Month: October 2017

I hear the Father saying 10/18/17

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I hear the Father saying:

Be at ease My child, knowing that My peace rules your heart and surpasses your understanding. Do not be given over to the cares that would try and ensnare your heart and mind, but rather be given over to knowing My Love and being a student of My truth, knowing that the nature of My Love will be revealed in you.

Do not look at the faces of man, nor try and seek to understand or change the opinions of others, for their hearts are in my keeping, as I deal justly and righteously, causing them to see the things which they do not know, as I have with you.

Give yourself fully to Me, seeking Me in great diligence, as I cover your heart and mind in such salvation of truth, causing you to be filled with abundant joy, and abide in My perfect peace, as My voice resonates in your soul, causing the standing grain harvest of My Kingdom to be made known to you.

Know that I am moving quickly on your behalf, although you might not recognize my plans, understand that My ways are higher than your ways, and I will do exceedingly, abundantly, above what you can think or imagine, causing you to walk in the victory of My promises for you, which are yes and Amen!

I will fill your heart with laughter and the sweetness of My delight, as I cause you to delight all the more in My desires for your life, seeing those around you come unto My marvelous light, as I bring many out of darkness, revealing the nature of My Son, Jesus Christ.

Hang onto the Words, which I have spoken in the night season, giving you dreams and knowledge to the purposes I have for you, bringing them forth as I deliver and heal you, filling you with an overflow of My Love.

God bless!

Amen and Amen!

Robin Kirby Gatto



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I pray you come to know the fullness of the Mind of Christ, knowing the thoughts and intentions of the Father’s heart, as you enter a greater revealing of the knowledge of His glory, causing you to know the power of the Kingdom of Heaven!

In Jesus’ Name!

I pray you come to know the riches of the treasures of Truth hidden in the revealing of Christ Jesus, through the testing of your faith, causing your faith to rise up in greater authority and righteousness, to wage war against the powers of darkness!

In Jesus’ Name!

I pray you come to know fully God’s love towards you, giving you the gift of Grace all throughout your soul, as you recognize the King of Glory, the LORD strong and Mighty in Battle, THE LORD OF HOSTS!

In Jesus’ Name!

I pray you are lifted up in God’s mighty strength, and your face is made strong, by the power of Holy Spirit, Who has marked you for the Father, being a chosen and appointed vessel of Glory, as your forehead is made strong so the opinions and stares of others, will not be experienced nor seen by you!

In Jesus’ Name!

I declare every prison bar of rejection is removed from your soul, as you come to know that you are accepted in the Beloved, knowing the Father’s love towards you, giving you a hope and promise!

In Jesus’ Name!




I hear the Father saying 10/11/17

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I hear the Father saying

The manna of My Word is coming forth to bring healing and freedom. I Am the God Who heals ALL your dis-eases. There are many who do not recognize that they are not at ease because of the enemy stealing the undisturbed peace, which My Son has given to all who are called by My Name.

Recognize that the weariness coming against you is the fowler’s snare that would entice you to be given into the plans of this age, causing you to be double-minded and blind, where you cannot see that which I have in store for you.

I Am revealing this uneasiness that has come against you, as I open your eyes to the distractions of this age and the issues of your heart that have hindered you from seeing the knowledge of My Glory.

The enemy is intent on making the love of many grow cold and I would encourage you to be strong and courageous, guarding your heart and mind, where you walk in My undisturbed peace, seeing the light of My glory.

Know I Am with you always, and I abound towards you with life, light and the prosperity of your soul, as you seek Me. I Am a God Who draws near to those who worship Me in spirit and in truth, delighting in the fruit of your worship in truth and in righteousness, revealing the light and life of My Glory revealed in the nature of My Son.

Hold onto Me and watch Me bring a TURN AROUND in every circumstance concerning you, as I work all things to your good, giving you the blessings of My joy and gladness, as I cause you to enter into the LAND OF PLENTY, into the knowledge of My great bounty that abounds ever towards you! You will be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, the lender and not the borrower, as I wipe your debts clean, bringing you into the season of MORE THAN ENOUGH, as I take you out of the season of being a begger, entering the time of overflow!

I Am will protect and guide you, ordering each and every footstep, as you enter into My rest, hearing My Word of truth that guides you, setting you free in a time of joy and gladness!

