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I hear the Father saying:

I have hidden you under the power of My wings, keeping you in the stronghold of My fortress of love, causing you to know a greater power than you have ever known even in your weakness. I Am the God Who proves and shows Himself strong in your weakness, knowing that there is a power being supplied unto you of My grace and mercy, which will overtake you in greater measure in the days ahead, as you enter the TIME OF MY GREATNESS!

I Am lifting you up by My mighty right hand to make you great, greater than you could ever think or imagine, in My mighty plan of good works, causing you to abound in the abundant life that My Son has delivered to My people.

I Am the God of breakthrough and will cause you to pass over into the new season, as the power of My Word, through the anointing of the Lord of Hosts, the King of Glory, is made known to you and through you, with a HIGH PRAISE of My Favor!

You are in the season of Great favor and will see that which you have longed for, as I come suddenly in this hour to answer your prayers, sending My messengers, as I dispatch them with My answers, giving you a time of GREAT BLESSINGS OF MY BOUNTY, as you have entered the place of My boundaries, which are provided to protect you and increase the strength of My anointing in your life!

I will bring in your sons and daughters as I stir them up in the midst of their captivity, as prophesied in Joel, and will cause them to triumph in the victory of the Cross of Christ Jesus and His resurrection to know a power from on high through My love that has chased after them to Mark them in My Name!

I will remember you in this hour, and bring unto remembrance your faithfulness, as I cause those who have been faithful with a little to be made RULER OVER MUCH! I Am strengthening your stakes and stretching out your cords, causing your enlargement of My anointing, through the gifts I have given you, as I come in an anointing of double portion, to multiply your gift suddenly! Doors will open, as I open doors that no man can shut, providing you with plenty for the passion I have given you of My love to reach the lost, to love the downtrodden and broken, and to minister to the bruised!

I will restore all that the canker worm and the locusts have eaten, as I bring you into PLENTY AND THE HOUR OF MY GREATNESS, WHICH WILL BE YOUR FINEST HOUR!!!

This is the hour and the time I have purposed you for, the time of increase and the time where I station you for the receiving of My glory, the outpouring of My Spirit and My abundance of Life and Light, causing you to be a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden!

You will arise and shine! Your children will arise and shine! Those near and far from you, whom you have prayed for will arise and shine, as I cause you to cross over into the Land of the Living, the Land of My Promise!

Be prepared and on watch as you enter breakthrough, knowing the enemy is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, and do not let him bring his condemning tongue or lies against your mind, causing you to forget the promises I have brought! Rejoice in Me greatly for I tell you that you are entering the TIME OF DANCING AND THE TIME OF WAR WHERE I COME IN VENGEANCE, AS I ANOINT YOU WITH SONG OF SOLOMON 6:13 TO MAKE YOU A DANCE OF TWO ARMIES!

The eclipse in the time of Elul is the timing of My anointing for My people to Arise as the Light and salt of the earth, revealing the SON!



Robin Kirby Gatto

10 [The ladies asked] Who is this that looks forth like the dawn, fair as the moon, clear and pure as the sun, and terrible as a bannered host? SONG OF SOLOMON 6:10 AMP

13 [I began to flee, but they called to me] Return, return, O Shulammite; return, return, that we may look upon you! [I replied] What is there for you to see in the [poor little] Shulammite? [And they answered] As upon a dance before two armies or a dance of Mahanaim. SONG OF SOLOMON 6:13 AMP

7 Behold, I will stir them up out of the place to which you have sold them and will return your deed [of retaliation] upon your own head. JOEL 3:7 AMP



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God is going to cause you to know the power and the purpose of your call as never before in this hour, as you step into a new season, seeing change as never before! He is moving things on your behalf that you cannot even see, and when your eyes are opened, it will seem as though it came SUDDENLY!
God is moving quickly to gather His laborers for His harvesting in this new season, as we see the remnant that has been lame, gathered together, because of enduring the trying and testing of the Word of God for the NEW ANOINTING!
Divine breakthrough is coming, and you will see the joy of the Lord poured out as never before, seeing yokes of oppression destroyed, cloaks of heaviness lifted off, and a garment of expressive praise brought forth, as God’s people praise Him for answered prayer!
God says it took the past trials to get you to pray the right prayers, the prayers of His heart, in order that He could move on the souls of many, making you a fisherman of men, seeing the power of His abundant grace, love, light and truth released to many, as He breathes upon them!
He is going to turn your weeping into laughter, you will have joy in this season as you see the outpouring of His abundant blessings that will overtake you, in this hour!
Overnight things will change, and I hear Him say watch the weather patterns. I keep hearing “snow,” and about His treasuries of snow in the heavens that will be poured out. When the snow comes you will see the time of abundance and grace. I keep seeing the news and on the news there are reports of snow. The snow that is coming will be an “unusual snow.” (not sure of the timing but God has been speaking to me about this for 3 days now and continues to talk about this unusual snow that will be a sign).
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto


