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Part 1 of 4 of God’s Word for 2014

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2014 Prophetic Word Part 1 Scribed by Robin Kirby-Gatto

I hear God say that He is changing the seats of Government and where in nations, countries and states there has been rule of great darkness and the people of God have prayed that He will in 2014 bring a change to seat of Government and bring forth His Spirit, laying His hand on that office to usher in His standard so that the country, nation or state would enter into a harvest of great blessings. He says do not think it strange where the enemy seems to be overcoming His people in different nations, countries and states for He is using the arm of the government to wake up the church and He says “do you hear the alarm for the church to wake up?” God says that in this hour where it seems Government oppression has been heavy on His people and that darkness is rising know that His word is true and yes great darkness will be in this hour but the greater the darkness the greater the light!!!!  (Isaiah 60)

I saw an attack of the enemy being unleashed where the spirit of the Amalekite had been dormant in great measure as in a river while the church was going about their business and the enemy had been hidden in a stream of water as if they did not exist. While the church was going through what appeared to be hills and pastures I then saw the enemy wake up and where they had been hidden for a season (decades) I saw them rise up out of the water (the polluted-unholy –profane in the world) and I saw them go after the Church but God’s Word is true and the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church!!

15 He said to them, But who do you [yourselves] say that I am? 16 Simon Peter replied, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. 17 Then Jesus answered him, Blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) are you, Simon Bar-Jonah. For flesh and blood [men] have not revealed this to you, but My Father Who is in heaven. 18 And I tell you, you are Peter [Greek, Petros—a large piece of rock], and on this rock [Greek, petra—a huge rock like Gibraltar] I will build My church, and the gates of Hades (the powers of the infernal region) shall not overpower it [or be strong to its detriment or hold out against it]. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; and whatever you bind (declare to be improper and unlawful) on earth must be what is already bound in heaven; and whatever you loose (declare lawful) on earth must be what is already loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:15-19 AMP

I heard God say that the powers of darkness that were coming would instead of weakening the church would cause the church to rise up!! I saw that those who would come into unity as of Psalm 133, a Church of Unity, would be kept and preserved from this attack of the enemy. I saw two different things. I saw the sick (those that needed healing) being kept away in a refuge of sort, a house, the Church to be  protected so that they would receive their full healing in their body and soul so that they would rise  up out of the sick bed. What was so unique, it was this attack on God’s church, of this evil spirit that God said was released by the enemy to try and interfere with God’s time but would not prosper, that would cause the church to rise up in the power of His Resurrection as wrought when Christ Jesus was raised from the grave and seated at the right hand of the Father above all authority and rule not only in this age but in the age to come, that power of our inheritance, was what this attack would actually bring forth in this hour!!  (Ephesians 1:17-23) We, the Church would wake up in the midst of this attack and instead we would unify as One New Man as depicted in Romans 11 and Ephesians 4 to see the forth coming of the Oil of Unity (Psalm 133) whereby God would command His blessing of life forevermore and then I saw angelic hosts released with vials of oil, anointing oil by Holy Spirit that would bring forth Healing and God said the dispensation that He was releasing was from the heavenlies by His Holy Spirit to bring forth a MOVE OF HEALING as in the days of Jesus Christ and the First Church in Acts. God said that Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and other great men and women of God have walked in a measure of this dispensation but in this next year that you will surely see for it is timed by God to be the time of GREAT HEALINGS AND THE FATHER SAYS HE IS SO PLEASED WITH THOSE PURSUING THE HEALING AND PROSPERITY OF THEIR SOUL FOR THEY WILL BE HIS MIGHTY ARMY!!!

God says in March you will see great saints of God crossover into Glory and that you will know that the Spirit of Elijah has mightily come to the earth by the outpouring of His Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh) to release the increase of His Government and His Peace; He said this will be  a year of Isaiah 9:7 and you will see God’s Government ushered into those areas where the saints have contended and done spiritual warfare on their knees in corporate prayer for His plans to be loosed and released as it is in Heaven and that you will see His Kingdom come in great measure in the hearts of man.

God says many have been refined as gold and silver and that you have counted the cost and allowed Him to work a great work in you. He says you have been stripped even to what seems as a public display and others mocked you and scolded you in your threshing and God says He is exalting those that have been humble and humbled before the Lord God under the chastisement of His rod!

God says that there will be a clear distinction in this hour and it will be depicted in the exposure as well as the “smell” He said that the stench that has been in His nostrils of the false apostles and false teachers that a stench will even be noticeable for those that have the discernment of His Word and His Spirit to know what spirit is operating in and among them that would lead them as the loose woman down the path of destruction.

God says as there is great darkness in this hour you will also see a GREATER LIGHT, the Light of His Bride, the Bride that is being purified and purged of the world in this hour that is the remnant and has become as a stump prophesied in Isaiah 6:13. God said this remnant will now begin to join together as a great and mighty fortress, the Church and raise up to be a banner of Hope to the World of Christ Jesus and you will see a gathering of great harvest for it is even nearing the end of the Age and that which was prophesied of a great harvest by Jesus will start to come in as God is releasing angels with sickles to gather them into His Church! I saw God raising the Army of His Hope up as Ruth and the Army went behind the angels with sickles and merely gleaned the wheat and gathered it into the storehouse (the Church) and brought it forth by the words of Grace (Naomi-meaning grace) and I saw the lame, the blind, the sick all come into the church and then I hear again March!!!! March, March, March, March, March, that His Army will be marching in March and Oh I saw God pour out His glory across the earth and miracles, healings, deliverances from demonic spirits and the raising of the dead by Holy Spirit came forth as a flood that covered the entire earth and those nations where the remnant was that had contended and stood their ground being armored in God in the day of great danger and evil began to shout and praise the Lord as a Mighty Fortress of Praise that brought down walls in the governmental  arenas and I saw others who came into the kingdom that were used and held by the powers of darkness when the praise and prayer of God went into the heavenlies and loosed the Kingdom of God in earth as it is in heaven! I saw restoration of many families that had been in discord and opposition with one another and I saw children that had not been living in the home because of the enemy’s attack to keep them away come back to the homes of their parents and I saw revival break out in the homes as rivers of living waters flooded each and every home of the remnant. (Luke 10:1-24)

I saw people lined up in streets laying the sick and demon possessed on the sidewalks, on the side of the road as the saints, the church as one would do prayer walks through cities and I saw people set free, healed and delivered. I saw the saints contending for the schools and in many areas where the contending had been great God says this year His saints will see victory in those areas and the schools will be covered by the Living God and God would pour out a dispensation of His grace, His love, His mercy out on those schools and began moving in fire by Holy Spirit and His Word in those areas.

God showed me again the enemy that had been hidden and awakened how those that refused to join in the unity of God as revealed in Psalm 133 and in Romans 11 and Ephesians 4 would miss the boat, which is similar to the picture of an Ark and would not be brought into this dispensation of His MOVE in the earth and He said Elohim as in Genesis 1 is coming forth by those who have the Ark of God (The Ark of Elohim) within their vessel at operation and doing the works of the Father.

God said that the true Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers would rise up and release the power of God’s Spirit as resident in and upon them in equipping the saints and I saw an armory of God’s weapons as depicted in Ephesians 6 with the armor of God released to the Body of Christ Jesus and I saw her girded and standing her ground going out in the great darkness to bring the great light!

God said that the cloud of great witnesses were even now in this hour watching and waiting for the GREATEST hour of the church and God says to His Church you are entering your Greatest hour to see the increase of His Government and His peace and I saw the throne of David come forth as we the saints were making His enemies His footstool and I saw the feet of God as King  David, the Beloved experienced and knew well, I saw those beautiful feet coming into the earth and I saw the church bow down and worship, worship in spirit and in truth the Living God and praise Jesus for the great work He has done and was continuing to do as the Great Apostle of the Faith. God says He will undo the works of darkness that have come against your life and you will see a display of His love. He told me that in two areas specifically (two nations) you will see a great famine but the saints if they contended would see the great works in those area and the multiplication of food! In those areas where the famine was I saw the mighty signs that follow the believer  with the raising of the dead and cleansing of the lepers come forth and many were made whole, set free, healed and delivered! I saw the raising of the dead where it was like Ezekiel 37 the valley of dry bones, I saw an entire area where there were many dead people and I saw them raised by the living God both in the spirit and also God says you will hear of it in the natural in this year.

I saw God releasing an anointing upon His ministers of worship that have been tried in the hard place, the difficult place, with a TRUE anointing of worship in Spirit and in Truth that would be manifold in this hour with blessings, healings and deliverance!!! I saw the gift of miracles released to these ministers of worship and I saw them mantled by heaven to bring forth God’s Kingdom,

I saw God’s preachers raised up with the mantle of Elijah, that spirit that would prepare the way of the Lord and bring forth the delivery of God’s message that would strike the coldest of hearts and cause them to be a heart of flesh. God is releasing a greater dispensation of Holy Spirit in the sevenfold dimension of the Spirit of the Lord, the Spirit of Might, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Knowledge, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord and I saw the Spirit of God declare for God’s just ones, prophesied by Enoch and recorded in Jude to come forth in this hour and release His holy judgment in the earth!!

14 It was of these people, moreover, that Enoch in the seventh [generation] from Adam prophesied when he said, Behold, the Lord comes with His myriads of holy ones (ten thousands of His saints) 15 To execute judgment upon all and to convict all the impious (unholy ones) of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed [in such an] ungodly [way], and of all the severe (abusive, jarring) things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him. Jude 14-15

To be continued……………..


Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69! Day 6 by Robin Kirby-Gatto

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Day 6 “Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69”

By Robin Kirby-Gatto



12 They who sit in [the city’s] gate talk about me, and I am the song of the drunkards. 13 But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord. At an acceptable and opportune time, O God, in the multitude of Your mercy and the abundance of Your loving-kindness hear me, and in the truth and faithfulness of Your salvation answer me. Psalm 69:12-13 Amp.



We left the last day’s study as we saw David rising up and being stirred by God’s Word and Spirit, to see the Light of God come in the midst of his darkness. The piercing of the strength of God through the Nail, Yeshua, of the Most High. David’s language has been transformed as he is now speaking with the tongue of God and those that are in his presence and know not God think David is speaking a foreign language and mock him for that language which he speaks. The enemy will mock you when you speak with God’s tongue in and over your life ad tell others you are crazy! We see this further depicted in Psalm 69:12.



Sit in Hebrew is yashab yaw-shab and means to sit down (as judgment in ambush, in quiet) by implying to dwell, to remain, to settle, to abide, abiding, continue, fail, habitation, inhabitant, place, remain, sitting place.  (SC # 3427) The Hebrew letters in sit are Yood, Sheen and Bet indicating the works that consume/destroy the house. Therefore, what you see here is sit represents the opening to the soul receiving here, that which wants to come in and DWELL in you. Does your soul receive the destroying works of the devil and see that OR does your soul receive the consuming works of God that are forever at work in and around us, if we would but SEE THEM. Reflect on God’s word and His eternal work that is occurring in and around you every day!



Gate in Hebrew is sha’ar shah’-ar an opening, door, gate, city or port. (SC # 8179) The Hebrew letters are Sheen, Ayin and Resh. The word picture here of Gate being consumed by what you see in your person.

The gate we see in Psalm 69:12 indicates the works that you see in and around your house are either consuming you or destroying you. If they are God’s works they are consuming you and if they are the enemy’s works they are destroying you. Therefore, that which you see enters into your soul. If you acknowledge the lie of the serpent that is sitting at your door (the devil’s works and messages) it will then be what you see in your person if you dwell (think) on it then it will dwell in you!!



Here David is acknowledging the fact that the enemy’s works that are at operation against him have entered his soul but no longer is David going to allow the enemy to enter his inner chamber. Instead David is separating that lie of the enemy outside of his person, outside of his soul!!!



For example, when I was an alcoholic before I got delivered by God’s Word and Holy Spirit I received prior to that, that alcohol was in me and it was until I was to my bottom that God came in to show me that I WAS NOT AN ALCOHOLIC (THE LIE-SIN) BUT INSTEAD OF WAS A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD A HOLY NATION (THE TRUTH THAT SAVES) THAT I WAS ABLE TO GET DELIVERED!!! Even in times where my flesh had given into the sin that was at operation in my soul I began to acknowledge those were the lies of the enemy at my gate and it had to VACATE!!!!! That which is within you when you bring the Word of God in to it will be uprooted, torn down and destroyed; the Word brings judgment against the lie!!!!!



David has a change in perspective because David recognizes that which has come into his soul, that which he is seeing within reflects into David’s outside, his life. He is able now to distinguish with understanding what is occurring in his soul and as a result begin by God’s Spirit and Truth come into his deliverance!




