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Saints of God know that in this hour God is exposing the working of divination, where the plans of the enemy are to divide families, friends, people and the Church. God keeps telling me about the spirit of python, which is divination, operating to be divisive in every way!

Guard your heart and mind; that spirit is covered with SPIRITUALITY, looking spiritual and religious, however, it is conniving and is a root of iniquity that operates in the soul given over to it because of bitterness and jealousy!

Be quick to forgive others and guard your heart when someone is speaking poorly of others because of the jealousy and ungodly judgments of their own heart!!!!

Do not give your ear not mouth over to that spirit.

In this hour, God is exposing any divisive way in our heart, so that we will be set free!!!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto


I hear the Father saying 4/20/18

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I hear the Father saying:

Look to Me, My child, for all that you have need of and not to the things of this present age. The devil himself would have you believe that I am not your provider. Know that this issue of mistrust and unbelief is deep rooted in your heart, in the wounds of your soul, where you did not come to Me to provide complete healing.

I Am the God that heals thee; the God that makes thee whole and perfect, keeping no good thing from you, but opening the eyes of your heart to provide the wisdom of My mighty power through My Son, Jesus Christ, so that you would know the love and grace of My throne that sets you free!!

I Am removing that which has ensnared you with bitterness and unforgiveness, as I give you dreams and visions, to see that which has been buried deep within the mind, in order to expose the buzzing locusts and cankerworm.

I will restore ALL the years that the locusts and cankerworm have eaten, as I bring about My promise, working all things to your good, removing all that would be divisive and rebellious against My truth, by the power of My Word!

You will know Christ and Him crucified in great measure through My grace, as I bring forth a greater anointing of humility, freeing you from the opinions of this present age, caring not for your own life, but losing it in order that you gain the life of My Son! He richly provided the strength of the Kingdom of Heaven, making it known to those who were ready to receive that which I have promised, knowing that every good gift comes from the Father of Lights!

This is a time of gifts and celebration, as you enter into the place of My promise, into a time of great joy and shouting, as you see victory all around you, where I lift your head above your enemies, causing the praises of My victory through you to be made known!

Be ready to forgive and move on, as you let go of the past and go forward into the promise!

Amen and Amen!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto

I hear the Father saying 4/18/18

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I hear the Father saying:

You have been through the fire My child, and are coming out not smelling like smoke. You have been through the flood and have not drown; for I have been with you.

The trials and temptations, which you have suffered were to bring you to the place of My promise, as I prepared you for the harvest that is ahead. This is the season of My greatness, and I have brought forth My right hand to make you great, as I purge the bloodstains out of your walls that have tried to pull at you with iniquity. They have been removed, as I have justified you in the Blood of the Lamb, giving you authority and power from above, to know the power of My Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven, which is coming like a flood!

I am sending the tide of My outpouring forth in this hour, and I have put My eyes on the nations, seeing those who are ready for what is to come. I Am visiting the Land of America with the brightness of My Son, causing her to be a lighthouse in this hour, as I send a healing rain, a revival rain, a latter rain! I will cause your latter to be greater than your former, as I move upon you My child, causing your entire house to be saved, bringing in the prodigals and giving the richest of faith upon those who are healed from their backsliding, as I open their mouth to prophesy and to declare My Word of truth!

I Am the God of greatness, and as My servant Moses saw the knowledge of My glory and worshipped Me, I will open the eyes of the old and young, to see Me glory in this hour, as I move heaven and earth, causing the power of the Kingdom of Heaven to be made known!

I will bring wondrous signs in the heavens displaying the hour of My greatness and truth, releasing the increase of My anointing to My servants who have been humble and have served Me!

You have not left houses for nothing, but I will repay you in this hour, as you have suffered for My Name’s sake, and for the work of the Cross of Christ, I will reward you well in this hour, My laborers, My humble ones, My servants.