I pray God’s divine direction be in and upon you, giving you over to the power of His promise, which causes you to enter the GREATER WORKS that Jesus Christ promised, giving you strength to walk in the gift God has given you, yielding His abundant life! In Jesus Name!
I pray you rise up into the power of God’s perfection, seeing the display of the greatness of God giving you purpose and direction, as you see His plan before you, lifting you up in mighty strength to know the victory of the Promise, the power of the Spirit of Prophecy, which is the Testimony of Jesus Christ!!!!
I pray you walk in divine wisdom and knowledge by the power of Holy Spirit causing you to here the way of the Lord, as you lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge Him.
I pray you come to know the mind of Christ Jesus in greater measure, where Holy Spirit searches out the things of God diligently, providing inquiry into your call, where you pray and ask God only to watch Him answer!!!!
GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!
I pray you know what to ask the Father, and it is not amiss, but it is right on direction, giving you greater focus on what God has called you to, so that your talents (gifts) will not be buried but multiplied by the power of God’s life!!!!!!!!
I pray for Hope to stir up in you by the power of Holy Spirit for the purpose and promise God has called you, giving you strength and fortitude to press into the call of Christ Jesus!
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto




Do not be given over to hype and drama!

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Saints it cannot be emphasized enough the need to walk in balance and maturity in this hour. The enemy has deceived many as they walk in a brain dysregulation from traumatic events, causing people to be hyped in a manner that does not display the fruit of the spirit and causes people to walk in the fruit of carnality, as the root of iniquity is operative in their person, keeping them in an immaturity of the truth, where there is NO PEACE! There is only hype, drama, and being overworked to keep your brain bathed in cortisol, as you swim in disturbed peace, being manipulated by past memories and experiences where you were worked up, which continually denies the power of God’s presence in your life!
It causes you to be a drama club in this life, as you seek the things that are of this world, giving into the conditions of mankind that have disturbed peace and not the presence of God, revealing the works of confusion and chaos, as the enemy floods your life with his diabolical works and ploy.
God created us as creatures of undisturbed peace, knowing the tranquility of HIs love and perfection, as we walk in the truth of His Word, where His life and love abound in great measure, giving us a sustainable grace and mercy that causes us to be in the rest of the Lord God.
Where many in the church have gone astray into false doctrines and false teachings, they have been a prey for the enemy’s devouring of their soul, because of the chaotic disturbances of this age, keeping their soul in torment and actions consumed with the distractions of this age, instead of looking to a power that is beyond, the power of the Age to Come!
Wake up to stability and long lasting firm footedness in the power of Grace and love, as you seek not the distractions of this age, which disturb you. Rather, look to truth and righteousness, and that which is beautiful, noble, good report and forever true, causing you to bring a peace that is undisturbed to others!
If you are defending yourself, then that is evidence you are caught up in the chaos of this age! Ask God to cause you to know the fruit of your life, whether it is His peace or a false peace, which has you blind to the work of the enemy in your life, spilling out onto others, enabling and causing others to walk in immaturity.
Love seeks not its own, but it seeks the peace of God and the firm footedness of His mighty grace that is provided to all who have need!
Robin Kirby Gatto
27 Peace I leave with you; My [own] peace I now give and bequeath to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. [Stop allowing yourselves to be agitated and disturbed; and do not permit yourselves to be fearful and intimidated and cowardly and unsettled.] JOHN 14:27 AM