Pray for those who are in a time of grief and sorrow, lifting them up in strength to My throne of Grace, so that they obtain My mercy. I will be with all who call upon My Name, making your prayers effectual as I move that which has been a mountain in front of My people, casting it into the sea! You are a people who are called by Me to move mountains and to have abundant faith, as I fill your mouth with life, bringing the Spirit of Truth to those who are being saved!


Glory to God!

Robin Kirby-Gatto


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God is healing you of the places in your soul, where you have felt like ‘DAMAGED GOODS.” I see the words “damaged goods” and the Father says that you are not damaged goods, but rather you are GOOD! He says that when He made you and called you before you were in your mother’s womb that He looked at you and said “IT IS GOOD!”

God is preparing your soul for greater healing, as He restores soundness of mind to you, causing you to know the memories of His love towards you!

There are many who have issues with their mind because of brain dysregulation and God says that He is the God Who makes whole, and surely know that He will make you whole!

I see the Father removing sadness and grief that have come with a cloak of heaviness, and God is lifting that off of you in this hour, causing you to see who you are truly meant to be!

God says that many wrote you off, bringing discredit not only to you but also to the Father when they spoke ill will and evil about your name, glorifying the enemy’s ravaging attack agains your soul. I hear God say that He is shutting the mouth of the lion that has devoured your soul, and He is bringing restoration, as He restores all that the canker worm and locusts have eaten, restoring it a double portion! In Jesus Name!

I see God making minds SOUND and WHOLE healing people of many mental issues, in different areas of their brain, where the enemy has tried to bring stress, causing damage to the hippocampus, as well as the thalamus and pituitary gland. I see God bringing a grace upon those regions of the brain, repairing the breach, as He makes you ready for the open door giving Him glory for restoring you and making you whole!





I hear the Father Saying 10/4/17

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“I hear the Father saying:

You are in an OPEN DOOR SEASON, where the power of My grace will be made known to you, marking you in a greater anointing for this hour, as I release a WILD OX ANOINTING on My people, to rise up in My mighty power and strength, so they will be bold as a lion as they tread over scorpions and serpents.

I will cause you to rise up in the power of My Word of Truth in great and mighty strength, like a Wild Ox on the threshing floor, who has been given the wheat under their feet, so that they can thresh the wheat, where I will bring the enemy under your feet, as you have caused the Word of God to be the power by which every stronghold comes down unto the obedience of Christ Jesus!

I will show that which has distracted you and been a thorn in your flesh, as I purify you by the power of My Word and make known to you secret mysteries which have yet to be revealed, accelerating you on the HIGHWAY OF HOLINESS, where no unclean thing or beast can come nigh you, as you enter a greater anointing of GRACE in spiritual warfare!

You will be armored in Me as never before, knowing the truth that pierces your belly, causing your spirit man to be at attention, as you receive revelation in your soul, where you overtake the powers of darkness, knowing the gates of hell cannot prevail against My people!

I Am separating you from those whose motives were tainted and given over to the power of darkness, as I cause your eyes to be opened, knowing that I have provided a way of escape for you, causing the Sword of My Word to be large in your life, as I cause you to cut off that cord of the enemy that has been a snare in your life through others, knowing that I Am will be made known to you, giving you a greater strength to see the power of My anointing revealed in your life!

This is the time where you will see victory on every end; where the enemy has come in like a flood, I will rise a standard against him, causing him to flee in seven directions.

Your children will come from a far, as I release them from the stronghold that has kept them, causing My divine nature to be made known to them, giving them hope, as they come out of their graves and into the glory of My marvelous light to enter My Land of Promise!

My divine nature will be expressed in your life more than ever, as I give you an extraordinary hope and faith, operating in My Word of Power, bringing My wisdom from above, to reveal the nature of My Kingdom, as waves of revival fire sweep across the nations!

I will pour out My Spirit in this hour, causing those who have been on the highways and byways, hidden in the hedges away from others, to come forth out of darkness and into My marvelous light, providing My people fish for their nets, as they cast them out by the waterways, seeing a net breaking load, that will not break, of souls coming into My Kingdom!

Get ready for the open doors in this season, knowing I Am lifting you up in greater faith, in My love, to reveal My nature as the mighty flow of My rivers of Living Water is made known in the midst of reviving the land!