We see where Cain was given opportunity to see God’s Work in his life before the enemy entered into his inner chamber as we look here at sin crouching at Cain’s door in Genesis 4.


If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. Genesis 4:7 KJV.  Door here is pethach peh’-thakh (SC # 6607) meaning door, entrance way, door, entering in, entrance, gate, opening, etc. The Hebrew letters here are Pey, Tav and Chet indicating the words that you come into agreement with come into your inner chamber.


Lieth/crouching here in Genesis 4:7 is rabats raw-bats’ sounding like you are saying the words raw bats in Hebrew means to crouch, recline, recline, repose, brood, lurk, imbed, make to rest and SIT!!!!!!!!!! Do you see this because we see the sitting of those at the gates that David refers to in Psalm 69:12 and we see the sitting in Genesis 4:7 at Cain’s door, the door to his soul. Therefore, the words that are at our door, the door of our soul that Cain came into agreement with were not God’s word but instead the SIN (that which was sitting) at his door and as a result it ENTERED HIS INNER CHAMBER (CHET IN HEBREW). The Hebrew letters for rabats (lieth) are Resh, Bet and Tsade indicating the desire of the person’s house. If the desire of our house is either us or anything other than God then the enemy is allowed to work and bring destruction! If the desire of our house is God then it is God that triumphs in our soul removing the attack of the enemy, because we are consumed in seeing Him regardless of our circumstances. Cain’s house had the desire for Cain here in Genesis 4 therefore sin that was sitting outside his door was able to come into his inner chamber and bring forth Cain’s carnal nature’s desire in his person. Sin on the outside that took hold of Cain now was manifesting. That which was already destroying Cain’s house, because satan was already murdering Cain, simply manifested it in the act of killing his brother!!!!!! Whatever crime that is committed in the natural is what is already occurring in that person’s soul in the spirit!!!!! Therefore, if you see people convicted of different crimes in the natural it has already gone on at length within their soul by the enemy coming against their house (person).



Talk/speak in Hebrew is siyach see’-akh meaning to ponder, converse with oneself, and hence, aloud) or utter, commune, complain, declare, meditate, muse, pray, speak and talk. (SC # 7878) The Hebrew letters are Sheen, Yood and Chet. Here, David states that those that sit at his gates talk about him. The Hebrew letters here for talk/speak combine to form the word picture of the consuming works that are in the inner chamber or the destroying works in the inner chamber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS SPEAKING IN YOUR INNER CHAMBER?????????????? IN YOUR SOUL????? Do you see this!!! David is saying there was the lie of the enemy sitting there at the door of his soul as we see sin crouching at Cain’s soul wanting to overtake him, speaking to David’s soul. However David instead chose to listen to the voice of the Lord being a proverb to others, foreign, so that the talk of the enemy could not overtake him, could not bring works into his soul and destroy him!!!! Wow!!!!! This is huge revelation at a deeper level and you see the scripture about taking your thoughts captive because Paul is basically saying that we are to take the talk of the enemy captive and not let the works of that talk/become thoughts that enter our inner chamber/ our soul!!!



We see David say that he is the song of the drunkards; David is truly coming to the place to where he truly sees where the attack is on his soul and in his circumstances and now realizes that which he thinks is what he is!!! David realizes the circumstances in his natural are those already that have occurred in the supernatural within David’s soul.



It all goes back to WHOSE REPORT DO YOU BELIEVE!!! When the 12 tribes were sent to spy out the promise land and God instructed them to go and take the land Joshua and Caleb had in their house (heart) the Word of God while the other 10 tribes had the report (talk) of satan abiding in their heart and only saw GIANTS!!!!! WHAT DO YOU SEE?????????????? DO YOU SEE GIANTS OR DO YOU SEE THE PROMISE LAND BECAUSE WHEN YOU ONLY SEE THE PROMISE LAND THE GIANTS WILL SEEM LIKE ANTS!!!!



Song in Hebrew negiynah neg-ee-naw’ meaning music, a stringed instrument, a poem set to music, an epigram, etc. (SC # 5058) The Hebrew letters Noon, Gimel, Yood, Noon and Hey. The Hebrew letters for song here create the word picture of the activity that either lifts up or brings pride through the works that are active within you are revealed. Here the songs that David is speaking of are those of drunkards, those intoxicated with something else other than God.



Drunkards in Hebrew is shikkowr shik-kore meaning intoxicated, as a state or a habit, drunkard, drunken man, etc.  (SC # 7910) The Hebrew letters Sheen, Kaph, Vav and Resh. Therefore, the word picture of drunkards is the destruction that is allowed and is added to your person. When you put song and drunkards together it is the word picture of the activity within you through pride that is actively coming forth and being revealed because that which is destroying you is allowed to be added unto your person! IT ALL GOES BACK TO THE PRIDE OF LIFE!!!!! That which Jesus overcame in the wilderness!! David is seeing the truth of how the enemy’s lies came to dwell in his soul and sit down, building up a camp to talk to him continually was through his own pride, HIS OWN INTOXICATION OF SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW that is huge!!!!! Are we intoxicated with self or consumed by God!!! When we are intoxicated with self the activity within us lends itself unto pride to be actively revealed in and around us, allowing the destroying works of the enemy to be added to our person!!! WE HAVE TO REPENT OF ALL PRIDE (also please see the Leviathan notes on the cursed structure of pride!)



David here realizes that he has been intoxicated with SELF instead of God’s promises, God’s Call and as a result the enemy was able to enter his soul and speak to him continually bringing oppression and keeping him intoxicated but here David is able to say NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As we saw briefly in the last note of Hannah and Peninniah in 1 Samuel 1 and how Peninniah vexed Hannah at the place of worship, in the house of God, satan is going to vex you at the house of God, in your person when you are seeking God all the more and the only way he can do so is through pride!!! Remember it was Eli that was the priest who rebuked Hannah and Eli means lofty, proud!!!! When you humble yourself and pour out your soul unto the Lord that pride will sure enough show up and  start mocking you saying  “who do you think  you are that you can be delivered, remember this…..” that is all pride speaking!!!



What I love about Hannah’s story is that it took the vexing of Peninniah to get Hannah to be humble and dissatisfied where she was! I started preaching this message in the summer of 2011 titled “IRON PILLAR” and it was all based on Hannah’s story in 1 Samuel 1 – 2. One thing God had me share is what Peninniah’s name means, which is actually two things, not one. One thing it means is “look at from a different angle.” The second thing it means is “pearl!” God began to tell me “Robin if you look at every trial you experience from a different angle you will get the pearl of great price, the treasure!!!!” I was blown away but it is TRUTH! Therefore, here David is now looking at his trial from a different angle and getting the pearl of great price because he realizes through his own pride the circumstances in which he has an inner conflict with have come upon him!!!! Like Job that which he had FEARED (through pride) had come upon him!!!! Here David realizes his need for God’s help!!!!

David humbles himself and turns to the Lord to lift up prayer and instead  of seeing the enemy to see God’s greatness!!


13 But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord. At an acceptable and opportune time, O God, in the multitude of Your mercy and the abundance of Your loving-kindness hear me, and in the truth and faithfulness of Your salvation answer me. Psalm 69:13 Amp.



Prayer in Hebrew is tephillah tef-il-law intercession, supplication, a hymn and prayer.  (SC # 8605) The Hebrew letters are Tav, Pey, Lamed and Hey. The word picture for prayer here is the Covenant of the Word that reveals Authority! Therefore, David instead lifts up the talk of God, praise, over his person and there is where the enemy is defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, because before I was delivered in the natural from addiction of alcohol I had already gotten the victory on the inside of my person!! I praised God in the midst of my bondage, the talk of the enemy and the talk and praise of God became louder than the enemy’s talk in my inner chamber that before I knew it God evicted the enemy and set me free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is praise, authority and prayer that binds up the strong man!!!!!!!!



25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: 26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? 27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges. 28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. 29 Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house. 30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. Matthew 12:25-30 KJV. 


Jesus knew the Pharisees THOUGHTS WHAT WAS SPEAKING IN THEIR HOUSE SO THEY WERE DIVIDED AGAINST HIM, THEIR OWN PRIDE HAD THEM BOUND UP IN FEAR AND IN DEATH SO THEIR HOUSE WAS BEING CONSTANTLY DESTROYED BY satan. THEREFORE, THEY WERE INTENT ON COMING AGAINST GOD’S HOUSE, JESUS!!! Jesus states that a kingdom (house) divided against itself cannot stand!! The enemy is not going to send a word to cast out himself because that is an oxymoron!! The talk of the devil is the talk of the devil and it will not cast him out but rather make him stronger. On the contrary a God breathed Word of Holy Spirit in Jesus could speak to a person’s house filled with the lie of the enemy and cast it out of them!!!! It is the Spirit of God that casts out the devil from our house by God’s authority, His tongue, which is TRUTH! This revelation of truth signifies the fact that the Kingdom of God has come upon a person, to walk in the delivering power of God in their person/house!!!!!!! IT IS DELIVERANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELIVERANCE IS A SIGN THAT THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME INTO THEIR HOUSE AND THAT THEIR HOUSE IS NOT DIVIDED!!!!!!!  Jesus then depicts the person in need of deliverance having a strong man in their house that needs to be bound up in order to spoil his goods. The first thing Jesus said that we are to do is to bind up the strongman and then spoil his goods.  Bind here in Greek is to bind in bonds, knit, tie and wind.


Jesus on the earth was a walking talking HOUSE OF PRAYER, OF TEPHILLAH (THE COVENANT OF GOD’S WORD AND AUTHORITY REVEALED!!!!) Paul became a bond servant bound up by Christ Jesus, the Word and he was able to be a walking, talking house of prayer that the demons knew his name!!! It is the Word, in us that as we bind it to ourselves, as we are so filled with seeing and knowing the Word that it is binding the strongman dwelling in us in places whereby we have become oppressed.  Jesus came as God’s Covenant and the Word that His authority was continually revealed so the demons trembled at His Name because His Name meant SALVATION!!!!!!  FREEDOM FROM ALL OPPRESSION!!!!!!

To spoil the goods here means to PLUNDER THE ENEMY’S EQUIPMENT, STRUCTURE OF THE LIES GIVING ITSELF to the house, the dwelling place of the enemy, it is the lies that have come into your soul, inner chamber that you have agreed to that begin to build a dwelling place for the strongman. Every little lie that you have bought by the enemy that is contrary to God’s Word is a brick in the devils structure. Therefore, if the strongman is bound up then every lying structure that has built his house is demolished the strongman has no place to dwell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your praise is to bind yourself to the Word, Covenant and see the revealing of God’s authority in your life!!!! That is what I did when I was bound up; I kept using scripture against the lie of the enemy; my praise to God bound the enemy up and gradually brick by brick the structure was demolished and there was no place for the enemy to stay!!!!!!!!!!!

We see that it is at the acceptable time that God hears us and answers us. Acceptable/opportune in Hebrew is ratsown raw-tsone meaning delight, be acceptable, delight, desire, favor, good pleasure, will, as what would, etc. (SC # 7522) The Hebrew letters are Resh, Tsade, Vav and Nun forming the word picture of the desires of the Most High through the Nail, Yeshua, which add and secure Life!!! There is an appointed time God has for you where His desires will manifest if you but hold onto the Word and praise Him seeing Him more than you see the enemy!!!!! Turning your eyes upon Jesus, not looking at the storm and not being swayed by your natural but moving our natural by God’s supernatural, His Word in Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multitude in Hebrew is rob robe meaning abundance, abundantly, common sort, excellent, greatness, huge, be increased, long, more in number, most, much, multitude, plenty, etc.  (SC # 7230) The Hebrew letters Resh and Bet indicating the house of the Most High!! That in time as you press in you will be fully possessed as the house of the Most High where the enemy no longer oppresses you.  David also refers to God’s mercy. Mercy in Hebrew is checed kheh’-sed meaning kindness, implying toward God, piety, rarely by opposition reproof, or beauty, favor, good deed, kindly, loving, kindness, merciful, mercy, pity, reproach, etc. (SC #2617) The Hebrew letters are Chet, Kaph and Dalet forming the word picture of the separation unto God whereby you are covered by Him and enter into His dwelling place, His rest, His blessings. David in the midst of his storm that which the enemy would sound so loudly around him and even in him enters into God’s abiding place, His rest and finds himself becoming a House of God and the enemy (oppression) is no longer present. The only songs over David’s house become that of the Lord God.

