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I am posting this note for prayer that is still needed regarding the schools. Last week I told my husband, Rich, while we were on the couch watching a show that I am hearing God say Titans. I have written a note on the titans with a link right her: Titans

Then on this Wednesday 2/14/18 I saw a personalized tag “TIT4N” for “titan” and I called my husband and told him about the car plate, and about me saying titans the prior week. Well today I get an email from Titan Wallet and then I heard God say “Robin the Titans!”

Anytime God tells me that I know that there is major warfare going on that He wants me praying, especially against the shadow government operating in this manner that would bring imminent attacks against this nation.

After I posted this information on Facebook God then said “Robin google titans and school shootings.” So I put in the items God told me and sure enough there is a security system called TITAN that is an app for these kind of emergencies in schools!!! God had me do a special facebook live and youtube live prayer yesterday over the schools praying against school shootings and I truly believe the TITANS that I was hearing from the Lord is warning us of more school shootings to come and we need to pray!!!! Here is the link for the Titan App: TITAN APP







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EXCERPT FROM “DESTINY; A TIME OF GREATNESS” By Robin Kirby Gatto (will be available on Amazon March 2018)

“When you enter the destiny that God has for you, it will never be the experience that you ruminate. “Ruminate” means to think deeply about something. What is interesting is that it comes from the Latin word ruminat meaning “CHEWED.” Thus, your destiny will not look like a meal that you have already chewed. Instead, as there is sophistication and discrimination built upin a waiter discerning between the meals on the menu, likewise, what you have eaten in the past will be stripped away, as you are given a new palate of God’s grace to discern His Word of truth.

Our destiny will always require us being stripped of the things of this world and our own efforts, which are likened to the old meals that we have chewed on, where we have not fully relied on God. The “stripping” process is difficult, causing us to look as though we are not blessed of God. The means by which we are stripped of the old meals, are through trials and tribulations, in order to remove the taste of the past meals that we have chewed on, which would affect our perceptibility in tasting something new.

Trials might include our marriage going through a shaking, health concerns, our children experiencing attacks, and financial difficulty. While we see others getting blessed, it might seem as though our world is in total chaos. However, what is truly happening is God exposing that which we have used as a barometer to measure everything.

When someone ruminates, as they are thinking and considering a matter, they are gauging it against the meals of their past, which ends up clouding their perception. Anytime we use a past meal as our barometer, where we have not been educated in the sophistication of flavors, we will not adequately be able to gauge or distinguish a new meal that is on a completely different level, thereby under appreciating its complexity and excellence. Past meals, which are flavors that need to be pulled out of our mind, are the memories that have affected our ability to perceive God’s grace, which is the ANOINTING!

When the trials and tribulations come that seem to be chaotic, it represents the enemy coming in like a flood, letting us know that we do not like the taste of that meal. It is then that we delight to take the Word of the Lord and know that God will bring a GRACE to give us the taste of His goodness, His anointing. We wake up to a greater flavor, as we seize the Kingdom of Heaven by force! We hunger and thirst for righteousness, gaining greater sophistication and discrimination as to the true Word of God. (See John 8:32)”


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I hear the Father Saying 2/12/18

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I hear the Father saying:

Know that I shine My light in your darkness, exposing that which has been hidden of the enemy’s lie, so that you are not overcome by evil, but that you overcome evil with good.

I Am the God of goodness and the God of truth, Who brings forth an abundant harvest for those who are Mine and are seeking Me with a pure heart and clean hands.

Who will ascend the Hill of the Lord? He that has clean hands and a pure heart, who has not lifted his heart up to an idol nor sworn on his lips anything that is false, for this is the one to whom My heart looks for, he that trembles at My Word.

For My son or daughter, who has continued in My Word in the midst of their tribulations and the suffering of temptations, I Am bringing great reward. The increase of anointing I Am pouring forth, will cause the greatness of My Name, revealed in my unfailing love through you to others, to know the truth of My mercy and grace.

I Am the God of promotion and will promote the humble in this hour, as I exalt them to a greater height of faith, pouring forth a new anointing, a fresh anointing, causing My chosen ones to be like a wild ox, even as I bring the enemy under their feet as on a threshing floor, and cause My bold and righteous ones to trample over the enemy.

I Am bringing a great grace as I bring down the proud and arrogant, who have maligned my humble servants, and will cause their mouths to be shut, as I cause them to know My Nature and My Name in the midst of their humiliation, which is My mercy and grace, for they know not Me nor My ways.

I Am the God Who will bring a turnaround and a victory for My people, as I deal with their enemies, causing My people to turn the battle at the gate, as I deal with those who are drunk and pride, and bring forth My great truth of unceasing peace for those who have been despised, bruised and beaten by the words of the arrogant and proud.

