God’s Fire Wall School of the Prophets Session 4 The Spirit of Knowledge Excerpt!

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God is so amazing at the design of all of creation, and especially our body, which reveals His Word of Truth!

I received a 2nd degree burn from making Matthew a pan pizza on Friday, when I took the frying pan out of the oven and left it on the stove top to cool. Not thinking, my wrist hit the handle, where it lay upon it for a brief moment, long enough to trigger my neurons in my brain that I was being burned and to pull my wrist back. I put ointment on it that night.

At any rate, I showed Rich the burn when he got home and had then forgotten about it, never mind that it is the size of a watch that would lay upon my left wrist. As I went through Yesterday, it registered in my brain at about 3pm in the afternoon, when I was lifting my wrist up and moved my sleeve, at which I saw the horrible burn that was now into the 2nd layer of skin and, realized I need to put more ointment on it.

It then occurred to me that out of all the burns I have ever had, usually when I get into the shower or water hits that area of the burn, I usually feel a pain of some sort.

Then I heard God say “Robin it is the ‘PAG'” which I wrote on in my last book regarding the anatomy of the brain. The PAG is called “Periaqueductal Gray,” which is in the midbrain region of our brain. The incredible thing I discovered while writing the last book, is that the PAG is our switch to turn off pain; almost like anesthesia!

I told Rich, that my PAG switch must be on because truly with all the redness, and the sore from it going into the next layer of my skin, I did not feel any pain at all. God then reminded me of the excerpt that I wrote in God’s Fire Wall School of the Prophets Session 4 the Spirit of Knowledge.

“The amygdala is the “INTERGRATIVE CENTER of our emotions, emotional behavior and motivation.” Major functions of the amygdala, are to REGULATE BEHAVIOR, visceral and effective processes that deal with the hypothalamus and the “PAG” (Periaqueductal Gray, which is the primary control center for descending pain modulation, which is to decrease pain) in the midbrain. The amygdala is involved with many emotions and motivations that deal with survival. The other importance of the amygdala is regulating where memories are stored in the brain, according to the level of emotion given to the memory. Do you see how powerful the amygdala is? It is like the control center of EMOTION!

The midbrain PAG’s main function includes pain and analgesia (our body’s anesthetic), fear and anxiety, vocalization, lordosis (curvature of the spine), and cardiovascular control. The vocalization part of the midbrain PAG in animals is seen through the different responses that animals give, as they are getting their needs met, with a good example being a cat. Likewise for us, the amygdala integrates and regulates our behaviors by working with the hypothalamus where it sends its response, and with the PAG of the midbrain, as it takes in the readings of our environment. Thus, this PAG function is our walking hospital, to numb us to any pain that we might be experiencing through fear and anxiety, in order to give us the vocalization of the Words needed to bring homeostasis. THAT IS POWERFUL!

When I saw this incredible strength of the amygdala and the PAG part of the mid-brain, I then realized that if the enemy is controlling us with fear on a subconscious level, then our amygdala will be a walking PSYCHIATRIC WARD, keeping us in the accuser’s court, where the enemy makes us feel that we are a mental case in his ward! Is that not a powerful revealing; it exposes the plot of satan to come after our mind, especially the amygdala in order to CONTROL AND REGULATE OUR BEHAVIOR! If we are clueless to shame and fear that is resident in past memories still influencing us subconsciously, then the enemy’s lies will manipulate us.

However, as we are getting freedom from this reproach of satan, God brings us into His rest, which is the place where our amygdala and mid-brain PAG are a walking hospital, almost like an ICU (intensive care unit). I have felt this before, when I wanted to end my life. I could not function, and the pain in my soul was unbearable. It was as though God’s Holy Spirit took over and began decreasing the pain I experienced in my soul, binding up my broken heart, in order to make me numb to that pain, so that God’s Word would operate on me, delivering me from the lies that had me in bondage.

When I see the condition of “lordosis,” all I could see was LORD-O-SIS. Where the promised bride, whom we will get to in a bit, is the SISTER! This Lordosis condition relates to the curvature of the spine, which is basically a curvature in the back. Then I saw the correlation of seeing the enemy manipulate our spine, causing us to be intimidated.