Hear in Hebrew is ‘anah aw-naw’ meaning to eye, to heed, pay attention, to respond, to begin speak, sing, shout, testify, announce, give account, cry, hear, lift up, speak, bear, witness, etc.  (SC # 6030) The Hebrew letters are Ayin, Noon and Hey. David said it was in God’s mercy the covering of God that would separate David unto Himself and cause David to enter in which God hears David, the praise of David’s house that chooses to see God! That hearing of David’s soul, the praise in the midst of the trial is the place where God would answer David in truth and salvation.


Truth in Hebrew is ‘emeth eh’-meth meaning stability, certainty, truth, trustworthiness, assured, establishment, faithful right, sure, truly and verity.  (SC # 571) The Hebrew letters are Aleph, Mem and Tav and form the word picture the strength massively coming forth of covenant!!!! Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth which is the massiveness of God’s strength and covenant!! It is not by our power or might (strength) but it is by God’s Spirit, the massive strength of His Covenant that does all things, specifically bringing us freedom and deliverance. God would answer David in salvation, too. Salvation in Hebrew is Yesha’ yeh’-shah meaning liberty, deliverance, prosperity, safety, salvation and saving.  (SC # 3468) The letters in Hebrew are Yood, Sheen and Ayin form the word picture the Works that consume you and is what you see!!!! Do you see this (lol- a play on words but the pun is intended here)? David’s eyes are changing it goes back to what you see, the veil and scales being removed from the eyes!!!


It is the Chastening of the soul in fasting as we saw from the last not and here prayer that cause you to walk in the power and the authority to see the enemy cast out, oppression demolished and salvation manifest in great measure in your house!!!!!! Fasting in Hebrew remember is Tsome made of the Hebrew letters Tsade, Vav and Mem indicating the word picture of the Desires to be added unto your house massively of God and prayer so that you can see the Covenant of God’s Word and Authority revealed!!!!! That is why the disciples could not cast the demon out of the boy who was being tormented because the disciples had to be fully given over to the desires of God massively, no pride could exist and in that being low they could fully be given over to prayer/praise for the Covenant of the Word to bring the Authority to be revealed in the earth, the KINGDOM OF GOD COMES NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




What is real interesting is that a couple of days ago we were behind a fire truck and right in the middle of it I saw the emblem for the maker of the truck stamped, which read “PIERCE.” Now this totally blew my mind because I remember the piercing of God’s word in me like the book Hinds Feet in High Places depicts as when Much Afraid is pierced by the thorn/splinter placed in her heart by the Good Shepherd, which later turns into a beautiful flower. I was pierced so deep that people would come up to me all the time and say “Robin it looks as though you ache for Jesus.” I could not explain it but I truly did ache for Jesus and it felt as though something the size of a nail was in my heart and I had this ache that would even leave me doubled over at times where I could not have enough of Jesus!!!! Well when I saw the word “PIERCE” on the fire truck I had to check it out and googled “Pierce and fire truck” and found the company “Pierce” that makes fire trucks. You will never believe what came up on their web page!! I pulled up and the last delivery they had was in ALABASTER, ALABAMA where I lived for most of my life in Alabama.  THEY DELIVERED IT THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING, NOVEMBER 27, 2013 THE WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER BOTTLE WAS SIMPLY A HOUSE OF TEPHILLAH OF PRAISE AND PRAYER!!!!!! LOL I saw the woman with the Alabaster bottle and the piercing of the light of Jesus in her and realized the fire truck had so much to say!!! Not only was pierce on the back but “keep back” was on the back, too. I realized the fire that is within us keeps back the devil and his minions it binds the devil, it is prayer and praise that is louder than the voice of the enemy at our gate!!!!! It is the flame of God within us that pierce’s us so deep that satan cannot manipulate us or control us because Love’s voice, Jesus Christ the hope of glory, is LOUDER than the voices at our gate!!!!!! I thought of the siren that sounds when a fire truck is going down the road and everyone keeps back because they know if they don’t they will be barreled over!!! DO YOU SEE THIS???? The Flame of God within you that has become so brilliant because of your fasting (being tsowm in Hebrew forming the word picture of the desires through the nail that adds and secures, Yeshua, massively come forth in your heart, Jesus the Word pierces your heart)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the piercing of God’s Word in your darkness that is louder than the voice of the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the voice of God louder than those that sit at your gates???? That is what David realized is the voice of God, the praise and prayer of God was louder magnifying the covenant of God!!!!! When that is louder is like a fire truck siren that is filled with water, rivers of living water, to put out the fire of the enemy (the flaming missiles as you see in Ephesians 6:16).  The piercing of God’s Word causes His Word to be louder so that your deliverance is nigh because the Word is God breathed with Ruach to dismantle the enemy’s house and remove the dwelling place where the strong man resides! What is so cool is that the Pierce Company just celebrated its 100th year this year in business and all I could see was a hundred fold!!!! The worship, your Alabaster bottle is louder than the voice of the enemy at your gates and if not then press in with fasting and prayer until you see that truth!


14 And when they came to the [nine] disciples, they saw a great crowd around them and scribes questioning and disputing with them. 15 And immediately all the crowd, when they saw Jesus [returning from the holy mount, His face and person yet glistening], they were greatly amazed and ran up to Him [and] greeted Him. 16 And He asked them, About what are you questioning and discussing with them? 17 And one of the throng replied to Him, Teacher, I brought my son to You, for he has a dumb spirit. 18 And wherever it lays hold of him [so as to make him its own], it dashes him down and convulses him, and he foams [at the mouth] and grinds his teeth, and he [[i]falls into a motionless stupor and] is wasting away. And I asked Your disciples to drive it out, and they were not able [to do it]. 19 And He answered them, O unbelieving generation [without any faith]! How long shall I [have to do] with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him to Me. 20 So they brought [the boy] to Him, and when the spirit saw Him, at once it completely convulsed the boy, and he fell to the ground and kept rolling about, foaming [at the mouth]. 21 And [Jesus] asked his father, How long has he had this? And he answered, From the time he was a little boy. 22 And it has often thrown him both into fire and into water, intending to kill him. But if You can do anything, do have pity on us and help us. 23 And Jesus said, [You say to Me], If You can do anything? [Why,] all things can be (are possible) to him who believes!  24 At once the father of the boy gave [an eager, PIERCING, inarticulate] cry with tears, and he said, Lord, I believe! [Constantly] help my weakness of faith! 25 But when Jesus noticed that a crowd [of people] came running together, He rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, You dumb and deaf spirit, I charge you to come out of him and never go into him again. 26 And after giving a [hoarse, clamoring, fear-stricken] shriek of anguish and convulsing him terribly, it came out; and the boy lay [pale and motionless] like a corpse, so that many of them said, He is dead. 27 But Jesus took [a strong grip of] his hand and began lifting him up, and he stood. 28 And when He had gone indoors, His disciples asked Him privately, Why could not we drive it out? 29 And He replied to them, This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting. Mark 9:14-29 Amp


Here Jesus came on the scene filled with light that people were amazed and in awe. Then He arrives upon the scene where his disciples are having difficulty casting out the devil that has tormented the boy. But get this; you see the manifestation of that devil that has tormented that boy because it has the disciples so preoccupied with its loud self even making a show of things to cause the enemy at their gates to be louder than the Word that was already resident within them!!! There was not enough light in them to pierce the darkness because the song of the enemy had them so intoxicated that they could not be effective in delivering the boy. The Father Cries out to Jesus to help his unbelief because he has been PIERCED as we see in the amplified here and the cry of the Word, the light within him had pierced him through the spoken Word, Jesus, that the darkness was bound up not only in him but in the boy!!!! The equipment, spoils had been taken so there was no dwelling place for the demonic spirit to dwell!!! Ruach of God had entered the boy and dismantled, totally demolished, the demon’s home and the demon had no place to stay!! As Jesus commanded the demon to leave it came out with a show but the Word in Jesus was louder than the voice of the enemy in that boy!!! The disciples asked him why it could not come out and Jesus said this one comes out with prayer and some manuscripts add fasting. Therefore, when we reflect at David’s psalm we see that it is becoming a HOUSE OF PRAYER, OF PRAISE WHERE THE SOUL IS SO CHASTENED FILLED WITH THE TSOME (MASSIVE DESIRE OF THE NAIL, YESHUA THAT CAN PIERCE THE DARKNESS AND BRING THE LIGHT OF THAT PRAYER – TEPHILLAH PRAISE WHICH IS THE COVENANT OF THE WORD THAT HAS AUTHORITY REVEALED)!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAY IT, RATHER IT IS THE FACT THAT GOD’S WORD IN YOU IS LIKE A SIREN TO THE devil’s LITTLE PIP SQUEAK VOICE WHICH IS LIKE A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE A SIREN OF GOD’S WORD, AN ALARM LIKE A FIRE TRUCK THE DEVIL WILL KEEP BACK AND YOU WILL SEE DELIVERANCE!!!! 



12 Those who sit at the gate (bring forth works to destroy my house so that all I see is the destruction of my person) talk about me (trying to bring works to destroy my inner chamber/soul), and I am the song of drunkards (the activity of all pride actively at work in me is revealed so no longer is destruction allowed and added to me). 13 But as for me, my praise is to You, YHVH (I choose to believe the Covenant of Your Word and authority to be revealed instead). At an acceptable time, Oh God, (the desires of the Most High adding life unto me), in the multitude of your mercy (me being simply a house of the Most High through you separate me unto Your covering and cause me to enter into your rest) You hear me (causing me to see Your life revealed), and in truth of Your salvation you answer me (the strength and massiveness of Your Covenant bring forth Your Works that consume me, causing me to see You)! Psalm 69:12-13 TGBFWY (copyright Robin Kirby-Gatto).



To see the Word pierce you and increase please continue to press in and read these scriptures. God bless you!

Robin Kirby-Gatto


1 Read John 1:1-18

2 Repent of any pride, asking God to expose it

3 Continue to seek God’s fast

4 BREATHE!!!!!!!!


Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69! Day 5 by Robin Kirby-Gatto

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Day 5 “Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69”


By Robin Kirby-Gatto


For zeal for Your house has eaten me up, and the reproaches and insults of those who reproach and insult You have fallen upon me. 10 When I wept and humbled myself with fasting, I was jeered at and humiliated; 11 When I made sackcloth my clothing, I became a byword (an object of scorn) to them. Psalm 69:9-11 Amp.


We ended last session seeing how our relationships with others are effected when we are in bondage to the lie of the enemy whereby unwittingly we out of our own oppression react to others ungodly. This truth revealed to David caused him to cry out to God for deliverance because he did not want to bring shame to others.  David even felt cut off from God and the people of Israel because of the enemy’s reproach (lies of satan sent against his soul).  This I can tell you is not only related to David but very much to us, as well. When the enemy is tormenting me with his lies trying to oppress me the first thing he does is try to isolate you. God calls us to fellowship with the brethren and not to be an island unto ourselves. Therefore, it is necessary to be involved with a group within God’s church where you do fellowship and are not cut off; we are the body not the arm.  I for one can attest that there times I might not let others know our need for prayers because of living a life of faith and the spiritual warfare that comes along with being on the front lines but because I’m involved with the body there are others who exhort and encourage as led by the Lord. If we were isolated there is no way we would last; that Amalekite spirit would have picked us off easily (which is another teaching) because it looks for stragglers and those not in the church.


I remember back in 2006 God gave me a dream that was as real as can be. I was preaching in a valley and there was a group on my left side and a group on my right side, each on a hill.  The door to the church was directly behind me and I was preaching for people to come into the church. The people on my left side were sitting in aluminum chairs that were wobbly and directly behind them was a chain link fence providing barely enough space for them to sit in peace so they ended up bringing their chairs to come down to where I was in the valley and listen to the message. The group on the right were in this huge warehouse that had nothing but a huge fan that was very loud that they could not hear the truth of God’s message He had me preaching and all they could do was go “whoa.’ They were dressed like hippies and moving and swaying as the fan was louder and louder, not hearing the word. They did not come down to the valley but stayed in their warehouse.  God showed me the group on the right were in  what I know now to be kundalini (that imitates Holy Spirit but is not) and the feeling and ecstasy they were getting from the fan had become their idol.


As I was preaching people had to make a decision to enter the church or leave. If they left the valley and did not go in the church there was a jungle bridge, huge that crossed over this vast canyon area, where people would go to and enter the jungle if they did not go into the church. As I saw one man leaving going to the jungle I chased after him pleading him to stay and instead he left. While running after him I got to the beginning of the bridge leading to the jungle and there to my left was a sniper with a gun. I asked him what he was doing and he told me that he and the others were given orders to shoot anyone who left the church. God showed me the sniper was indicative of the Amalekite spirit that fought God’s people.