I Am the God of truth and great grace, revealing My love to those who are near and far, through those who are called by My Name, as I make them a city on a hill that cannot be hidden, the light of My grace!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto

JOB 12:15-25!

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Saints I have to tell you what the Lord showed me last night! He gave me a vision of the enemy’s communication grid, where devils all over the world get messages to one another about the attacks against the saints.

I saw the grid, as I was high above it and then all of a sudden I saw God’s hand come out of the heavens and put this metal looking gadget that to us would look like a fork, and totally destroy the devil’s messaging network, confounding the enemy.

After that happened it was as though a power shortage came to that grid and the enemy was unable to communicate, and then devils started turning on one another!!

I then heard God say Job 12:15-25 and that now would be the time of GREAT BREAKTHROUGH FOR HIS PEOPLE!

I posted last night before going to bed about the breakthrough and about Job 12. Holy Spirit told me to put the vision on facebook today, as well as the scripture!

Hold on saints of God because God is moving!!!!!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto

15 He withholds the waters, and the land dries up; again, He sends forth [rains], and they overwhelm the land or transform it.
16 With Him are might and wisdom; the deceived and the deceiver are His [and in His power].
17 He leads [great and scheming] counselors away stripped and barefoot and makes the judges fools [in human estimation, by overthrowing their plans].
18 He looses the fetters [ordered] by kings and has [the] waistcloth [of a slave] bound about their [own] loins.
19 He leads away priests as spoil, and men firmly seated He overturns.
20 He deprives of speech those who are trusted and takes away the discernment and discretion of the aged.
21 He pours contempt on princes and loosens the belt of the strong [disabling them, bringing low the pride of the learned].
22 He uncovers deep things out of darkness and brings into light black gloom and the shadow of death.
23 He makes nations great, and He destroys them; He enlarges nations [and then straitens and shrinks them again], and leads them [away captive].
24 He takes away understanding from the leaders of the people of the land and of the earth, and causes them to wander in a wilderness where there is no path.
25 They grope in the dark without light, and He makes them to stagger and wander like a drunken man. JOB 12:15-25 AMP


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Excerpt from “Destiny” by Robin Kirby Gatto

“The Greek word for groanings indicates inaudible prayers that are made by Holy Spirit, causing us to stand in the appointment God has called us to so that we are ESTABLISHED by Him, standing our ground. The enemy hates us walking in God’s destiny and will do all that he can to attack us on this front. Holy Spirit is faithful and will not let us back out of the call as He prays on our behalf to keep us standing!

I know this well, especially as a woman minister. I have endured much discrimination from different men, who have what I term as Jezemale. I have taught on Jezebel in great length, which most people think is only oppressive with women. However, I have seen the Jezebel spirit in men and it is much worse in my opinion than it is with a woman, which is why I call it “Jezemale.” In my occurrences with the Jezebel spirit operating in men while I ministered in different locations, in one particular location, it was worse than any other time, I had experienced. This particular minister gave a prophelie (false prophetic word) over my husband and I. It was the typical one I had gotten from most insecure men who would prophesy me to the background and my husband to the front preaching. I’ve had some prophesy that God would put a muzzle over my mouth and sit me down and have my husband preach. Believe me it is bad out there when you are a woman and dealing with these intimidating spirits.

On the occasion that I was hit the hardest was after this man had said a false prophetic word, I was so hit that I wanted to pack up and leave ministry altogether! I had enough and was not going to put up with all the “hell” that I had been putting up with as a woman minister, dealing with many insecure men that did not want me disturbing their “boys club.” As a result, I did not want to preach the engagement that I was there to preach in that state, which was to take place in three hours.

I am so grateful for a SECURE MAN, whom God has given me as a husband, Rich. Without him, I would have packed up and left; he keeps me from quitting!

I looked at Rich and told him that I could no longer be a minister and wanted to pack my bags and go back home to Alabama. I was so writhed in grief immediately because of the closeness of me aborting my destiny that I went into deep travail! For 2 hours non-stop all I could do was weep and groan, and I had no clue what was going on with me. Rich kept telling me to speak the Word, and if anyone should know this well, it should be me. However, I was so grieved with pain that I could not speak, but went into a time of inaudible prayer, where Holy Spirit in me was warring for my call!

Rich so lovingly and in great care began speaking scripture over me while I was in a time of groaning (travail).

Robin wanted to give up, however, Holy Spirit would not let me! Holy Spirit kept warring inside of me in great inaudible prayer, until I came back to the place of my appointment, where God had established me to continue to STAND! Understand this; all of hell will come against you when you get into the call. The enemy’s plan is to get you out of the place that God has called you to be established and appointed you.

