I hear the Father Saying 8/8/17

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I hear the Father saying:

Come up higher My child, for I have set you apart in this hour, where you have been tried and tested to the uttermost, to expose the darkness of the enemy’s grasp upon your soul, in order that you call out to me and know that I Am your deliverer!

I will deliver you of that which has harassed you, causing you anguish, where you have sought Me all the more, because of the power of My Word, which you have held onto. Your deliverance comes nigh in this hour, as I bring a greater strength to giving you power from on high, to see the anointing of My Truth and the riches of My grace, destroy the yoke that has oppressed you.

I Am delivering your sons and your daughters, as you have sought me earnestly in fasting and prayer, knowing that I Am their healer, and will cause them to come to themselves so that they know the place which has been set for them, at the table of My wedding feast in heaven, as I wake them up to the power of My glory, giving them visions and dreams of what is to come, drawing them to Myself and causing them to known My Son and the power of the Blood, to deliver them fully unto salvation.

I Am your provider, your healer, and your deliverer, as I turn all things to your good from what you have endured with patient endurance, in trial and tribulation, causing you to know the mighty power of My Word and My strength, as I make a bold display of the knowledge of My glory through you to others!

I will reach down with My mighty right hand to cause you to enter the greatness that My servant David knew, as he sought me with great inspiration by My Holy Spirit stirring him up in his inner man, to know me and the power of My glory.

My glory will lift up My mighty army in this hour, as I bring restitution, restoration and recompense for what you have suffered for My Name’s sake, and show through you My servants the power of the glory of the knowledge of Who I Am, so that others will become jealous to know Me.

I Am making you My servants very jealous in this hour, as I fixed Elijah upon My covenant of truth, revealing a greater knowledge to his soul, causing him to run with a greater strength to anoint My servants who took down ruling powers and principalities under the guidance of My anointing in their lives.

I will cause you to discover the riches of faith, as I stir you up with the gift of faith, and bring you into the Land of Promise, to reveal secret mysteries of truth in the Gospel that you have not seen, to show you the power of the Wedding feast that is revealed in John 2, and the power of My anointing as My Son prepared for the cross, bringing great victory over the power of death, hell and the grave, where My people will feel no sting of death, but see death swallowed up!

I Am the God of Life and Abundance, and for those who have sought me earnestly, who have been strengthened by My Spirit to know Me, I will come mightily upon you to make you a vessel of Life abundantly so that the blessing of what I have commanded to those who are in unity will be revealed to nations, as I pour out My glory for a greater anointing over My house.

I Am removing and I Am appointing in this hour in the midst of My house, as it is plainly known those who are building their own kingdom and given over to the carnal nature. I will cause My shining ones to be made brilliant like the stars as they win many to righteousness, seeing the greatness of My salvation in the earth!

I come in power and glory in this hour to reveal the mystery of Christ Jesus, the hope of glory, to souls that will come out of darkness and into the Kingdom of My marvelous light!





Robin Kirby Gatto



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I hear the Father saying 7/31/17

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I hear the Father saying:
Hold on My child and know that I Am with you in the greatest of trials, in the valley and through the storm, in your darkness and when you feel that I am gone, I Am still here and near you as a present help in your time of trouble, causing you to understand the power of My truth that reveals the riches of grace in the power of My Son, Who is the Beginning and End, Who is, Who was and Is to come, revealing the nature of the heavenly Jerusalem, as He brings My peace to your temple, the power of My abiding place, which reveals heaven and My grace.
I Am coming quickly in a greater strength than you have known to bring you victory in your trial, as you have been in the heat of battle, to know the victory of My Word within, not only for you but for your children, and your children’s children. I Am the One Who brings victory by My mighty right hand, leaving all the world in awe at My mighty power that brings healing and deliverance, revealing the nature of My love.
I Am removing that which has hindered you and left you in pain, causing more grief than you have known to your soul, as I remove it quickly by the power of My West wind that will remove the buzzing locusts out of your soul and bring you mighty grace, as the power of that devouring is removed far from you, placing it into the Red Sea, causing you to forget that which has ailed you!
You will no longer remember the reproach of shame and of your former battle, as I quickly bring you strength and power, lifting you up in My grace, to know the beholding of the glory of My face, which yields mercy and truth in your soul, to display the strength of My love to you!
I Am the God Who does exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you can think, and this is the hour in which I will perform My mighty power, to show you that I Am for you and not against you, revealing the light of My glory and truth, to bring you breakthrough into all that you have need of in this hour!
I Am causing you to enter My promises which are yes and Amen, and will reveal My mighty strength through the display of My glory revealed in your victory in this coming hour, as I make you a testimony of grace and mercy, so that many will see the greatness of I AM!
Be expectant as I come quickly to give you My strength and power in truth and in righteousness that will fill your mouth to overflow and bring you power from on high by the spirit of prophecy, to reveal the testimony of My Son and the power of My Word!
God Bless!
Amen and Amen!
Robin Kirby Gatto