David although feeling cut off has to come to the place where the zeal for GOD’S HOUSE, THE CHURCH, GOD’S BODY (ISRAEL) IS LARGER AND LOUDER THAN HIS OPPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY THIS IS MY DREAM LOOK AT THE NEXT VERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For zeal for Your house has eaten me up, and the reproaches and insults of those who reproach and insult You have fallen upon me. Psalm 69:9 Amp.


Zeal in Hebrew is qin’ah kin-aw and means jealousy, jealous sake and zeal.  (SC # 7068)  The Hebrew letters that compose the word for zeal are Qoof, Noon, Aleph and Hey. Remember Qoof is the ancient symbol of the back of a person’s head as well as a sun rising and means behind, least, last, to follow as well as rising. The word picture here with these letters show that in becoming the least (going through the process of deliverance from the oppression of the enemy) the life and strength of God is rising to be revealed!!! David realizes in his weakness that GOD IS STRONG!!!!!!!!!! He has zeal rising within his vessel for the House of the Lord. Oh my get ready because you are so going to see with understanding now!!!


House in Hebrew is bayith bah’-yith meaning a house, court, daughter, door, family, place, steward, temple, etc. (SC # 1004) The Hebrew letters for house are Bet, Yood and. Remember Bet is the ancient symbol of a house, Yood an arm and Tav the cross meaning seal, covenant and mark. Therefore, the word picture here is “THE HOUSE OF THE WORKS OF COVENANT!” House here is a display of God’s promises, His Covenant! We can liken this to us as individuals being the temple of Holy Spirit as well as the church body. Here David has zeal for both, his temple (house) and the house of God’s people (the nation Israel). Get this understanding; in the midst of David’s greatest oppression and the revealing of the enemy that he is fighting on the outside is actually the enemy flooding his soul the thing that gets David stirred up in the midst of his oppression is zeal for God’s house!!! I can tell you from a personal experience when I was a single mother and so oppressed to the point that I had planned my suicide in 1999 what kept me from that act was the zeal of God for my sons, my home!!!! I was stirred by the living God not for my sake but for my sons’ sake. It is no different here with David; he is stirred for the sake of God’s people that are waiting on the Lord to see deliverance themselves!


Truly as a minister of God there are so many times I felt as though I wanted to quit within my own confines if it had not been for this stirring up by God to show me that if only 1 person gets saved, set free, healed and delivered just for that one it is worth it all. Would you know it is about those times I usually get private messages or an email from someone who would tell me a praise report of the work God has us doing in our ministry that would be the Ruach to lift me up by God to be stirred up for the sake of His house with zeal!!!


This zeal for God’s house has so consumed David that he says it has eaten him up. Eaten here in Hebrew is ‘akal aw-kal’ eat, at all, burn up, consume, devour, eat up, meat, etc.  (SC # 398)  The Hebrew letters for eat here are Aleph, Kaph and Lamed indicating the strength and covering of God’s Authority, Control and tongue! Doing the will of the father was David’s food, his meat!!! We see this well with Jesus when he ministered to the Samaritan woman at the well and the disciples asked Jesus if he had eaten.


31 Meanwhile, the disciples urged Him saying, Rabbi, eat something. 32 But He assured them, I have food (nourishment) to eat of which you know nothing and have no idea. 33 So the disciples said one to another, Has someone brought Him something to eat? 34 JESUS SAID TO THEM, MY FOOD (NOURISHMENT) IS TO DO THE WILL (PLEASURE) OF HIM WHO SENT ME AND TO ACCOMPLISH AND COMPLETELY FINISH HIS WORK. 35 Do you not say, It is still four months until harvest time comes? Look! I tell you, raise your eyes and observe the fields and see how they are already white for harvesting. 36 Already the reaper is getting his wages [he who does the cutting now has his reward], for he is gathering fruit (crop) unto life eternal, so that he who does the planting and he who does the reaping may rejoice together. John 4:31-36 Amp.  


The zeal Jesus had for the Father’s house had eaten Him up, was his food and sustenance by the Father; it was His strength! David in this zeal then discovers why the insults and reproach have come against his person; the attack is because David is a builder of God’s Kingdom!! David is so consumed with God’s work and His people coming forth that it has become his nourishment to press on and in revelation he sees why the attack comes because he has already defeated Goliath for God’s work, he has already fought tens of thousands and won, he has already walked in blessing upon blessing because of his faithfulness to do the works of God’s Covenant. The reason the enemy attacks you with great intensity is because he sees that your zeal for God’s house will cause you to rise up and exhort others  in the Call of Christ Jesus and build up the body, the church, God’s house!


Reproaches here in Hebrew is cherpah kher-paw’ and means rebuke fully, reproach and shame.  (SC # 2781) The Hebrew letters in this word are Chet, Resh, Pey and Hey forming the word picture that separation from the Most High’s Word that is revealed. Do you see this????? The enemy wants to separate you from seeing God’s Word revealed and the only way he can do that is through lies, reproach in the forms of messages sent to torment your soul and wear you down to the point that you give in!!!! That is where David is admitting his weakness before God declaring that the overwhelming attacks of the enemy have come against his person to separate him from the Words God has spoken to David. The reproaches have fallen upon David as depicted here in Psalm 60. Fallen in Hebrew is naphal naw-fal’ meaning to fall, be accepted, cast down self, be, cease, die, make, ready to fall, be judged by a mistake, to lie down, lying, overthrow, overwhelm, perish, rot, slay, etc.  (SC # 5307) The Hebrew letters that compose this word are Noon, Pey and Lamed which indicate activity through words that have tried to control with the tongue. Do you see this? The message of reproach that would tell David he is separated from seeing the revealing of the Word of God were so active within himself through the words spoken by the enemy that it had him under its control and David needed freedom, that which only God could bring!






10 When I wept and humbled myself with fasting, I was jeered at and humiliated; Psalm 69:10 Amp


Here we see the zeal of God’s house consuming David turns him to weeping and humbling himself with fasting. However, I truly love the way in which the King James Version has this particular scripture:


10 When I wept, and chastened my soul with fasting, that was to my reproach. Psalm 69:10 KJV


We see the depiction here of David allowing the work of God in his soul! The enemy is within the soul and the evidence of it is that it controls us and is seen in our lives, whether it be fear, rejection, anxiety, health, mental issues, financial issues, anger, addiction, etc.  You name it and whatever it is controlling and manipulating you by the tongue of satan’s lies in your soul is being seen in your circumstances. When Jesus was steeled in vision toward Jerusalem for the cross He said “satan had nothing” in Him. (John 14:30). Jesus simply did the will of the Father and nothing in the earth could stop Him!!!! What is it that is stopping us? Is it fear, rejection, anxiety or worry? What is it that is being a hindrance from us walking in the greatness of God?


Wept here in Hebrew is bakah baw-kaw’ meaning to weep, to bemoan, bewail, complain, make lamentation, mourn and with tears. (SC # 1058) The Hebrew letters that compose this word are Bet, Kaph and Hey forming the word picture that the covering of the House is to be revealed! Do you see this? David in his weeping has scales falling off his eyes, the ones that we saw in day 3 of the notes in verse 3; David’s eyes were failing him but now we see a transition in his seeing here beginning with verse 10. Here he is weeping and this true lamentation of complaint to God as with Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 causes you to receive the help needed, that which you require of God. The verse God has always had me use as in regard to Hannah fits appropriately here.


But as for me, I will look to the Lord and confident in Him I will keep watch; I will wait with hope and expectancy for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me. 8 Rejoice not against me, O my enemy! When I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the Lord shall be a light to me. Micah 7:7-8 Amp.


Here we see that there is a waiting and watch for the Lord to answer in Micah 7. The one waiting is in a dark trial but they are expectant for the Lord God to hear and respond. The place in which they find themselves is utterly dark and the enemy is rejoicing over them. However, this is what people do not “GET” it is WHEN YOU SIT IN GREAT DARKNESS THAT THE LORD GOD IS A LIGHT!!!!! Right before my biggest triumphs were my darkest trials. Some people call it the dark night of the soul but God told me to call it THE GREAT LIGHT OF THE SOUL!!!


Light here in Micah 7:8 is owr ore (SC # 216) and is made of the Hebrew letters Aleph, Vav and  Resh. Therefore the ancient pictures you have here are the Ox (strength, leader and first); Vav (the nail/peg to add and secure) and Resh (the face meaning head, highest and person). The word picture you have here is the Strength of God from the First – the Beginning- came forth with the Nail, Yeshua, to  add and secure all things unto the Most High, unto the person of God!!! Do you see this: it took a Penniah to vex Hannah so that Hannah could bemoan and contend for her child, Samuel, which means “God has heard!” It takes you coming to the realization of your oppression to get you to cry out for the promises, to have new eyesight so that you can SEE THE COVENANT OF GOD, HIS PROMISES REVEALED NOT ONLY FOR YOU BUT FOR THE CHURCH!! This is where David is because the true covering of His person/his house is being revealed, which has been at the moment the covering of the enemy making him blind but now his true covering that of God Almighty is being revealed in the humbling of his soul. The nail, Vav, pierces the Darkness; The Word of Jesus pierces all darkness and overcomes each and every time.


Chastened used throughout scripture is yacar yaw-sar’  and means to chastise, to instruct, bind, correct, reform, reprove, teach, chasten, punish and,sore,(with blows/with words). (SC # 3256) David with words is striking his soul with the truth of the rod in order to teach him through this process of his transition into the truth of his call. The letters for chastened are Yood, Samech and Resh forming the Word picture of the Arm that turns to the Most High. David in his chastening of soul is turning to God and no longer viewing the enemy of his soul so that it is allowed to control him. The striking of his soul most likely looks like Psalm 42.


As the hart pants and longs for the water brooks, so I pant and long for You, O God. 2 My inner self thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and behold the face of God? 3 My tears have been my food day and night, while men say to me all day long, Where is your God? 4 These things I [earnestly] remember and pour myself out within me: how I went slowly before the throng and led them in procession to the house of God [like a bandmaster before his band, timing the steps to the sound of music and the chant of song], with the voice of shouting and praise, a throng keeping festival. 5 Why are you cast down, O my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me? Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet praise Him, my Help and my God. 6 O my God, my life is cast down upon me [and I find the burden more than I can bear]; therefore will I [earnestly] remember You from the land of the Jordan [River] and the [summits of Mount] Hermon, from the little mountain Mizar.7 [Roaring] deep calls to [roaring] deep at the thunder of Your waterspouts; all Your breakers and Your rolling waves have gone over me. 8 Yet the Lord will command His loving-kindness in the daytime, and in the night His song shall be with me, a prayer to the God of my life. 9 I will say to God my Rock, Why have You forgotten me? Why go I mourning because of the oppression of the enemy? 10 As with a sword [crushing] in my bones, my enemies taunt and reproach me, while they say continually to me, Where is your God? 11 Why are you cast down, O my inner self? And why should you moan over me and be disquieted within me? Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him, for I shall yet praise Him, Who is the help of my countenance, and my God. Psalm 42:1-11 Amp


“Soul in Hebrew is nephesh neh’-fesh meaning breathing creature, vitality, mind, man, person, etc. The Hebrew letters that compose the word soul are Nun, Pey and Sheen. Nun the ancient symbol in Hebrew is a fish darting through water meaning life and activity. Pey the ancient symbol in Hebrew is the mouth meaning to speak, a word and to open.  Sheen the ancient symbol in Hebrew is teeth/fire indicating to consume or devour (destroy). (SC # 5315) These letters come together to form the word picture of Life by the Word that Consumes!!! That is your soul the Word Himself, Jesus created you and it is that life that consumes you!” (Day 2 Notes).  David realizes he has to stay in the place of waiting in the midst of his darkness for the great light of God’s Word to pierce His soul to process in David the fortified truth of God’s Word making him an iron pillar!!!


The chastening of David’s soul came with fasting. Fasting here in Hebrew is tsowm tsome meaing a fast, fasting.  (SC # 6685) The Hebrew letters that compose fasting are Tsade, Vav and Mem. The three Hebrew letters that compose fasting are Tsade (fishhook meaning desire, need and to catch); Vav (the nail/tent peg meaning to secure and add); and Mem (water, meaning massive or chaos). The Word picture you have with fasting is that it brings forth God’s desires to secure and add to you massively through Yeshua.  That is what fasting does to the soul, it chastens it with the Word of God that is to be the light to your soul so that your vision is clear in what He has called you to for the Kingdom.



This fasting and chastening of soul was to David’s reproach indicating that the revealing of the enemy that had surrounded and covered David was being exposed and in the exposure God would vindicate David and deliver him.