If fear is controlling us, then we are doing the plans of the enemy; we are spineless. Our behaviors are being regulated by the hypothalamus that is processing our stored memories, which are being used to manipulate us through the amygdala, causing us to be recalibrated to fear. As a result, the readings that we get of our environment are all through fear, giving us anxiety.

Sometimes, if the learned behavior that came through fear is controlling us, we are actually numb to the fact that it is happening! It is like the enemy gives us anesthesia to this area of our brain while we are in his psychiatric ward; we become a walking puppet to do what he tells us to do, if we do not guard our mind and heart!

The amygdala does not perform only fear conditioning, but it also establishes “reward reinforcement”. It processes rewards and the use of rewards for motivation. Thus, if we are walking under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, calibrated to have the accurate reading of His Word through the Spirit of Knowledge, then the integration and regulation processing of our amygdala, will cause us to be numb to the anxiety and fear of satan, as we are awake to the emotion of GOD’S LOVE!”

By Robin Kirby Gatto


In response to Kent Christmas’ false prophecy

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I listened to a false prophecy at the beginning of the year (2018) that Kent Christmas put out and was so disturbed! What is worse is that very few saw it! I will also put a youtube video of where a 10 year-old girl was disturbed listening to it.

Here is my post from facebook yesterday

For all of those who are in agreement with supposed prophetic words that says God’s wrath is coming upon the lukewarm, YOU NEED TO GET A GRIP AND WAKE UP; YOU ARE OF ANOTHER SPIRIT!

Jesus warns the lukewarm in Revelation and at the same time, He tells them to repent and and counsels them to buy gold refined by fire, and to receive eye salve for the anointing of their eyes, in order that they may see! Moreover, He counsels them to enter into true wealth in order to receive the white garments, representing Christ’s righteousness. (See Revelation 3:15-22)

I have many lukewarm people whom I am praying for, and I know if God caused me to be convicted when I was lukewarm, He will do it with those whom I love!!!!!

God’s judgment is against the WOLVES in sheep’s clothing!!!!! Those who act like they are His but are not!!!! The lukewarm are asleep and need to wakeup to their condition, whereas the wolves are used by the enemy to tear up the House of God!!!!!

Prophetic words that delight in judgment coming against the lukewarm is mere evidence to show you the PRIDE and arrogance, as well as divination that is operating through those who deliver it, as they are BOUND UP IN THEIR OWN PLATFORM AND NEED TO TEAR OTHERS DOWN, OR INTIMIDATE THEM TO BOW DOWN TO THEM!!!!!!!!


Just because someone talks loud and excitatory does not mean that it is Holy Spirit; it is their personality and soul when it is not God!

If people do not walk in balance and give into the seductions of their senses they might think because they feel excited that it must be God!!!!!! WRONG!!!!!!!! satan wants to manipulate your brain and if you are deceived by pride, you will not see it, and will be used as an instrument of the enemy to be a stumbling block to those who desire to know God!!!!!!

Wake up and rightly divide the Word of Truth!!!!!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto 





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God wanted me to come on here to encourage you.

For the last couple of months my computer has been running slow, especially when I get on the internet. This morning as I was getting ready to post, I could not get on the internet via my laptop because it kept acting as though the page could not load.

I put the laptop down and continued to meditate on God’s Word and think about Him. Then God spoke to me and told me the reason that it was doing that is because I needed to CLEAR my browsing history.

Sure enough, I got onto my laptop and went to the internet, pulled up “HISTORY” and then chose to view all history of my browsing. As I did, then I selected to clear all my browsing history from the beginning of having this laptop, which was about 6 months ago.

After I cleared the history, my internet on my laptop was fast and no more hanging or delays in loading pages. God then spoke to me that some of His people cannot move forward, because they, like my internet, have a BROWSING HISTORY.

The browsing history in our lives, is looking over things which we cannot put behind us, whether it is what others have done, or our own failures. God spoke to me and said, just as my laptop was having difficulty PROCESSING AND UPLOADING A WEB PAGE, that those who cannot forget the things that are behind them are having difficulty getting through the PROCESS that the Lord is taking them through because they cannot LET GO!

God then told me to tell His people that are having this difficulty to be like Paul and forget the things that are behind you and move forward in the Lord God and the process that He is taking you through!

God bless!