After that warfare had ended and Holy Spirit prayed inaudible prayers through me, I went into preach at Jezemale’s place and knocked the Jezebel spirit out, seeing an anointing of the Spirit of the Lord come forth to set the captives free! Jezemale was in the car watching me on live television preach at his place, exposing that spirit, knowing that he could do nothing about it!
When I saw the minister the next morning, he was so eaten up and manifesting in the Jezebel spirit that I refused to do what he was demanding that I do, knowing that he had been discovered and exposed.

Listen to this saint of God; many other ministers had ministered at this place while the people on the pews stayed bound up in their bondage! It was not until God sent His established one, who was appointed by Him, that freedom finally came! After I ministered to each and every individual, you could see that they all looked entirely different. Each person was talkative and expressive, showing love and great hope.

Immediately, one of the leaders of the ministry looked at me and said “Robin they have never been like this before.” I was puzzled when she said that and asked her, “What do you mean?”

She said, “Robin they have never talked like this before nor shared anything that was on their heart.” I was blown away!!! Up until Holy Spirit had me bring the Word, these people who were bound up had been living a life of bondage under the Jezebel spirit and were like zombies!

Do you see this saint of God? When God establishes you, no devil in hell has a chance against that authority!

I hear the Father saying 2/6/18

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Vineyard at autumn harvest.

I hear the Father saying:

I Am taking you a direction you have not known, that will bring great satisfaction, as you eat at My table and know the power of My Word, that will deliver you out of the circumstances in which you feel overcome, as I cause you to overcome the world and all it’s power!

I Am the God of greatness and the God Who brings My people out of harms way, as I bring them into the place of My promise, which is also the place of protection. Do not be afraid, nor given into discouragement, for the enemy of your soul is roaming about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

I Am the God of greatness and the God of love, causing you to recognize My love in this hour that is needed in your soul, in order that you are not manipulated by the slanderer, but that you stand firmly as My servant David did against Goliath, as you face your present darkness that is the voice of satan, himself. Know that I will cause you to overcome, and give you victory, as you overcome all of his power, knowing the love of the truth, which is to do the will of the Father, seeing the great and mighty display of all that I have done and what I will do, as I bring many out of darkness and into My marvelous light!

I Am the God of greatness and the God of restoration and reconciliation, and in this hour I will minister to those who are far away and have been damaged in their soul with great bruising because of the false ministers that have stood in My church and bruised them. I will bring a healing anointing of great grace and pour out My love upon those who are far, revealing the nature of My power and My Kingdom, causing them to hunger and thirst for the righteousness of My Son!

Do not doubt in your heart, but only believe My Word is true and watch what I will do! I will move upon your loved ones, bringing them healing and deliverance as I move mightily in power to bind the strongman and destroy the stronghold!

I Am the God of healing and the God of deliverance! Know truly that I Am coming quickly in power and seek those who worship Me in spirit and in truth, as I add unto them an increase anointing of grace, giving them victory on every end, revealing the nature of My glory!

Glory to God!!!!!!!

Amen and Amen!

God bless!

Robin Kirby Gatto


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I hear the Lord God saying:

You are entering a season of plenty, where you will not want for anything, for I Am the Lord God Who prospers thee!

I Am the Lord of abundance and of life, giving you a promotion into My plans, for promotion comes from Me.

I Am the Lord Who sees all and knows all, knowing what you have given over the last years, pouring out all that was within you to do that which I have called you, and I tell you that I have seen you! I Am the Lord God Who prospers thee!

I Am the Lord Who has seen your faithfulness and your obedience, even when it was not convenient nor easy, but rather it was in the time of great difficulty that you trusted and obeyed, not questioning that to which I have called you, but simply following Me. I Am the Lord God Who prospers thee!

I Am the Lord Who has been there when you have been wearied and felt weak; I Am the Lord Who is strongest in your weakness, bringing you divine strength and power to continue the fight of faith! I Am the Lord God who prospers thee!

I Am the Lord God, Who is taking you into the Land of Plenty, the place of My promise, promoting you as I did My servant Daniel from the dungeon to the Palace, into a time of Greatness so that the display of My might and power will be seen! I Am the Lord God Who prospers thee!

I Am the Lord Who will keep My Word and deliver your children out of the place of bondage, for My angels have kept watch over them, protecting them more than they know, as I lead them into My salvation of wholeness and healing, causing them to recognize My voice! I Am the Lord God Who prospers thee!

I Am the God of breakthrough, victory, deliverance, freedom, salvation, and promise! I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! I Am the God of Israel! I Am the Lord God Who prospers thee!!!!

God bless!

Robin Kirby Gatto