11 When I made sackcloth my clothing, I became a byword (an object of scorn) to them.


Sackcloth in Hebrew is saq sak and means a mesh (as allowing a liquid to run through) i.e. coarse loose cloth or sacking (used in mourning and for bagging) hence, a bag for grain, sack cloth and sack clothes. (SC # 8242)  WOW HOW INCREDIBLE THAT THE VERY SACK DAVID IS WEARING FOR HIS HUMILITY IS THE VERY THING THAT BECOMES THE CONTAINER FOR THE ANOINTING, THE INCREASE, THE GRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD THOSE THAT HUMBLE THEMSELVES SHALL BE EXALTED!!  The Hebrew letters that compose sackcloth are Samech (symbol of prop meaning to twist slowly, turn around and support) and Qoof (symbol of the back of a person’s head meaning least, last and behind, to follow)!! Lol that which is least and lowest, last (Qoof) is what God uses to turn things around, those are the ones whom God supports!!!! What follows the humbling is the turning around of your circumstances to where you walk in FREEDOM!! In David’s humbling as he continued to go lower something was not only happening on the inside of him but also on the outside of Him.


David became a byword otherwise known as a proverb. Proverb in Hebrew is mashal maw-shal’ meaning to liken, language, allegory, song for the like, to resemble, become like, compare, proverb, speak and utter.  (SC # 4912) The Hebrew letters for ‘proverb” are Mem, Sheen and Lamed!! Do you see this; Mem is waters meaning massiveness here and Sheen is teeth/fire meaning to consume; finally, Lamed is a cattle goad meaning tongue, authority and control. The word picture here is the massive consuming of David is bringing forth a greater authority and tongue!!! What looked to be David’s defeat was actually the demise of his enemy because instead what it showed him was GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN DAVID, GOD, THAN he (satan) WHO IS IN THE WORLD!!!! DAVID’S POSITION WITHIN HIMSELF IS NOW CHANGING AND INSTEAD HE IS BECOMING SOMETHING OTHER THAN WHAT HE PERCEIVED BECAUSE INSTEAD OF BECOMING REFUSE AND NOTHING HE IS BECOMING THE KING THAT GOD CALLED HIM TO BE!!!!






For jealousy (the rising up of your strength and life to be revealed as I remain low) for Your house (the house that has the works of Your Covenant) has consumed me (bringing your strength and covering that has your authority), and the reproaches of those who reproach You (the enemy that would come and try and separate me from the revealing of your Word in my life) have fallen upon me (their activities come against Your Word and authority in my life). When I wept (I could see the revealing of Your covering over my house) and chastened my soul with fasting (saw the works of the Most High that could turn everything around showing forth the life of Your Word that consumes, bringing forth Your desires massively within me). When I made sackcloth my clothing (I became so low that You filled me and turned all things around); I became a proverb (massively consumed by your tongue that they could not understand the language) and scorned me for it. Psalm 69:9-11 TGBFWY  (Copyright Robin Kirby-Gatto)




1 Read John 1:1-18


2 Read Micah 7:7-8


3 Seek God about a fast to do whether it be coffee, food, media, etc


4 Clean one more thing however how small


5 Call in God’s peace (Shalom)


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Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69! Day 4 by Robin Kirby-Gatto

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“Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh Psalm 69” Day 4-


By Robin Kirby-Gatto


We’ve seen from Day 3 of the series in Psalm 69:3-5 that David has come to the place to find out that the enemy that is withstanding him in the natural is a reflection of the enemy that is within him eating him up on the inside!!  Remember we prosper from the inside out as is seen in 3 John 1:2


2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers. 3 John 1:2 Amp.


Those that are in our school God’s Fire Wall Healing of the Soul have seen the blueprint of man’s soul as laid out in God’s Word unlocked for His glory to come forth in this hour so that we be made whole in such an accelerated pace as the soon return of our King is at the cusp of all we know in this hour for the ingathering of God’s end time harvest! I remember in 2011 when God told me to start the School of Healing of the Soul and having worked prior to ministry and law school in outpatient psychiatry that somehow a season would come forth in great expectancy for a massive healing to come forth to the bride. When I counseled the seriously mentally ill both in adult and child psychiatry seeing their torment I knew that deliverance had to take place to see them set free. Suddenly in saying yes years later in 2011 to writing the Healing of the Soul curriculum and starting the 1st session in January 2012 the blueprint to man’s soul was laid out in the deep place of the scriptures as though we could not see the forest for the trees!! There it was by our creator depicted in His Holy City Jerusalem and the carnage of her plight in the book of Nehemiah but even deeper still with the connecting of divine scriptures to bring greater Understanding than has ever been seen before so like an architect looking at the blueprint of a house you could likewise see God’s blueprint of man’s soul and know the healing that has to occur to every area in order that you walk in great power of God’s Word and as an extension of His arm to others to be made whole!


Constantly everywhere leading up to that first class in January 2012 God would have the word ‘soul’ come before me confirming the way in which He was directing me to step out in faith as I call it, His Jerry Rice (wide receiver) to catch in earth what He was throwing me from His throne to be spilled out so others could see clearly. I wrote feverishly with constant Ephesians 3:20 explosions in my brain that absolutely caught me off guard with sudden surprises I did not know if I could bear it; it was so much glory being revealed to me! As we studied the foundational courses of the first 2 session (4 classes) and then went into studying 10 gates of the soul laid out on truths by which our foundation in God is unshakable and how the truths operated within our soul of God’s Word was beyond description and I thought there is no way by which I can continue to bear this glory because it is beyond our own nature and is simply divine; it is God! If that was not enough then God brought in the Fortitude series before the next two gates and the Storehouse Series that finishes the entire 20 sessions of the school God’s Fire Wall Healing of the Soul I thought I was going to be caught up the glory was beyond anything I had ever seen!!! The depiction of man’s soul and the operation of the enemy at great capacity from the place of the curse but God’s power to overcome the enemy in His Word even revealed in Hebrew and science has left me in utter awe! I still remember back to the day before I actually taught the first session in which He had already written by Holy Spirit through me that right in front of my eyes was a car with a personalized license plate saying “soulfod” meaning soul food!!!!!!!!!


That same knowing I had in 2011 for that school of Healing of the Soul is the same knowing God has given me for this series that only heaven plopped into my lap Psalm 69 and I have no means by which I can even tell you how I came across that scripture like God’s Jerry Rice saying I’ll go long God just throw me the Word and I’ll write it, stepping out in faith saying as He led me “This book is a blueprint to Deliverance!” I never would have thought it, perceived it coming and more than that totally forgot until later that even a couple of days before beginning the series God said ‘Robin I’m mantling you in a mantle of deliverance.” I would have never said yes but that I know God is God and I am not and He knows what He wants me to do and I simply obey. Therefore, know that I am being led by Holy Spirit under the divine inspiration of the Father Who has told me that a massive deliverance for the Bride of Christ Jesus is coming in this hour and this is part of that deliverance! You will be delivered by God’s Holy Spirit this I know!!!!!!!!!!


Psalm 69 Day 4


Let not those who wait and hope and look for You, O Lord of hosts, be put to shame through me; let not those who seek and inquire for and require You [as their vital necessity] be brought to confusion and dishonor through me, O God of Israel. 7 Because for Your sake I have borne taunt and reproach; confusion and shame have covered my face. 8 I have become a stranger to my brethren, and an alien to my mother’s children. Psalm 69:6-8 Amp.


David is come to utter desperation having his heart laid out before God knowing now that the enemy he is fighting on the outside is his own demons eating him up on the inside. We know in the Book of Ephesians we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against ruling powers and principalities and rulers in the heavenly realm. Therefore, that is what David is battling within himself is the enemy that is hidden within in which he had no knowledge up until this point of utter desperation.  He is awe struck probably disturbed now that he knows it is his own torment that he is battling and now in seeing this plight it occurs to him now about the relationships he has with others and how his own enemy, the enemy of his soul might be hurting others to whom he has relations. David’s battle has become the battle as well with others in who he interacts.


I saw last night, as we were watching a movie that it was a paradigm to reveal issues within young kids of what their battle was in the soul. One child had a trouble in doubt and unbelief, another had insecurity, another poverty of soul and yet another pride. As they interacted with each other they unveiling of the truth of one’s issues also effected the issue of another. For example, as a young girl who had the issue in insecurity stepped out to lead the child that had issues with doubt and unbelief would turn to her and say “are you sure it’s this way?” All of a sudden you could see the little girl who have issues with insecurity question and doubt herself affirming her reason to be insecure!! It is the same with us!! I have in the past have had issues with insecurity and when I in my own issues interact with my husband and children and even with the Church body would speak out of that position (insecurity) it affected others!!! WE are not an island unto ourselves our life effects those around us!


This is what David has discovered; his issues (torment) has affected others. In Psalm 69:6 we see the revealing of this truth. Others too are being brought to the place where they are crying out for God and are hoping for Him as well as inquiring of Him for their deliverance and David does not want his own torment to bring shame, confusion or dishonor to them.


I know this from when I was delivered from alcohol because my torment and oppression by a demon keeping me bound up to alcohol not only affected me but my two sons. Being the mother they needed caused them to suffer greatly during that season because I was deficient within myself to provide for what they actually needed. Praise God when He delivered me in 2002 and turned all things around in our lives we all were restored and made whole! However, that short time in our lives we all suffered even the more because of my oppression.


Let not them that wait on thee, O Lord God of hosts, be ashamed for my sake: let not those that seek thee be confounded for my sake, O God of Israel. Psalm 69:6 KJV


Wait in Hebrew is qavah kaw-vaw’ meaning to bind together to collect, to expect, to gather (together), to look, patiently, tarry and wait. (SC # 6960) God binds the brokenhearted and these that are waiting are longing to be made whole themselves looking to the Lord God who collects all of the soul and binds it together, makes them whole!!!! The Hebrew letters are Qoof, Vav, and Hey forming the word picture that those who are the lowest (least) broken will see the Nail, Yeshua revealed!!!! They will be made whole!! Therefore, we see that it is not only David that is desperate for wholeness and healing, for deliverance but all of the people as well are wanting to be made whole!! However, David doesn’t want his oppression to affect others deliverance.


David is calling out to the Lord God of Hosts! Here both Lord and God are from the variant of the sacred name of God with the Hebrew letters Yood, Hey, Vav and Hey.  You have Lord (Yehovah) and God Yehovih) which truly is the emphasis of the Lord. It is as though David is shouting to the top of his Lungs GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have you been brought to that place that you are in anguish and all you can do is shout out for your deliverance from God because you are not only tormented by then enemy of your soul but now you are tormented because your torment has become the torment of others and is bringing them shame and dishonor.


David cries out to the Lord God of Hosts because he is no longer crying out for his deliverance but it has drove him to cry out for the deliverance OF A NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His torment now is not only what has been his enemy but now what has been the enemy of the entire nation!!!!! His walking in the Call of God is detrimental for the nation of Israel.  Have you come to the point yet that you have cried out not only for your deliverance but for the deliverance of others because you have seen how the enemy of your soul has caused you to lash out in anger, to be unlovely, to not bear the fruit of the Spirit but instead you are inpatient, unkind, not forbearing and unlovely!!!! Instead of amen can I hear a ‘woe me!!!”


But get ready because the truth will set you free!!!




THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING THAT IS WHAT GOD TOLD ME FOR THIS HOUR!!!! He said “Robin I am going to do a massive deliverance and here Hosts means a mass of persons!!! The massive deliverance is coming for God’s Hosts, the Church!


What is your Goliath that you have to overcome because it is effecting the ARMY OF GOD, THE CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH!!! DO YOU SEE THIS? DAVID KNOWS IT IS AN APPOINTED TIME!!!!!!! HE KNOWS IT IS TIME FOR GOD’S ARMY TO ARISE AND SERVE THE LORD OF HOSTS!!