Robin Kirby Gatto

12 Not that I have now attained [this ideal], or have already been made perfect, but I press on to lay hold of (grasp) and make my own, that for which Christ Jesus (the Messiah) has laid hold of me and made me His own.
13 I do not consider, brethren, that I have captured and made it my own [yet]; but one thing I do [it is my one aspiration]: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,
14 I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward. Philippians 3:12-14 Amp


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It was the craziest thing last night as we were watching the National Playoffs for the Championship of College football with Alabama and Georgia!

First of all it was a GREAT GAME! If you are an Alabama fan and like me, you kept hoping against hope, knowing that something was going to happen! The first half we did not do well, but again there is always HOPE!

When they got ready to go into the locker room for halftime I told Rich, Saban is going to put TUA TAGOVAILIO in; I just know it!

Then when they came out of the locker room and started the 3rd quarter, sure enough there was TUA! All of a sudden I just felt EXCITEMENT AND LIFE, as things began to change for the TIDE!

They were behind and the very person who God used to bring HIM GLORY, was someone that the sports writers and news anchors never saw coming!!!!!

Finally, in the last minute of the game, before overtime, my bones began trembling with HOLY SPIRIT FIRE!!!!!!! It is the EXACT fire of God that I get in me when I am about to preach a message of truth, where I tremble all inside of my person, and it is like each and every bone that I have is in a fireplace!!!

Rich had been nervous the entire game and frustrated, but I kept saying, Alabama is going to win! I felt this because of the State of Alabama’s connection with Israel, and with Trump’s recent acknowledgement as Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I felt as though, God wanted to bless Alabama with a win.

That entire last minute before overtime, seemed to last a long time. I kept telling Rich, my bones are trembling with FIRE!!!!!!! Then we watched as it went into overtime, and GOD KNEW!!!!!!!! God knew that in order to bring His Name glory on National TV, that the last play would have to be TUA throwing it into the end zone, in order to create a platform for TUA’S voice to be heard!!!!

All of a sudden, what seemed to be almost a defeat, became a TURNAROUND FOR THE TIDE, AS THE TIDE TURNED AND BROUGHT GOD GLORY!!!!!!!!!

To see Tua on the platform and on the field giving glory to God is worth the win for ALABAMA! That was worth it all! The trophy is merely the byproduct of determination to not give up, and God did the REST!!!!!!!!

This young man’s voice, reached places that pastors and preachers are not able to! It reached the masses on a public venue, to testify of JESUS CHRIST! GOD USES THE HUMBLE AND NOT THE PROUD AND ARROGANT! Many that are in the pulpits and preaching that do not walk in humility cannot see this, and do not understand why God uses the most unlikely, the most humble, the most devoted!!!!!!!

When TUA stepped into the game and began to play, all I could here was “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS,” and I got choked up!!!!!!! The anointing was soooo powerful!!!!!!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!


ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!

Robin Kirby Gatto


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“The enemy’s intent all throughout your life is to bring attacks of “REJECTION,” because he knows that it will keep you distracted, and unable to grow in the love of God.

God showed me that rejection is always attached to shame. If shame is hidden dormant within our soul, then rejection is able to attack us. The reproach of shame is removed, by the power of the Word of God through Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit brings the knowledge of God to us, in order that the anointing of the power of truth of God’s Word destroys the yoke of oppression.

A great analogy to show you how rejection attaches to our soul through shame is in that of a vehicle. If we look at a vehicle that is used to drive, shame would be considered a vehicle, and the driver of the vehicle would be fear. When we have shame hidden within our soul, then fear is able to drive us. When there is shame present in our soul, subconsciously, without realizing, it manipulates us. Learned negative behaviors that we have, result from the fear that is controlling us, all because of our need to “NOT FEEL REJECTED.”

This rejection is the thorn in our soul, like the thorn in the lion’s paw. Sometimes the thorn is louder than the Word of God, when we feel rejected. The way we turn the volume down, is to receive healing by the Spirit of Knowledge, revealing God’s love in order that we can walk in the power of the Word.”



“Likewise, as we are faithful to confess our sins and failings before God, our conscious mind (that which is not subconscious) is attached to the Mind of Christ Jesus, giving us hope. We can endure the process of sanctification and justification that is being carried out, to present us as spotless and blameless. This is the process of our conscience (soul) being transformed, having the transformed mind, as we come to know God and His love towards us. (See Romans 12:1-2)

The sanctification process causes my faith to attach to the Word that is being carried out in my soul. As I am purified by the power of God’s Word, then I become attached to the wholeness and righteousness of the mind of Christ, causing me to find a NEW CONSCIENCE, where I resolve now, to cling to the MIND OF CHRIST! Because of this transformation of my mind, in leaving my old nature and clinging to the new nature of the Mind of Christ, I know God’s love for me!”