I hear the Father saying 8/22/17

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I hear the Father Saying:
I see you My child, who longs to be near Me and the power of the light of My love, revealed through My Son, as you search diligently for truth in My Word.
I know your thoughts and the attacks of the enemy against your soul. In this time I am bringing the power of My grace upon your soul, redeeming the time, causing you to be in the place of My strength and truth, that will bring healing and deliverance, as I remove the reproach of the enemy from you and your family.
I Am bringing you into a Season of the abundance of My grace, revealed in the life and light of My Son, causing you to rise up in that mighty power of truth, as you see the Kingdom of Heaven come near.
You have cried out for freedom and deliverance, and I have heard your cries. I Am answering your prayers quickly, bringing the power of My Message to your temple suddenly, as the Messenger of Covenant reveals the power of the Lord of Hosts, the King of Glory, the Lord strong and mighty in battle.
I Am directing your footsteps in greater strength as you receive clarity in your mind, having strongholds broken off of you, as they are uprooted and destroyed. In this place of freedom, I will heal you and deliver you in mighty power, causing you to be in awe, as My people Israel were in awe when My servant Moses led them out of Egypt.
Many of you have been bound up in the strongholds of the enemy that have left its mark on you, but I am bringing you into the power of My Word, that will remove the attack of the enemy and mark you in the power of My love, revealing life and light to all who are near.
I Am the God of restoration, reconciliation and restitution, bringing My answer to you suddenly in this hour, as I restore all that the cankerworm and the locusts have eaten, a double portion. I Am the God Who will stir up your sons and your daughters in their captivity and have them overcome their captor, as the power of My Spirit breathes the life and the light of My truth into them, causing them to KNOW ME AS THEIR GOD!
I Am Truth, Light and Life to all who draw near to Me through the power of My Son, Who is the Door, the truth, the life and the way!
It is time My child to rise up in mighty strength on the threshing floor where you have been sifted, seeing the power of My Word in you, give you mighty strength as I make you like a wild ox, giving you the power of My Word to destroy the works of the devil.
Amen and Amen!!!!!
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto

I hear the Father saying 8/16/17

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I hear the Father saying:
My child I have taken you a hard way, a way in which you did not know you would go, being pressed in on all sides, as you sought Me with great diligence and cried out to Me for your healing. I have heard you My child and I Am answering you a way you knew not, giving you a greater strength to have the knowledge of My glory revealed to you this hour in the anointed Word that will destroy the yoke of oppression.
I have heard you cry out because you are weary and feeble, you have no strength but still have held onto My Word, knowing My love for you in great measure. But I tell you in this hour you will know a love from My throne that will cause you to be a drink offering of My love to the lost, dying, the dis-eased and the discomforted, and I My child will bring you great and mighty comfort by the power of My Spirit.
As you have decreased through the trials and tribulations, I have caused you to be lifted higher in My strength, supplying unto you My very breath to keep you going in the days ahead. I have heard and answered you with My strength and Am coming in greater power and authority, to fill you overflowing in greater power of My Spirit.
There was need for you to decrease as John the Apostle on the Isle of Patmos, for him to receive a greater revealing of The Christ, the King of Glory, the Lord of Host.
I Am coming in this hour to bring a great revealing of My Son, as the King of Glory, Who is the Lord of Host, and cause you to be strengthened in mighty power by My Spirit to see the display of My light and truth, which brings life to all who are near!
I have brought you nearer to Me and Am revealing Myself in deeper counsel, as I provide you with knowledge and understanding to know wisdom and the power of Who I Am. Be ready and willing, knowing that I Am about to change much that you know, causing you to enter the Land of Promise, knowing a victory like non other, as you see the revealing of My Life to turn the battle at the gate against the enemy!
Rise up My beloved, My fair one, who is bright as the moon and as beautiful as the rising of the sun!
Robin Kirby-Gatto

I hear the Father saying 8/14/17

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I hear the Father saying:

Roaring deep calls out to roaring deep in this hour, as My breakers wash over you, this is the Washing of My Word, through the voice of My beloved Son, Who calls deeply for My people to be rooted in the depth of the love of truth, knowing that grace is greater than all that you face.

I Am giving dreams and visions in this hour, revealing that which has been hidden in dark gloom that has attacked your soul, and as you have gone in greater depths of My Word, I will reveal that which has hindered you, in order that you walk in the perfection of My love in truth and forgiveness.

In this present age there is a great war waging for the souls of man and I Am looking for My watchman who will not keep quiet day or night, as I cause them to lift up the banner of My love over others, to pray against the valley of the shadow of death. I have overcome death, hell and the grave, through the power of the love of My Son, Who has won the victory on the cross, and in His resurrection.