Ashamed in Hebrew is buwsh boosh and means to be ashamed, to be DISAPPOINTED or DELAYED, be make, bring to, cause to be shamed, confound, confusion, become dry, delay and be long. (SC # 954) Oh my do you see this? Are you disappointed because you feel as though God’s blessings in your life have been delayed? Are you confused and do you feel as though it is a long time that you have become dry?  That is what being ashamed is; as we are oppressed by the enemy it brings disappointment to others feeling as though their healing, breakthrough and deliverance is delayed!!!!!! Messiah (Jesus) breaks through the gates to bring Jacob through into God’s Promises! It only takes one person like a Joshua that is strong and courageous to cause an entire nation to enter into the inheritance of God. That is what David has figured out is that his lack in getting delivered is what is causing the delay for others to be set free!!! Your deliverance can set not only you free but millions because we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!!!! Do you know testimonies have a yoke destroying anointing upon them? They do!!! I felt this in the spirit realm when at the Alabama Call in Montgomery, Alabama I was worshipping and praying up front with my youngest son, Matthew, and a man stepped up on stage to give his testimony. I was standing on the floor right in front of this young man and when he got to the end of his testimony it was like this huge ball of Ruach from God Himself hit my belly that was as large as my belly and all I could do was SHOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David needed to rise up and have another testimony YES I KILLED NOT ONLY A LION AND BEAR BUT ALSO THE LIVING GOD CAUSED ME TO DEFEAT A GOLIATH!!! David now needed another testimony to where God defeated this now giant in his life so that others could be set free!!!! David knew this well because he witnessed it when the entire hosts of God’s army was being tormented and overwhelmed by the loud shout of Goliath that taunted their soul and oppressed them. Once David defeated Goliath all the philistines went running and Israel was chasing them to defeat them!!!! It only takes one person to give a testimony of their now present deliverance to cause an entire church, a state and a nation to rise up and be set free!!!


The Hebrew letters for ashamed are Bet, Vav and Sheen indicating the word picture of the House that has been attached to being destroyed. Do you feel like everything in your life is falling apart, being destroyed and it is like one thing after another? That is what is occurring here with being ashamed it is not one thing occurring but instead one thing after another!


Confounded in Hebrew is kalam kaw-lawm and means to wound, but only to taunt or insult, be make ashamed, be confounded, to be put to confusion, hurt, reproach, put to shame, etc. (SC # 3637) The Hebrew letters that compose the word confounded are Kaph, Lamed and Mem making the word picture of allowing the control (tongue) of the enemy massively!!! Do you see this the tongue of the enemy is taunting you!!!!! David knew that his oppression, staying beneath the deliverance of God would also allow the enemy to not only taunt him but also the host of God’s people as we saw in the past with Goliath!! David had to by the Living God rise up and slay this Giant to shut his big mouth up!!!!


Because for Your sake I have borne taunt and reproach; confusion and shame have covered my face. Psalm 69:7 Amp


David now looks introspectively here as he has right before gazed at the people of Israel and seen how his enemy has effected them to now go back from seeing the larger picture to see again as with Goliath it only takes one person to overcome their giant by God to slay the others! He realizes how the enemy of his soul has also taunted and confused him as it has with the people of Israel. In Psalm 69:6 David cried out to the Lord God of Israel referring to the station of God’s people because you have to get this Jacob became an Israel! Israel with the Hebrew letters, Yood, Sheen, Resh, Aleph and Lamed form the word picture the works that consume of the Most High bringing His strength and His tongue!!! Do you feel like a Jacob or do you feel like an Israel who has the strength and tongue of the Most high that brings forth the Greater Works!!!! (John 14:12).


As long as the enemy keeps us feeling as though we are spiritually like a Jacob and not knowing that we are called to do the greater works then we will allow the taunts and the reproach of the enemy as Jacob did with Esau that put him in fear of seeing his brothers face again even with two armies of the Living God on his side!!!! What is keeping you bound up in fear that you are feeling the tongue lashing of the enemy in your soul? Rise up and overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your Testimony, by the Power of God’s Word, Jesus, in you, Who has already overcome the world and all its power!!


Because for thy sake I have borne reproach; shame hath covered my face. Psalm 69:7 KJV


Reproach in Hebrew is cherpah kher-paw and means contumely, disgrace, rebuke, reproach (fully), shame, etc. (SC # 2781) The Hebrew letters that compose shame are Chet Resh, Pey and Hey which form the word picture being separated from the Word of the Most High and that is what is revealed!! Instead of seeing that you are the lender and not the borrower you are separated from the Word in your life and not only are you the borrower but it might look as though you are filing bankruptcy!!!!! I’m trying to be real here because if I cannot be real then you won’t get set free!!!! As long as we play it nice and say oh say the Word of God and if you say it enough over and over you’ll get set free but we don’t deal with the heart you will not see the manifestation of the Word!!!!


David is bearing reproach because He desires to see the Word of God for the nation of Israel and his own life come to pass but presently in his reality his life is screaming the opposite!!!


Shame here in Hebrew is kelimmah kel-im-maw and means disgrace, confusion, dishonor, reproach and shame. (SC # 3639) The Hebrew letters that compose shame here are Kaph, lamed, Mem Vav and Hey creating the word picture of being covered by the tongue of the enemy massively and what his tongue says is attached and revealed to your person. Our portion is not to know shame or be put to shame as we see in Joel 2:25-28 and Isaiah 54:4!!! Here David seems to be covered by the lies of the enemy of his soul and it covers his face.


Covered here in Hebrew is kacah kaw-saw and means  to plump, fill up hollows, to cover, clad self, close, clothe, cover, conceal, hide, overwhelm, etc.  (SC # 3680)  THE HEBREW LETTERS THAT COMPOSE COVERED ARE KAPH, SAMECH AND HEY FORMING THE WORD PICTURE OF THAT WHICH COVERS AND SUPPORTS WHAT IS REVEALED. DO YOU SEE THIS THE ENEMY HAS COVERED DAVID (CLOAKED HIM) AND FILLED HIM UP WITH LIES THAT SUPPORT THAT WHICH DAVID IS SEEING, THAT WHICH IS REVEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness it is basically the enemy confirming himself in you by the lies in which he has filled up in your soul and you come into agreement because you see the revealing of that which is within your soul in your present reality!!!!!! Have you filed bankruptcy in the natural then it might be because within your soul you feel bankrupt and in poverty because of the lies of the enemy!!!!!!


Face in Hebrew is panyim paw-neem and paneh paw-neh meaning the face (as the part that turns) accept, anger, battle, because, countenance, enquire, upon, within you, etc. (SC # 6440) The Hebrew letters in the first variation are Pey, Noon, Yood and Mem forming the word picture of The Word that is at work within you brings forth the activity in your works!!! The second variation is Pey, Noon and Hey forming the word picture of the Word that is active in you is what is revealed!!!! Oh my do you see this because David was saying that He was covered, filled up with the enemy’s lies, words, within his soul that it was revealed in his life and activities in his reality!!! The lie of the enemy effects your ability to do the works of the Father, the Will of God!!!!! This is where David is and this utter torment and realization that his lack of breakthrough and being overcome by the enemy effected his ability to be king and do the Works of God that would set an entire nation free!!!!


We see here the emphasis again that the enemy wants to keep you oppressed and distressed so that you don’t get set free because if you do you might be like a Joan of Arc that will save France by causing the army that was weak to be lifted up by the voice of heaven and do warfare for an entire nation!!!!!!! IF the church doesn’t get set free then how can the nation!!!!!!!???????????? David sees this and knows this truth that he has to be delivered so Israel can be delivered! If I would have stayed an alcoholic and not been delivered in 2002 then I would not see thousands set free today!!!! OH my do you see this???? The enemy doesn’t want you to have a testimony that will be yoke destroying and set others free!! If you have a testimony that you killed a lion and a bear moreover a Goliath you will stir up not only yourself but an ENTIRE ARMY FOR THE APPOINTED TIME OF FREEDOM FOR THE ENTIRE NATION, FOR GOD’S PEOPLE!!!!!


 8 I have become a stranger to my brethren, and an alien to my mother’s children. Psalm 69:8 Amp.


Stranger in Hebrew is zuwr zoor and means turn aside, lodging, hence, to be a foreign, strange, profane, go away, etc. (SC # 2114) The Hebrew letters that compose stranger are Zayin, Vav and Resh. Zayin again is the ancient symbol of a weapon and means to cut and cut off. Therefore, the word picture for this verse would be one that fells cut off and not attached to the Most High. David here is saying it is obvious to others he is not walking as a blessed one of God that even his brothers recognize it. You can look at someone and see when they are not themselves and are walking outside the promises of God because of the lies of the enemy that has filled up within their soul.


Alien in Hebrew is nokriy nok-ree’ and means strange, foreign, different, foreigner, outlandish, etc.  (SC # 5237). The Hebrew letters that form alien are Nun, Kaph, Resh and Yood indicating the word picture of that David’s activity was effected because the covering of the enemy was allowed in his person which was seen in David’s works!!!! Do you see this? Your work performance so to speak for the Lord God’s desires is affected by the covering of the enemy on your person!!! Do not allow it but OVERCOME BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF YOUR TESTIMONY OF THE TESTS YOU’VE ALREADY BEEN THROUGH JUST LIKE DAVID WHEN HE WAS GETTING READY TO FACE GOLIATH ABOUT DEFEATING THE LION AND THE BEAR!!! WHAT HAS GOT BROUGHT YOU THROUGH AND TO!!!!!!????????/


Mother’s in Hebrew is ‘em ame and means mother as the bond of the family, a wide sense and parting. (SC # 517).The Hebrew letters that form mother are Aleph and Mem forming the word picture of strength and massiveness! Therefore the mother of David’s brother here symbolizes those that are of the Church that are to walk in God’s massive strength, in the Joy of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Children here in Hebrew is ben bane meaning a son, a builder of the family name, branch, servant born, soldier, son, steward, worthy, appointed, arrow and etc. (SC # 1121) The Hebrew letters that form children are Bet and Noon indicating the word picture of those that bring life to the house!!! Do you see this the builders of God’s House, His children that bring forth life and life abundantly that were to be massively filled with God’s strength, the Joy of the Lord saw David’s present torment (battle) and because of David’s present battle there was a delay (DIS-APPOINTMENT- A LACK OF APPOINTMENT, OF BEING APPOINTED OR CAN WE SAY THE APPOINTED TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) GLORY TO GOD DO YOU SEE THIS THE ENEMY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO GET SET FREE BECAUSE YOU CAN BE LIKE AN ESTHER BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS THAT WILL DEFEAT THE LIES OF HAMEN AND CAUSE AND ENTIRE NATION, ISRAEL, TO RISE UP WITH THEIR SWORDS AND DEFEAT WHAT THE ENEMY MEANT TO DO WHICH WAS TOTAL ANNHILATION!!!!!!






6 Let not them who wait (those that have become so broken, the least, and see the Nail, Yeshua revealed) for You, O Lord of hosts (the ones you will fill with Your strength to reveal Your desire in their person), be put to disappointment through me (where in their house they feel attached to all that destroys); let not those who seek You be confounded (be allowed to be attacked massively by the enemy’s control) for my sake, O Lord of Israel. 7 Because for Your sake I have been reproached (feeling as though I am separated from the Word of the Most High and all that is revealed is death); shame (the tongue of the enemy has covered me massively and attached to my person revealing himself) has covered my face (and because my enemy covers me his death it supports what is revealed to me that word of his lies that is active within my soul is seen massively in my works); 8  I have become a stranger (my activities are affected by the enemy’s lies which I allow to stay in my person and are displayed in my works)  to my brothers (where I fell cut off and unattached to the Most High), and a foreigner to my mother’s children (those who are to be strengthened massively by You God to be a house of life). Psalm 69:6-8 TGBFWY





1 read John 1:1-18


2 read Isaiah 61


3 look at your present relationships and see how the enemy is not only affecting you but others with whom you interact


4 repent and pray to God to bring forth His massive strength to remove the reproach of the enemy off your soul and fill you with His Word in power to be revealed not  only to you but others through you!




God bless you!