Amen! I receive it Lord!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto



I declare every lie of the enemy that is on your neck is lifted off, as those lying serpents are destroyed! In Jesus Name! I declare that every cloak of heaviness, and the weights of this present age that have ensnared you are lifted off of you, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

I take the Sword of the Spirit and cut the cords to demonic strongholds that have held you back in a place of captivity, in a dungeon, and I command those cords to loose you and go into the wilderness in Jesus Name!

I take the Key of David, the Keys of the Kingdom, and I open the dungeon doors that have held you and declare that you shall come up out of that grave!!!!! In the Name of Jesus!!!

I declare the grave clothes that you have worn over the last several years are cast off of you, in Jesus Name! I declare that you are a royal priesthood and a holy nation, seeking the face of the Lord God Almighty, in greater hunger and thirst for righteousness, as you come to know God’s Name Jealous, and are filled by Holy Spirit to be VERY JEALOUS!!!! WOOO HOO DO IT GOD!!!!!


I declare you are rising up like a warhorse fit for battle, as you hear the trumpet sound of God’s Word that is like a battle trumpet, causing you to turn to see the voice of the ONE WHO IS SPEAKING!!!! GLORY TO GOD!!!!!

I take the Key of David and open the door declaring you are in a season of freedom, of breakthrough, of deliverance, and of healing! In Jesus Name!

You charge into the time of battle, knowing the victory has been given to you, as you SEIZE THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BY FORCE!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOOO GLORY TO GOD!!!!! DO IT JESUS!!!!!!!!!!



Robin Kirby Gatto


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Last night I had a pretty lengthy dream about the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. I dreamed that I was both a football statistician and a cheerleader, and able to hear the excitement for the spring training, as well as coming season. Then suddenly, I understood they were looking for a new theme for the season, at which I responded it should be IT’S A TIDE THING!!!!!!

All of a sudden they had these buses for the Tide that they started painting crimson, and on the side of the buses they were painting the word’s “It’s a Tide Thing!”

Then we were out on the field at the Alabama stadium as the game was about to begin. I was down there getting ready to cheer with the cheerleaders, while moving between cheering and talking to the players about their stats during the game. The stadium was filling up, as people began walking in.

ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!

UPDATE:  I received a dream interpretation from Donna Reid Steele about this dream, and I had recently had another dream last night into early this morning 4/19/18, where I was trying out for the Alabama swim team and made the team, as we were getting ready to go do swim meets.

Donna’s interpretation of football dream: “The stadium is a place of great impact! Buses relate to ministry! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through you! It’s a team effort!! The crimson blood of Jesus is powerful and will be your covering!

I googled the meaning of “Roll Tide Roll”! Wow! Yes, Lord! This gives me chills!!

Anyone who has been to the ocean wasn’t immune to the hypnotizing crash of the waves against the shore. They probably took a couple steps out and let the waves crash upon their feet or went even further out and let the tide toss their weightless body towards shore. This is the core meaning of “Roll Tide”. The Crimson Tide is a force that once it builds momentum, it can not be stopped and it will crush, toss or destroy whatever is in its way. When the Tide is rolling, the opponent is being man handled and totally dominated. ROLL TIDE!!!”


Also in the swim dream, I was trying out for the Alabama swim team and made it, my arms were really strong in the dream and the coach was looking at the muscles in my arms as I was running around the track preparing for a meet. My feet were running swiftly.

What is amazing is that when I posted about my swim dream today, Bryan Jones saw it and then simultaneously took a picture of what was on the news, which was a swim meet. Picture below! When I was a little girl growing up I used to be on the swim team, and the pic here is of a woman doing the BUTTERFLY STROKE, which represents NEW LIFE, TRANSFORMATION, NEW GROWTH, WOOO HOOO!!!!









Jezebel’s thieving hand!

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God gave me a dream last night, exposing the enemy’s plans! Jezebel was trying to steal money from the saints! God had me confront that thing and not let it steal the money God was bringing to us!

God reminded me of years ago, where a woman who had a Jezebel spirit did this, taking up offerings and telling people she was giving it to me, when instead, she only gave me $50 per speaking engagement and kept the rest for the ministry! She was the woman in my dream last night!