I hear the Father saying 7/25/17

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I hear the Father Saying:
Things are not what they seem; I move in ways that are divine and higher than your ways, as I go before you making a way where there seems to be no way. I Am the WAY MAKER, causing you to enter into the time of My promise.
I have chosen you and set you a part for this hour, knowing the power of My love will be mighty and luminous in and upon you, as I set you as a signpost to the way to My Son, causing salvation to come to many. You will enter My blessings and My victory, as revealed through My Son, Christ Jesus, upon the cross and in HIs resurrection, where the power of the Age to come, manifested mightily in the heavens, as the veil did rend, and He sprinkled His precious blood on the mercy seat, once and for all, for all mankind who would but see and receive.
I will bring your sons and daughters from afar, who have backslidden, and will lift them up in My mighty strength, to cause the knowledge of My glory to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. I will drive them to My Name Jealous, and cause them to be very jealous for Me, and they will be the ones who seek My face, a generation set apart to find the knowledge of the Living God and to know Wisdom.
I Am opening the heavens in this hour with the bounty of My blessings and pouring it upon My people who have been in a lean place, and a place of crying out, to know the power of My Name, as I lift them up in My mighty strength to see that I Am the God Who hears and answers!
I Am filling your mouth with the Answer of My promise, as I cause My Word to be a sharp sword coming out of your mouth, giving you the tongue of heaven to know a victory not only for yourself and your families, but also for others. You will prophesy with the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10) and see the Spirit of My Life enter into the dry bones, giving them hope and pulling them out of their graves! I will open the graves of those who are hopeless, and bring them out to cause them to enter into the time and the land of promise! I Am the God of promise and will show forth the strength of My Name in this hour.
Glory to God!!!! Amen and Amen!
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto


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Last night Holy Spirit brought things together as it related to the recent attacks of the enemy and the fasts God has me spear heading, to avert the attack. In order to give you the revelation God gave me I have to start from the beginning.
At the end of May God had a 3 week fast, that ended in June, where He wanted us to fast and pray for Freedom from bondages for the church and our family. One week after that fast God had us do a 2 week fast to pray for the church and for prodigals to forgive and to love. Then immediately after that God had us start a fast this past Monday to come against the spirits of suicide and death.
Last Tuesday God gave me a vision of this massive blanket coming upon the earth and He said “Robin this is the valley of the Shadow of Death that you are seeing.” In scripture when you see “shadow” it always represents “presence.” We see the Shadow of God in Psalm 91, representing the presence of God. Also in scripture in Psalm 23 we see the valley of the shadow of death, representing the presence of darkness. God is with us in the midst of that valley, as we have His staff to comfort us and His rod of authority to overcome the enemy. We are unafraid because we are filled with HIs love.
in the midst of the last two fasts, the one on forgiveness and love, and the one on coming against the spirits of suicide and death, Holy Spirit gave me more revelation on Psalm 45, regarding the queen. I have taught on that so many times in several of our sessions in our schools and trainings. However, this time God focused on the beauty of the queen and revealed to me greater truths about the power of that beauty, as it relates to spiritual maturity and love. What is amazing is the next day after reading Psalm 45, I took a pic and posted of a personalized car tag that was DAQUEEN for THE QUEEN. After that I saw another car tag and took a pic of PENCL for “pencil” but I saw Psalm 45:1 with the tongue of a PEN of a ready writer.
Now to catch up with what God showed me.
Yesterday God had me share on Facebook live some of the information from Psalm 45, as well the Psalm 23 valley of the Shadow of death. All last week I preached on life and about being God’s life guards (life watchmen), using the Greek word Zoe, strong’s concordance number #2222.
Yesterday, I met the new neighbor and her parents, who were moving her in. There are only 2 apartments on my floor, ours and her apartment. She moved in yesterday and her name is Zoya which is the female version of Zoe, meaning “LIFE!” How amazing is it that we are fasting all last week, coming against the spirit of death and suicide and at the end of that fast, Zoya (life) moves across from our apartment.
Well last night I watched a movie that brought confirmation on what I have been teaching this week on Facebook live and especially yesterday’s teaching. If you have not seen yesterday’s teaching I pray that you watch it; it is revealing. God showed yesterday, that as I use to lifeguard, the people that you try to rescue will fight you (kicking and hitting), and you have to put them in a hold in order to get them to stop fighting you. I spoke on how those people who are resisting God’s life, and are christians, are actually fighting those who walk in life, because of their own pride.
God revealed how we did the fast for 2 weeks praying for forgiveness and love, and how that was to break the assignment of pride within the church. Moreover, God had me talking about Leviathan for several weeks, and how leviathan is trying to stir up unforgiveness. Do you see this? Pride stirs up unforgiveness. Our own pride will keep us from forgiving.
Well get this, because God showed me that the fast on unforgiveness and love was to prepare for this recent attack of the spirit of the valley of the shadow of death! Do you want to know how? God showed me that those who are being hit by the spirit of suicide and death have not forgiven because of their own pride and it was their pride that was a hook, allowing the spirit of death access to their person to take them out. God then revealed to me how people have to repent of their pride and unforgiveness because it is what is allowing the spirit of suicide and death to harass them.
Last night we watched The Secret of Moonacre, and it blew my mind at the confirmation. The “moon princess,” which confirms Psalm 45 princess and the moon in Song of Solomon 6, where the Shualmite is to shine like the moon, represented the beauty of love of God. Moreover, the character that helped the moon princess was called LOVEDAY. The moon princess had to get these pearls to bring RECONCILIATION between two opposing parties, who the characters said HAD PRIDE AND UNFORGIVENESS! The moon princess had to take the pearls in order that the darkness would be destroyed. At the end, the moon princess gave herself (laid down her life) so that the darkness would be lifted. Once the darkness was lifted the CURSE OF DARKNESS WAS BROKEN!!!!!!
Is that not amazing confirmation!!!! Therefore, saints please watch Facebook live from yesterday and see where I talk about the queen and the assignment of darkness seeking those in pride. Please be praying and fasting that those whom you know forgive and love, so that the spirit of pride will be broken and the access of the spirit of death will be cut off.
Robin Kirby-Gatto