Robin Kirby-Gatto





Here is a Testimony from Detra Knapp who is dooing this series:





Last Wednesday, I was feeling really overwhelmed, over several issues going on in my family, and situations! I was like David in Psalms 69, I was crying out in desperation. I was tired of the way I was living at home. I was tired of not having any money! Overwhelmed by bills, and being short $1 for our water bill, which took $35 in fees. Which of course put us behind, a bit more. I was angry! And was feeling a failure for my family. We had no hot water in our home, for two years. We heated water on burners, which took about three to four hours to bath every one in the house, not to mention dishes and so forth! I started these Notes on deliverance draws nigh, on the day I released all I had left in me, I couldn’t do anything, BUT GOD! This was on a Wednesday, Thursday night my husband brought in a blessing from God, a water heater! We had our first hot bath out of a water heater in our home of two years, Saturday. The activity Robin has at the end of the lessons, are powerful, if you do them, daily, during prayer! Get in the intimate place with Jesus, and just personalize the Word, to The Lord! Make it personal to you, just not words out of a book! The flood of the enemy, will choke you, will blind you, you can die from lack of life, breath! And Jesus is life, He is the breath! Like David I was feeling the flood waters coming to my neck! And I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold out! In Day 3, the mysteries within the Word, became life to me! In power! Shook me to the core! What I was seeing going on around me, in our finances, in our lack, was because of the lack that was in my soul, that was deep in me, still void of God in a deep way! Holy Spirit revealed to me, that when I was complaining, I was giving the enemy a tighter grip on my life, the serpent was wrapping himself tighter in my soul, and what I believed in my soul, was becoming my reality, in the present! And this was all a LIE! To steal the covenant , to steal the Word from my life! The Words, giving, the ancient Hebrew that causes you to go deeper in the word, of understanding, is the Meat! Being revealed, that is well seasoned, with the correct portions to feed our understanding, knowledge and wisdom! This series has left the mark of fire in my Soul, that is burning out, removing all the enemy that has attacked my soul. To cause me to die, to give up! To put my focus on myself! But Holy Spirit, who dwells in Robin, has prepared the way, made the road straight, to freedom of bondage of lack, of greed, of selfishness, of bitterness, and had replaced it all with unconditional love, in power and Authority! When Robin started this, I was like, oh no, I love reading what she shares but will I understand it Lord, because I want to be free! I don’t want to live this way! I don’t want to live as pauper but as royal princess for the Most High which He has created me to be! When you are ready to die to self, it leaves room for Holy Spirit to come in like a flood, and raise us up in strength of God, to be set free and delivered! And God spoke to me when I started, “I’ve done this through Robin, so you will receive in greater measure, to be free, I’ve give the Word, just for you! That’s why you will understand, receive, knowledge and wisdom of the Words”

This is a series, you must be tired, you must be ready to give God full access, or you will continue to receive the same  results, as before! This is a time, in season, where God is ready to clean the houses of many, to be free, for 2014. Because we are going to need to be free of self, and of the enemy in our soul, for the next year! So please go and read, day 1-3, prepare your hearts, because Holy Spirit will fall, and burn the enemy out! Be ready because it is all consuming fire! The deliverer is waiting to deliver you from the enemy of your soul. God bless you, and thank you Jesus, for opening  the food gates of fire into my soul to deliver me, from the dung gate, from the pit. And placing me on the foundations, of Love! Thank you Lord for being the life giver, for your people! To free them from Egypt, into the promised land. As we cry out….SET YOUR PEOPLE FREE, In Jesus name, name. Amen














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Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69! Day 3 by Robin Kirby-Gatto

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“Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh Psalm 69” Day 3-


By Robin Kirby-Gatto


I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; my eyes fail with waiting [hopefully] for my God. 4 Those who hate me without cause are more than the hairs of my head; those who would cut me off and destroy me, being my enemies wrongfully, are many and mighty. I am [forced] to restore what I did not steal. 5 O God, You know my folly and blundering; my sins and my guilt are not hidden from You. Psalm 69:3-5 Amp.


David is so flooded by the overwhelming words sent to him, wrapping him as a cloak of heaviness that the engulfing of it all causes him to miss the Massiveness of God. However, that engulfing of the chaos and troubles that afflict his soul from the enemy turn him toward God! We see his weariness in greater detail in verses 3-4 where David is sent to his knees in utter desperation for his hope is failing and he feels there is no answer to his prayers. But in waiting on the answer to where he sees no answer is a work and process in his soul to cause him to further search not others but himself! Let us see this process through.


David says he is weary with his own crying.  Weary in Hebrew is yaga yaw-gahmeaning to gasp, bbe exhausted, toil, tire, faint make to labor and be weary. (SC #3021) The Hebrew letters that compose weary are Yood, Gamil and Ayin. Gamil is the ancient symbol of a camel and means to lift up and benefit or the negative is pride. Therefore, with the picture of the word weary here we see it is the works of his own arm/his pride is what he is caused to see!! (OH MY)! The cloak of the enemy has caused David now to go inwardly and make an introspection of himself!


Crying here in Hebrew is qara kaw-raw and means the idea of accosting a person, to call out, bewray self, cry, publish, say, etc. (SC # 7121) The Hebrew letters in crying are Qoof, Resh and Aleph. Qoof is the ancient symbol of the back of a person’s head and means behind, last and least. Resh is the front of a person’s head meaning head, highest and person. Aleph is the ancient symbol of an ox meaning first, leader and strength and is the first letter of the Aleph-Bet. Therefore, the word picture here of crying is become the least (last) in your person having no strength. David has come to the end of himself in this attack and cloak of the enemy surrounding him, he is becoming broken! God allows us to hit the bottom to get to the end of our strength in order to obtain His strength because in our weakness His is strong. (2 Corinthians 12:9).


David is to the point of crying out with anguish that is throat is parched. Throat here in Hebrew is garown gaw-rone the throat as roughened by swallowing, mouth, neck, aloud and throat. (SC # 1627) The Hebrew letters that compose throat are Gamil, Resh, Vav and Nun. Nun is the ancient symbol of a fish swimming through water and means life and activity. Vav is the ancient symbol of the tent peg/nail meaning to add and secure. Therefore the word picture here with all four letters show that pride of David’s person has caused him now to look at the Nail (piercing- Yeshua) from which flows life! David feels completely emptied out to the point of dehydration from weeping and his anguish that there is no life in him and he knows his necessity presently which is to have the abundance of life flowing back through his person.


Parched in Hebrew is charar khaw-rar meaning to glow, to melt, burn, dry up, be angry, burn, dry and kindle. (SC # 2787). The Hebrew letters that compose parched are Chet, Resh and Resh. Therefore, you have two of Resh and they are right beside each other in this word indicating an emphasis as to that meaning. Chet is the ancient symbol of a fence/inner chamber and means to separate and private. Resh again is the front of a person’s face and means head, highest and person. Therefore, parched here is indicative of the separation of David’s person unto the Most High!!! Do you see this???? David is so to the end of himself that he is burning up with anger and this anger that is kindled within him causes him to know that he does not want his own person right now!!! He totally wants to be separated from his person and only know the Most High!! Glory to God do you see this!!! This is where the exposure of the bound place in the soul is made obvious to David that now he wants it separated out of himself so that all that is within his soul is the Most High!  Oh my goodness GET READY!!! This is going to blow your mind!!!!!!


David’s eyes fail here; there is a shift we see as it relates to David’s perception and vision, the way he sees things. Eyes in Hebrew is ayin ah’-yin meaning eye, affliction, outward appearance, before, color, conceit, be content, displease, favor, fountain, humble, open, openly, please, presence, regard, sight, think, etc. (SC #5869) The Hebrew letters for eyes here are Ayin, Yood and Nun. The ancient symbol for Ayin is the eye meaning to see, know and experience. Therefore, the word picture of all three letters indicating the seeing and experience of works that bring forth life!!


David’s eyes here are what is failing him, his ability to see the works of life and experience it in his present reality. Fail in Hebrew is kalah kaw-law’ to end, to cease, be finished, perish, to complete, prepare, consume, accomplish, expire destroy, done, finish, faint, bring to pass, wholly reap, MAKE CLEAN RIDDANCE, spend, quite, take away, waste, etc. (SC# 3615) Fail is made of the Hebrew letters Kaph, Lamed and Hey which together reveal the word picture that the ALLOWING OF CONTROL IS REVEALED!!!!!! (Kaph remember is the ancient symbol of a palm meaning to cover, to open and allow).  Do you see this??????!!!! David’s viewpoint is changed where he desires to see the works of life flow forth in his person and circumstances and the failing of his eyes is now working to his good, because it causing him to see what is controlling his soul!!!!! The enemy that has controlled his soul is being revealed!!! It is what David has allowed to control him and the riddance of the enemy is not outside of his soul but INSIDE OF HIS SOUL!!!!


David is waiting on Elohim which in Hebrew is-Aleph, Lamed, Hey, Yood and Mem which is the word picture of the Strength and Authority to be revealed that brings forth works massively!!!!!!!.  Elohim is listed all through Genesis and created all things massively therefore the God of Genesis 1 that created all things is Who David is waiting on in this time!!!! Waiting here in Hebrew is yachal yaw-chal meaning to wait, to be patient hope, cause to have hope, be pained, stay, tarry, trust, wait, etc.   (SC# 3176) The Hebrew letters for waiting are Yood, Chet and Lamed creating the word picture of works that separate you unto God’s Authority and control, His tongue!! Glory to God the enemy that has controlled you is about to be exterminated because He has been exposed as we see with ayin (eyes) the scales have fallen off as did with Saul and when the enemy was cleaned out with full riddance Saul was delivered from himself and became Paul the Apostle who wrote most of the new testament books.


What is controlling your soul???? What has you bound up by the enemy of your soul that need to be CLEANED OUT TO BE MADE RIDDANCE OF IN THIS HOUR!!!! It is in the flooding of your soul by the enemy that Elohim raises up His standard to drive him out and make riddance of him!! However, it takes the flooding on the outside of you to see what is flooding on the inside of you by the enemy!!! Do you see this?? Glory to God this is Deliverance this is Healing!!!!


Those who hate me without cause are more than the hairs of my head; those who would cut me off and destroy me, being my enemies wrongfully, are many and mighty. I am [forced] to restore what I did not steal. Psalm 69:4 amp


David identifies that so many hate him without cause are more than the hairs of his head! That is like a flood of people an ocean of an army!! The average number of hair on a human head is said to be about 100,000, which is an army of people. David is so flooded that all he could see was the flood of the enemy against his soul. Hate in Hebrew is sane saw-nay and means hate (personally), enemy, foe, be hateful, odious, utterly, etc. (SC # 8130) The Hebrew letters for hate are Sheen, Nun and Aleph. Sheen again in the ancient Hebrew is the symbol of teeth/fire meaning to consume, devour or destroy. Therefore here hate is where the enemy destroys life and strength!! The Joy of the Lord is your strength and it brings life and life abundantly so the enemy is to STEAL YOUR JOY DO YOU SEE THIS!!!!!!!! The enemy wants to overwhelm you so much that he steals away your joy!!!


Hair in Hebrew is sa’arah sah-ar-aw’ meaning hair and is composed of the Hebrew letters Sheen, Ayin, Resh and Hey. (SC # 8185) WOW!!!!!!!! Do you see this and what hair represents; it is that which you see that consumes you is revealed in your person!!!!! THAT WHICH DAVID SAW WAS THE ENEMY ON THE OUTSIDE BECAUSE REALLY HE WAS CONSUMED BY THE ENEMY INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GLORY TO GOD WHAT A REVELATION!!!!!!!


Head in Hebrew is ro’sh roshe meaning shake, head, shaken, beginning, company, chief, excellent, forefront, etc. (SC # 7218) The letters that compose head are Resh, Aleph and Samech. Samech is the ancient symbol of a prop and means to twist slowly, to support and to turn around. Therefore, the word picture the strength of the Most High is coming in to turn things around! The enemy is after your mind, your head and it is in your shaking where once more God will shake all things in heaven and earth that which is in your soul that is consuming you is being revealed because it is that which is controlling you!!!! However, in the shaking of the head the MOST HIGH IS COMING IN HIS STRENGTH TO TURN THINGS AROUND!!!!  IN YOUR SHAKING GOD IS CAUSING THE EXPOSURE OF THE ENEMY SO THAT GOD HIMSELF WILL MASSIVELY COME FORTH AND DO A WORK!!!!!!




BUT DO YOU SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????


Destroy in Hebrew is tsamath tsaw-math meaning to extirpate, consume, cut off, destroy and vanish. (SC # 6789) The letters that compose destroy are Tsade, Mem and Tav. Tsade is the ancient symbol of a fishhook meaning to catch, desire and need. Therefore, the word picture here of destroy is that the enemy catches you in his chaos to come against covenant!!! The enemy is after the Covenant of God’s Word!  Enemies in Hebrew is oyeb o-yabe and menas hating, adversary, enemy and foe. (SC # 341). The letters of enemy are Aleph, Yood and Bet indicating that the enemy has works to come after the strength of your house!!! The strength of your house is the Joy of the Lord but the enemy wants to get you so caught up in the chaos that all of your strength is given over to that instead of God!!!!!! That is where David is; he has made the enemy more massive to God and it is at this point to where he is consumed by the enemy of his own soul that he is utterly desperate, destitute of himself that all he wants is God.