I have called out for those who would hear Me and answer “yes Lord send me,” knowing that the greatest love you can display is to lay your life down for one another. I have been calling out for My people to fast and pray and I Am looking for those who have answered the call and heard Me, knowing that I will provide strength for the fast, and I will provide the power of prophecy and My mighty Word for your prayers.

I Am the God Who is the All Sufficient One, and I Am looking to be sufficient in this hour to those who have heard Me and answered Me, knowing that I will hear them and answer them. I Am the God who answers the prayers of the righteous, and those who are hungry and thirsty to find Me.

I Am the God Who is more than enough for all that you have need of, as you obey Me and watch the marvelous things I will do for you, as you labor to work in My vineyard.

Many are called but few are chosen, and I Am looking for those who are My chosen ones to lift them up in a greater strength of My power, My Word, to bring them increase reward of righteousness and mighty power, to see the victory of My Son shine to all who would but see.

I will open up spiritual graves and bring forth an anointing to raise up an army from dry bones, to those intercessors, those watchmen who will not keep quiet, but lament and cry out for a generation that the enemy is ravaging, knowing that I will intervene and come forth as the Lord of Hosts!

Amen and Amen!


Robin Kirby-Gatto

I hear the Father Saying 8/8/17

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I hear the Father saying:

Come up higher My child, for I have set you apart in this hour, where you have been tried and tested to the uttermost, to expose the darkness of the enemy’s grasp upon your soul, in order that you call out to me and know that I Am your deliverer!

I will deliver you of that which has harassed you, causing you anguish, where you have sought Me all the more, because of the power of My Word, which you have held onto. Your deliverance comes nigh in this hour, as I bring a greater strength to giving you power from on high, to see the anointing of My Truth and the riches of My grace, destroy the yoke that has oppressed you.

I Am delivering your sons and your daughters, as you have sought me earnestly in fasting and prayer, knowing that I Am their healer, and will cause them to come to themselves so that they know the place which has been set for them, at the table of My wedding feast in heaven, as I wake them up to the power of My glory, giving them visions and dreams of what is to come, drawing them to Myself and causing them to known My Son and the power of the Blood, to deliver them fully unto salvation.

I Am your provider, your healer, and your deliverer, as I turn all things to your good from what you have endured with patient endurance, in trial and tribulation, causing you to know the mighty power of My Word and My strength, as I make a bold display of the knowledge of My glory through you to others!

I will reach down with My mighty right hand to cause you to enter the greatness that My servant David knew, as he sought me with great inspiration by My Holy Spirit stirring him up in his inner man, to know me and the power of My glory.

My glory will lift up My mighty army in this hour, as I bring restitution, restoration and recompense for what you have suffered for My Name’s sake, and show through you My servants the power of the glory of the knowledge of Who I Am, so that others will become jealous to know Me.

I Am making you My servants very jealous in this hour, as I fixed Elijah upon My covenant of truth, revealing a greater knowledge to his soul, causing him to run with a greater strength to anoint My servants who took down ruling powers and principalities under the guidance of My anointing in their lives.

I will cause you to discover the riches of faith, as I stir you up with the gift of faith, and bring you into the Land of Promise, to reveal secret mysteries of truth in the Gospel that you have not seen, to show you the power of the Wedding feast that is revealed in John 2, and the power of My anointing as My Son prepared for the cross, bringing great victory over the power of death, hell and the grave, where My people will feel no sting of death, but see death swallowed up!

I Am the God of Life and Abundance, and for those who have sought me earnestly, who have been strengthened by My Spirit to know Me, I will come mightily upon you to make you a vessel of Life abundantly so that the blessing of what I have commanded to those who are in unity will be revealed to nations, as I pour out My glory for a greater anointing over My house.

I Am removing and I Am appointing in this hour in the midst of My house, as it is plainly known those who are building their own kingdom and given over to the carnal nature. I will cause My shining ones to be made brilliant like the stars as they win many to righteousness, seeing the greatness of My salvation in the earth!

I come in power and glory in this hour to reveal the mystery of Christ Jesus, the hope of glory, to souls that will come out of darkness and into the Kingdom of My marvelous light!





Robin Kirby Gatto