In Jesus Name, I declare that Jezebel’s stealing and conniving plans are foiled, as confusion comes to Jezebel’s camp, and all that the enemy has stolen from you, will be returned seven fold, in Jesus Name!

I declare that God’s doors are wide open over your house, pouring out the blessings and that the thief is rebuked in Jesus Name!!!!

I declare your storehouses are full and everything you put your hand to prospers, causing you to be filled and overflowing with abundance, as you give unto the Kingdom!!!! In Jesus Name!!!

God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto


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I declare you are entering a NEW SEASON, in greater grace, mercy and truth of the Father’s Word, knowing a richness of faith, where you have gone through the fire, and come out not smelling like smoke! In Jesus Name!

I declare you are rising up in greater strength and hope, fastened to the plan of HOPE that God has for your life, bringing you into the place of Promise, where you see your destiny fulfilled, knowing the Father of Lights has bestowed marvelous blessings and gifts unto you through the power of Holy Spirit!

I declare you know the Word of Truth, causing you to be filled and overflowing in the righteousness of Christ, where you are jealous for God’s Word, knowing the power therein, which makes all things possible, as you walk with a grace and power of MOUNTAIN MOVING FAITH! In Jesus Name!

I declare you are speaking to your mountains as you are stirred up in great faith and hope, seeing them lifted up and cast into the sea, where you shall move forward into the call of Christ, knowing that you are a chosen one, who has been set apart and consecrated unto God through the purifying Word that has done a great work in you, causing you to walk in freedom and the promise! In Jesus Name!

Amen and Amen!

God bless!




I declare you are walking into a GREATER GRACE AND ANOINTING that is full of power, releasing the knowledge of the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven, causing you to walk in boldness and truth, as you are like a lion, enveloped in the Righteousness of THE SON OF GOD, JESUS CHRIST, where you distribute the richness of truth, as it drips from your lips, being a drink offering to others, who have given up hope!

I declare you bring the Word of Truth with wisdom from above, that you stir to jealousy the Jew who does not know the Lord, as Holy Spirit removes a veil, causing you to see Messiah in the Old Testament, where you speak as one who is taught by God, knowing the revealing of Christ Jesus, the Anointed One, as you walk in great discernment and the anointing of grace of the Spirit of Prophecy! In Jesus Name!

I declare you hear the still small voice of God, knowing that it is HE that provides truth, giving you the distribution of faith, for which you have been prepared, knowing the strength of the Keys of the Kingdom, which are given to you, as you rise up in the will of the Father, doing only that which He has spoken, as you see many come unto righteousness and grace!!!!



Robin Kirby Gatto

Robin Kirby  Gatto

The Shift that is Swift!

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I reposted my post from yesterday (on Facebook) about the transition that we are in that is coming SWIFTLY! The earth is presently responding, as of right now we have storms, earthquakes and snow in Oklahoma. Snow is falling in many states of the USA, and I am fully persuaded that this is the moment in time of our SHIFT!!!!!

AGain, God has wanted me to assure you that you need to be in PEACE!!!! Things are occurring in the natural and political climates and it cannot be emphasized enough that you need to be AT PEACE; our blessings are coming.

I had a dream 3 nights ago about being in a boardroom, and we were preparing for a celebration, a party. In the boardroom, there were windows all around and the weather outside was ominous, to the point that it was distracting. God had us keep our eyes on the planning of the party, the celebration, and not be distracted by the weather.

Things will happen saints to usher this new season in, and you have to be at PEACE!!! What is amazing is that yesterday morning, the license plate I saw on the way to the gym at 4:45 am, was PEACE! What is even funnier is the person ran a red light, and had they not I would not have seen it; they were in the turning lane.

Please know that things are not what they seem; our blessings are on the way. Therefore, as the atmosphere looks ominous and even bad to some, know that IT IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!!!!!!! WE ARE GETTING READY TO CELEBRATE!!!!

Robin Kirby Gatto