb. Genesis 49:25


Joseph’s wounding and persecutions from his brothers actually created such a deep wound, that would be a reservoir for God’s Glory!!!!!!! God taught me a long time ago that the enemy’s attacks against the souls of man would be digging in them, although cutting, not realizing that when the healing comes that the enemy defeated himself by digging the well in your soul that God would fill!!!! Joseph had many cuts from his brothers and as a result the blessings were GREAT!!!!! The blessings Jacob declared would be blessings from heaven above and also blessings lying in the deep!!!!!


This word deep in Hebrew is tĕhowm, teh·hōm’ (SCH # 8415) meaning ‘the deep place, depth, deep, etc.’ The Hebrew letters are Tav, Hey, Nun and Mem forming the word picture THE COVENANT REVEALING LIFE MASSIVELY!!!!! This revealing is the secret counsels of God that are fenced in and hidden!!!! The blessings of the deep place are for those who have been persecuted and wounded in standing for the truth!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD THE WOUNDING QUALIFIES YOU!!!!!


The blessings of the breast and the womb, not only in the literal for here as it relates to Joseph’s posterity, but also symbolical represents fruitfulness and adding!!!!!! God is adding unto Joseph; his name means Yahweh Adds!!!! In addition, this indicates intimacy of God, where you are blessed in the secret place of your seeking Him!!! Although the enemy attack’s God allows it to set you up for the blessings!!!!




26 The blessings of your father [on you] are greater than the blessings of my forefathers [Abraham and Isaac on me] and are as lasting as the bounties of the eternal hills; they shall be on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of the head of him who was the consecrated one and the one separated from his brethren and [the one who] is prince among them. Genesis 49:26 AMP


The blessings on Joseph would be greater and are as lasting as the BOUNTIES OF THE ETERNAL HILLS!!! This is blowing my mind because the prophecy God gave me at the beginning of the year was THE YEAR OF HUMILITY AND GOD’S BOUNTY!’





Bounties here in Hebrew is ta’avah, tah·av·ä’ (SCH # 8379) meaning ‘a limit, full extent, utmost, and bound.’ The Hebrew letters that compose this word are Tav, Aleph, Nun and Hey forming the word picture THE COVENANT AND STRENGTH FROM THE BEGINNING REVEALING LIFE!!!!!! THE BOUND IS THE EVERLASTING HILLS, WHICH HERE IS ETERNITY!!!!! THE BOUNTIES OF GOD ARE ETERNAL, UNLIMITED, UNMATCHED, EPHESIANS 3:201!!!!!!! The blessings of God will be a crown on the head of the ONE WHOM HE HAS CONSECRATED AND SEPARATED FROM HIS BRETHREN TO BE A PRINCE AMONG THEM!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!! THE ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY ARE MERELY SEPARATING FROM THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD AND ONLY TO THE THINGS OF GOD!!!!!







This is what God has revealed:


  1. SEEK TO SEPARATE YOURSELF FROM THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD! It is the things of this world that are trying to distract you from THE COVENANT OF GOD, YOUR FIRST LOVE!
  2. Ask God to expose areas in your soul where there are unhealed wounds and read Isaiah 66:1-2, Read Ephesians 1:17-23 and Ephesians 3:16-21
  3. Pray Micah 5 by reading it continually and asking God to reveal any divination at operation in your soul and home.
  4. Declare Genesis 49:22-26 here and let Holy Spirit breath be the life of that Word of God into you as you are committed to seek Him!
  5. Ask God to expose areas of rebellion (pride and self-righteousness in your own heart)
  6. Take authority over the prince of the air and bind the ruling powers of divination operating through the technology in your home.
  7. Plead the blood of Jesus Christ and read Revelation 5:5, asking God to give you a revelation of the TRUE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH, WHO IS A LAMB SLAIN BEFORE THE FOUNDATIONS OF THE EARTH, WITH SEVEN EYES AND SEVEN HORNS!!!! When you get this revelation by God from the deep places it will blow your mind!
  8. Take authority over the areas of your past where divination has tried to devour you and separate you from God’s Word of Covenant and His will. Repent and pray Psalm 51.













This is the post I put up as a prelude to the note:






















And the Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him—the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the reverential and obedient fear of the Lord— Isaiah 11:2 Amp



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