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God is showing me that many people have gone through warfare because they have been outside of God’s rest, and He is calling for His people to labor to enter His rest.
God is providing greater strength for the fire you have been through that has refined you and tested you, causing you to be overcome with the issues of your heart, which you were unaware of, as He wroughts forth a greater humility in Christ Jesus!!!
I see many that have been humbled as Joseph who endured such assailing by the enemy and went through the fiery troubles, where God purified His Word in Joseph 7 times over, so that God’s mercy would be present to save Israel.
God is saying that many have been tried like Joseph, so that we would not walk in self-righteousness or pride, but rather we would walk in grace and mercy, as we are a walking mercy seat.
God is healing many wounded hearts, as He binds them up with His mighty power and the strength of His love, healing His people of all spiritual dis-ease.
The victory that He has promised you is surely coming quickly, as you enter the Land of Promise, the Land of the Living with others on your sides, because they have sought Jesus Christ, Who has been displayed greatly in your life, and as you have followed Christ Jesus, others have seen the brightness of that light in you, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden!
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto

The words and promises of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined in an earthen furnace, purified seven times over. PSALM 12:6 AMP



I hear the Father Saying 7/19/17

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I hear the Father saying
Do not despise the day of small beginnings for I am giving a weighting out of My anointing by the Power of My Word that is resident within you, yielding a hundred-fold standing grain harvest, showing forth the power and knowledge of My glory, as I turn your weeping into joy, your mourning into laughter! I will recompense you with a mighty reward, as My faithful servant, who has sought Me and My kingdom, hungry and thirsty for My righteousness.
I Am bringing you into a greater anointing of My power, displayed in My might and My majestic Name, as you reveal the secret mysteries of My Covenant to those who are far and wide, and surely you will make the Jew jealous in this hour, as I draw forth a greater oil of unity for the One New Man.
I Am recompensing all that the enemy stole from you, as I give you a double portion in this hour; this is the hour of My double portion, and I will exalt your horn like a wild ox, giving you the New Anointing, the Fresh Anointing. I will lift you up in My mighty power, revealing the nature of My virtue, strength and ability to do that which you cannot.
I will cause you to cross over into My promises, as you enter the time of great recompense, and I give out to those who have been faithful with a little, making them ruler over much. I will make of you a glorious display as a faithful steward of My promises, causing you to know the joy and delight I have in you, My child, knowing that you are My beloved and in you I Am well pleased.
You will open your mouth with a greater anointing of My strength to see the lost come to the rising of the brightness of My light, as you are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. I will cause you to shine all the brighter as I bring the wealth of the nations into My house, bringing the camels far and wide, as I did for Rachel in her time of jubilee. You will be like Rachel who served Me when she poured out to water the camels, and I tell you over the last 10 years, you have been watering the camels for the time of promise, where you will reap a mighty reward, a mighty recompense.
This is the time of recompense and I will bring it for My people, rewarding them for their obedience and faithfulness. Be expectant and hopeful, knowing that I have opened a door wide open for you that no man can shut.
Robin Kirby Gatto