“When there is a stress response, if it is not mitigated, it can lead into an anxiety/panic attack. Anxiety operates in our brain on a subconscious level. The conscious mind kicks in, after our mind and body have already started reacting to what we perceive to be fearful to us. Now remember, this is non-immediate stress that I am referring to, where our life is not in danger.

I know this process well, because after leaving a severely abusive relationship, which had immediate stress, that I had been in for around nine months when I was 20 years old, bled over into my non-immediate stress. The traumatic experiences messed up the midbrain region of my brain, causing me to have brain dysregulation. As a result, my brain would react to any perceived circumstance through the history of my severe abuse. Although I was out of the abusive relationship, my brain did not comprehend it. To my brain I was still in a place that was a real threat, which was my own mind!

From my early twenties until my mid thirties, I suffered anxiety and panic attacks from the past abuse. My self-esteem was as low as possible; I could not be in the room with others because of the chronic stress that my brain perceived. Although the stress was gone, my stress response system had not shut off. Instead, it was accumulating in my mind all that could be perceived as stressful to me, which was simply LIVING! Living was stressful! I had to obtain victory over this area, in order that my subconscious could be set free of the triggers that were causing me to spiral into panic attacks.

When I got anxious and would begin to panic, I would sweat, my heart would beat fast, my stomach would get all discomforted, and I would sit on my hands as if I was keeping myself pinned down from all the tension, so that I would not just dart out of the room. However, after a few minutes of this, I would finally get up and almost hurriedly get out of whatever room I was in. There would always be a bathroom that I would find, where I could talk myself down from any episode of anxiety/panic. Having lived in an abusive relationship with chronic stress, negative “learned behavior” had been created. I was on automatic pilot simply responding in life, to how I responded in an abusive relationship, which was survival mode. (For those who do not know my story, I have written as much as God will let me share, in God’s Fire Wall Healing of the Soul Session 1 The Light.)

God began to heal me through the years, as He empowered me with His Word, causing me to know the love He has towards me, giving me a hope and a future. (See Jeremiah 29:11-13) As I sought God more, I was hungrier for His Word and given revelation by Holy Spirit to see TRUTH. It was as though I was awakened! I discovered that I had made the opinions of others my reflection, feeling needy, rejected, unaccepted and like trash. All of this resulted from the insults of the enemy against my soul through different circumstances in my life. I realized that my disobedience against God was also the area where I neglected His boundaries that would have protected my soul from all this hurt.”


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I hear the Father saying:

Do not give into the lies of the enemy, but know that I am revealing that which has caused you to be double minded, exposing the hook within the soul, as You see that which is to be overcome, by the power of the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Your Testimony, in the revealing of My Truth that has been made known to you.

You are My dear one, who has been a precious prize in My eyes, as I see you as My treasure in the earth, revealing the brilliance and display of My Kingdom and My Son, Who is seen inside of you.

Like a precious stone that is gazed upon by the beholder, I My child gaze upon you in the brilliance of Who you are in Me, knowing that your moving, living and being are knitted within Me, as My nature and My Name are firmly established within you.

I will lift you up in this hour, in the midst of your weakness and cause you to be overcome with joy unspeakable and full of glory. Where there has been morning and weeping, I will bring forth My laughter and joy, to cause you to be full and overflowing with gladness of heart, knowing the richness of your faith is growing!

The seed of My Word has taken deep root within you, and you are being lifted up in Mighty strength, as you run the race of faith with greater hope and purpose, knowing that which I have called you. I Am revealing the anointing that I have given you, and that which I have called you to, as the door set before you is opened and you walk through to enter into the time of My Jubilee and Freedom by the Spirit of the Lord!

God bless!

Amen and Amen!

Robin Kirby Gatto 



I hear the Father saying:

Trust Me, when I speak to you, knowing that I am directing you in the path that you are to go, as the gift that I have given you, makes room for you, causing the abundant life, revealed through My Son, to be poured out like a drink offering upon others.