Praise God!

God bless!”

Robin Kirby Gatto

I hear the Father Saying 10/2/17

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I Hear the Father Saying,

Run to me when you do not see the answers that you have need of, knowing that I have a throne of grace, from which you can obtain mercy. I release healing and the substance of My strength to those who would draw near to Me, causing a greater knowledge of My glory to be displayed in their beholding!

I Am the Alpha and the Omega, revealing the nature of My Word through My Son, causing you to know the Beginning of all time, through the display of the Ancient Gates, as you see them opened, causing you to know the King of Glory, the Lord strong and mighty in battle, the Lord of Hosts!

I have shown you areas in which My divine nature will be displayed in your life, causing you to know My healing to your soul, as I define the nature of My glory to your mind and heart, giving you revelation of the Ancient Path, drawing you to the deep places of My Word, causing you to be established in the Light of My truth, as a standard, a signpost, a pillar!

As I established my servant Hannah, I surely will establish you in the days ahead, knowing that I Am the God of promise, giving all possibility to that which seems impossible! Do not look to the things which bring chaos or confusion, disturbing the peace, which I have supplied to you. Rather, look to My nature and My Word, knowing that in great confidence I will never leave or forsake you. To this My servant Hannah looked, knowing the God of her promise, with a firm confidence I would hear and answer her.

I will lift you up from the ash heap, causing you to leave the season of “begging” to enter the season of the throne of My glory, fit for nobility, giving you strength and gladness of heart, to see the promise fulfilled!

You will arise and shine, knowing your light has come, and the GLORY OF THE LORD GOD HAS FILLED THE TEMPLE!

Know this season is the season of My promise and the season of coming to My temple, filling it with the knowledge of My glory!



Robin Kirby Gatto



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Man oh man, Holy Spirit has been speaking to me like crazy in the night, in dreams and scriptures. Well today Holy Spirit woke me up early, showing me the stupid devil that has been attacking me, trying to control and manipulate me.

I always get tormented whenever the devil is around; that stupid thing is always trying to steal my peace.

God woke me up in the middle of the night gave me scriptures and then started showing me the operation of the enemy to usurp my authority in Christ Jesus, and come after my blessings, which we know will not happen!

At any rate, Holy Spirit said “Robin look at the modus operandi.” I knew in from having my law degree that modus operandi was used in criminal law to go to the motive of a person. God then said “Robin look at satan’s modus operandi against you; he wants to discredit you, sow discord and divisiveness, as he accuses and slanders you, making you look bad, while he makes others feel good and convinces them that they look good, as they are deceived, too.”

Next, God showed me how manipulative that slimy serpent is with its tongue, showing me scenes in my own life, where those who were deceived were given over to that stupid nasty tongue from the pit of hell, trying to manipulate me and control me into doing what the devil wanted, by usurping my authority in every way!

God then showed me how that thing has continually manipulated me from those given over to hell’s modus operandi!!!! PRAISE GOD I GOT SOME FREEDOM AT 4:30 AM THIS MORNING AS THAT STUPID, NASTY, UGLY, NO GOOD DEVIL WAS EXPOSED!!!!!

I felt like I could do a war dance on satan’s nasty head, crushing it under my feet, with the peace of God that was restored to me, as that stupid devil has been attacking my mind and giving me a headache!

The serpent has not changed!!!! that nasty thing wants to come in your garden, going after your spouse, your children, your anointing, to wiggle its way in your midst, manipulating everything about you, so you look exactly the way that thing wants you to look because it is nothing but a SEDUCTIVE PSYCHO FROM THE PIT OF HELL!!!!

Know this!!!!!! God is going to expose the modus operandi of others that are given over to the enemy’s devices so you will know the spirit you are fighting with, in order that you rise up in Romans 16:20 peace of God and CRUSH THE ENEMY UNDER YOUR FEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Modus Operandi is Latin for “way of operating.” The Lord God is going to reveal to you the enemy’s WAY OF OPERATING, so that you are no longer tormented, nor controlled by Jezebel but you rise up in God’s might to kick that thing to the curb and see the plans of satan destroyed!!!!! AND hopefully others set free!!!!!!

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!



Robin Kirby Gatto