Many are hungry and thirst for righteousness and the display of My glory, as they long for Me, and I will reveal this nature of My glory within you, of Christ Jesus the hope of glory, causing others to be jealous for My nature and My Name!

I am delivering the abused and the mistreated who have been held captive in the grip of the enemy, as I open the doors of human trafficking, exposing the great evil within and those lined up with satan’s plans, who are causing many to be drunk on the world, and now I will expose their shame and bring that which is hidden in dark gloom into the light.

I Am the God Who heals and delivers to the uttermost, therefore, I will raise up My deliverers, who are my righteous ones, and bring them forth in this hour to see those who are bound up, set free by My Spirit of Truth and the anointing of My grace in the Spirit of the Lord, to reveal the anointing that destroys the yoke of oppression!

Trust Me and My ways, knowing that they are higher than your thoughts and ability to perceive, as I bring forth My understanding, knowledge and wisdom, to give you new sight, to see through righteousness as you perceive My grace as never before, causing you to see the nearness of the Kingdom of Heaven.

I will cause you to prophesy and declare My promises, from My throne as you speak a Word of power that will set the captives free, causing all of hell to be tormented, as you declare My Word of Truth to those who are in the Valley of Decision!

Look to Me and I will answer you, for I am the lifter of your head, as I draw forth to be your present help, delivering you into the time of My promise!

God bless!
Amen and Amen!

Robin Kirby Gatto


I take authority over all discouragement and command the lying serpent that is whispering into your ear to be lifted off of you, in the Name of Jesus Christ!

I command EVERY cloak of heaviness that has come against you to be lifted off! In Jesus Name!

I call forth God’s garment of expressive praise, and declare of the Increase of His Government and of His peace, there shall be no end, which is established on the Throne of David, in justice and righteousness, and the Zeal of God will perform it! In Jesus Name!

God I ask that You paint and smear Your people in Your Name Jealous, and release increase understanding, knowledge and wisdom for them to have Holy Spirit and Fire, the baptism that Jesus Christ came to bring! In Jesus Name! I pray for greater understanding and hope to be resident in and upon Your people, as they are consumed and overflowing in great abundance, to reveal the Kingdom of Heaven that has come NEAR!!!!!



Pour on us Oh God, with the revealing of Your nature and the power of Your Kingdom, where we are seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places, causing us to be joint heirs with Christ!!!!!!!!!!

In Jesus Name!!!! Amen and Amen!!!!!!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto



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God we thank You that You are spoiling the enemy’s plans as You stir up mightily the power of Your might in the midst of those bound up in captivity in human trafficking, causing them to be filled with Your strength and power to see past their present circumstances, knowing that You are the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who delivers Your people out of each and every trial, as You bring them up out of their graves and into the Land of the Living!

God we ask that You breathe upon the dry bones of those bound up in human trafficking and imprisoned by demonic forces, that You breathe a hard blast of Your breath to give them hope and faith, knowing that they will be delivered!

Bring the Light of Your truth in the midst of their darkness, as You lift them up into the strength of Your Love, knowing the nursing health of the Father’s love towards them, giving them peace and assurance of victory, healing and deliverance! In Jesus Name!

We take the Keys of the David in Isaiah 22:22 and open the door that no man can shut, to Freedom, where those bound up will come up out of their graves and come into the Land of the Living, knowing the God Who sets free, heals and delivers!

I pray that you strengthen those who are captive with the oil of Your presence, to know that they are not alone but that you are with them, as You give them strength and Your Word, to bring great grace to endure with Your strength, believing that Freedom will come! In Jesus Name!

I declare those involved with this great evil are exposed to the light and they will no longer be hidden! In Jesus Name! Remove the curtain, which they are hiding behind, and show the shame of their great evil, so that justice and righteousness will reign, bringing healing and deliverance to those bound up! In Jesus Name!

I declare that justice come speedily, and that the news media that is bound up in covering this up will also be foiled in their plans, as the curtain is torn asunder and the truth comes forth to the world, announcing that which has been hidden in dark gloom and deep darkness, so that Your righteousness will wage war against the hordes of hell and bring to light all truth! In Jesus Name!

God I declare triumph over this issue in all the nations of this world, so that the powers of darkness are overturned, as You bring a Turnaround in this hour!

In Jesus Name!

Amen and Amen!

Robin Kirby Gatto