David says here that the enemy wants him to restore that which he did not steal!! The enemy will get you to pay him if he can!! Restored here in Hebrew is shuwb shoob and means to turn back, return to the starting point, again, break, build, carry, call to mind, recompense, send, back, reverse, withdraw, etc.(SC # 7725) The Hebrew letters for restored are Sheen Vav and Bet creating the word picture of being consumed by the nail, Yeshua which adds and secures to your house!!!!!!! Do you see this???? The enemy is trying to steal from your house by looking as though you owe him!!!! ROFL!!!!  I could not resist laughing but it is true!!! Have you ever been in a place where the devil made you feel so guilty that you went to apologize to him? What does it look like? Basically it would look like an abused woman going to her abuser saying I’m sorry I made you angry that you beat me to a pulp and if anyone knows that I do because my first marriage at 19 years old to a man for 9 months did just that and he constantly stole from my soul by the enemy and I restored unto him by actually letting the enemy tear me down some more by apologizing!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steal in Hebrew ginazk ghin-zak and means FROM A TREASURY!!!!! (SC # 1597) The Hebrew letters that compose this word are Gimel, Nun, Zayin and Kaph. Again, Zayin is the ancient symbol of a weapon which means to cut and cut off. Therefore the word picture of steal is THAT WHICH IS LIFTED UP AGAINST LIFE IS BEING ALLOWED AND CUTTING OFF LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY I AM ABOUT TO FALL OUT!!!! THE ONLY WAY THE ENEMY CAN STEAL FROM YOUR HOUSE (THE WORD IN YOU) IS BECAUSE WE ALLOW THE CUTTING OFF OF THE LIFE OF CHRIST JESUS, THE WORD IN US AND IT IS CONTINUALLY BEING ALLOWED IN OUR SOUL!!!! WE ARE ALLOWING THE ENEMY TO STEAL FROM US BY CUTTING OFF LIFE AND WE ARE HELPING HIM DOING IT!!




That is where David is and he needs this wakeup call!!!!!!


 O God, You know my folly and blundering; my sins and my guilt are not hidden from You. Psalm 69:5 amp


This shaking and flooding of the enemy that is not only outside of his soul but in David’s soul is his wakeup call to God to expose all that is need where it is no longer hidden from David so that it will be removed!! David says to Elohim, God, that He knows his folly and blundering (foolishness). Foolishness in Hebrew is ivveleth iv-veh-leth meaning silliness, foolishness, etc. (SC #200) The Hebrew letters that compose the word are Aleph, Vav, Lamed and Tav creating the word picture of that which would come against the Strength of the Nail, Yeshua and the Authority of Covenant now that is foolish!! David was being foolish by letting the enemy come after the strength of God in Him and the authority of God’s Covenant to David! David was so consumed by chaos in his soul that he could not see God’s covenant!


Sins in Hebrew is ashmah ash-maw and means guiltiness, fault, the presentation of a sin offering, sin, and trespass. (SC # 819) The Hebrew letters that compose sins is Aleph, Sheen, Mem and Hey indicating that which is given strength by the enemy destroys massively and is revealed!!! Do you see this because the fruit of all sin is death!! God told Adam the date that he ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil he would surely DIE!!! When he did eat that fruit sin was present, death was present!!!! God has laid out in His Word all that is death and not of Him; God is life and Jesus is that life and that life is the light of all men!!!!! Death is the darkness! David had come into agreement with the enemy of his soul and the enemy massively destroyed in his soul, it brought death that David was to the point of death!!! Death was revealed!!!


David declares that the foolishness and sin in his heart was not hidden from God. Hid in Hebrew is kachad kaw-khad meaningto secret, destroy, conceal, cut down, and cut off DESOLATE (SC # 3582)!!!!!! Glory to God sin is about to be desolated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cut off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Almighty God is stepping in to do it!!!!!! The Hebrew letters here are Kaph, Chet, Dalet!! Dalet is the ancient symbol of a door and means enter and pathway therefore the word picture we see here is that The Covering that separates is about to enter you and cover you!!!!!! God is no longer going to allow sin to eat up in you if it is no longer hidden!!!! What was hidden is about to be cut off!!!!


Are there secret sins of pornography, alcoholism, sexual sins, anger, rejection, hate and more in your soul that out of pride somewhere in our own hearts is being allowed to come against the life of God resident within us? Are we being consumed by the chaos of that which is hidden within in our foolishness and sin that somehow we’ve become its captive and now are a slave to it and paying it to STAY IN OUR OWN HOUSE!!!!!!! Get this would you let thugs and robbers enter your house now with your family and not only let them wreak havoc but pay them to continue to stay there and do it!!!! Your house would look like a total mess if you did. That is what is happening in our souls when we allow the enemy that we see on the outside of us who is really inside of us to continue to eat us up on the inside, to devour us!!!! Your chaos is an indication of the enemy within your own soul and God is allowing it to work to your good so you will see that the enemy is not without but within!!!!!!!!


For example if you have a spirit of fear or rejection you are continually going to believe that everyone is rejecting and you will be in constant fear  of rejection in your person. Now it might be happening some places in true life but it does not have to become your reality your enemy!!!!!!!! Glory to God do you see this? That which floods you on the outside is that which has already controlled you on the inside!!! Therefore, if you are experience Job’s troubles in a small measure it is to wake you up to what really is on the inside of you coming against your soul!! Therefore, look now at your present reality and what is occurring and seek God to reveal to you that which is your enemy outside presently to what truly is the enemy consuming you on the inside. What is the enemy of your soul that you need riddance of? Is it fear, rejection, anger, sexual sin, addiction, etc?

That which you have knowlege of the tree of the knowlege of good and evil, that fruit is where you need to repent because it brings death!!!! The  enemy see on the outside is the knowledge you have eaten of and has eaten away your inside! But God will set you free!



I am fainting in my crying (because I see my own arm lifted up doing works and not Yours; I have become so little that I have no strength in my person); my throat cannot swallow (my own pride being exposed in my person has now caused me to know that I need the life which the nail, Yeshua brings so that I can be separated in my person unto God); my ability to see is failing (where I want to see the life of your works now instead the control of the enemy in my soul that I have allowed is revealed to me) while I wait for Elohim (the separation unto the authority of the Most High that will bring forth His strength and authority through His massive works). Those who are my foes (cut off all my strength and Your life in me) are more than the hair on my head (that is all I see and consumes me and is constantly revealed but I know Your strength will come and turn things around); those that would destroy and consume me (catch me as in a net of chaos to come against your covenant), who are my enemies wrongfully are mighty (that would come against me and steal all my strength); they force me to recompense them for that which I did not steal (taking the strength of the nail, Yeshua in my house but in the lifting up of my pride I allow them to cut off all life). O Elohim you know my folly (that I allowed my enemy to come against the strength of the nail, Yeshua which adds unto me Your Covenant); my sins are not hid from you (that which has consumed all my strength is revealed massively now and now God I ask that you enter me and separate me unto you and cover me in Your shadow).  Psalm 69:3-5 TGBFWY (copyright Robin Kirby-Gatto)






1 read John 1:1-8 and focus only on the Word every time the enemy begins to flood your thoughts and take them captive speaking John something from John 1:1-18 against it.


2 read Psalm 69 and declare it out loud!


3 repent of all that God shows you and BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!




Tongue of God the Baptism of Fire the Word Yeshua is (TGBFWY) copyrighted by Robin Kirby-Gatto


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Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69! Day 1 & 2 By Robin Kirby-Gatto

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 Please read this other note prior to this one on “The Tongue of satan and the Tongue of God”

God bless you!!!!

Robin Kirby-Gatto







DAY 1:






To the Chief Musician; [set to the tune of] “Lilies.” [A Psalm] of David.

1 Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck [they threaten my life].

2 I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, where the floods overwhelm me.

3 I am weary with my crying; my throat is parched; my eyes fail with waiting [hopefully] for my God.

4 Those who hate me without cause are more than the hairs of my head; those who would cut me off and destroy me, being my enemies wrongfully, are many and mighty. I am [forced] to restore what I did not steal.

5 O God, You know my folly and blundering; my sins and my guilt are not hidden from You.

6 Let not those who wait and hope and look for You, O Lord of hosts, be put to shame through me; let not those who seek and inquire for and require You [as their vital necessity] be brought to confusion and dishonor through me, O God of Israel.

7 Because for Your sake I have borne taunt and reproach; confusion and shame have covered my face.

8 I have become a stranger to my brethren, and an alien to my mother’s children.

9 For zeal for Your house has eaten me up, and the reproaches and insults of those who reproach and insult You have fallen upon me.

10 When I wept and humbled myself with fasting, I was jeered at and humiliated;

11 When I made sackcloth my clothing, I became a byword (an object of scorn) to them.

12 They who sit in [the city’s] gate talk about me, and I am the song of the drunkards.

13 But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord. At an acceptable and opportune time, O God, in the multitude of Your mercy and the abundance of Your loving-kindness hear me, and in the truth and faithfulness of Your salvation answer me.

14 Rescue me out of the mire, and let me not sink; let me be delivered from those who hate me and from out of the deep waters.

15 Let not the floodwaters overflow and overwhelm me, neither let the deep swallow me up nor the [dug] pit [with water perhaps in the bottom] close its mouth over me.

16 Hear and answer me, O Lord, for Your loving-kindness is sweet and comforting; according to Your plenteous tender mercy and steadfast love turn to me.

17 Hide not Your face from Your servant, for I am in distress; O answer me speedily!

18 Draw close to me and redeem me; ransom and set me free because of my enemies [lest they glory in my prolonged distress]!

19 You know my reproach and my shame and my dishonor; my adversaries are all before You [fully known to You].

20 Insults and reproach have broken my heart; I am full of heaviness and I am distressingly sick. I looked for pity, but there was none, and for comforters, but I found none.

21 They gave me also gall [poisonous and bitter] for my food, and in my thirst they gave me vinegar (a soured wine) to drink.

22 Let their own table [with all its abundance and luxury] become a snare to them; and when they are secure in peace [or at their sacrificial feasts, let it become] a trap to them.

23 Let their eyes be darkened so that they cannot see, and make their loins tremble continually [from terror, dismay, and feebleness].

24 Pour out Your indignation upon them, and let the fierceness of Your burning anger catch up with them.

25 Let their habitation and their encampment be a desolation; let no one dwell in their tents.

26 For they pursue and persecute him whom You have smitten, and they gossip about those whom You have wounded, [adding] to their grief and pain.

27 Let one [unforgiven] perverseness and iniquity accumulate upon another for them [in Your book], and let them not come into Your righteousness or be justified and acquitted by You.

28 Let them be blotted out of the book of the living and the book of life and not be enrolled among the [uncompromisingly] righteous (those upright and in right standing with God).

29 But I am poor, sorrowful, and in pain; let Your salvation, O God, set me up on high.

30 I will praise the name of God with a song and will magnify Him with thanksgiving,

31 And it will please the Lord better than an ox or a bullock that has horns and hoofs.

32 The humble shall see it and be glad; you who seek God, inquiring for and requiring Him [as your first need], let your hearts revive and live!

33 For the Lord hears the poor and needy and despises not His prisoners (His miserable and wounded ones).

34 Let heaven and earth praise Him, the seas and everything that moves in them.

35 For God will save Zion and rebuild the cities of Judah; and [His servants] shall remain and dwell there and have it in their possession;

36 The children of His servants shall inherit it, and those who love His name shall dwell in it.



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Day 2-

Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck [they threaten my life]. 2 I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, where the floods overwhelm me Psalm 69:1-2 Amp. 

Here we see in Psalm 69 the psalmist, David, opening up his soul and pouring out his bitter complaint even as Hannah did in 1 Samuel 1.  There is a desperation of being overwhelmed in his soul. God was showing me how Psalm 69 is a structure of man’s soul to reveal the destitution whereby the enemy is overwhelming a person. Here the psalmist starts out “save me O God, for the waters have come up to my neck to threaten my life.” The waters here indicate the enemy coming in like a flood against the soul of a person.

So [as the result of the Messiah’s intervention] they shall [reverently] fear the name of the Lord from the west, and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him and put him to flight [for He will come like a rushing stream which the breath of the Lord drives].

The fact that the waters have come up to his neck demonstrates the feeling of David as though he were going to drown due to the attack/pressure of the soul overwhelming him. Waters here in Hebrew is mayim mah’-yim (# SC 4325) and mean water, flood, spring, etc. The Hebrew letters for mayim are Mem, Yood and Mem thereby having a double portion of Mem which magnifies the meaning of that letter. The ancient symbol in Hebrew for Mem is the picture of waters and indicates massive and chaos.  The ancient symbol in Hebrew for Yood is the arm with the right hand closed as if working indicating works, to make and deed. Therefore the word picture for waters here is the massive works that are coming into the soul flooding it bringing chaos. This is what is happening to David’s soul and he is being overcome with the flood against his person that seems to bring chaos on every end that all he can do is cry out to the Living God for intervention! Waters is not only in Psalm 69:1 but also in Psalm 69:2 indicating the pronounced flooding of his soul causing great distress.

The waters have come up to David’s neck and the KJV says soul! I’ll put the Psalm 69:1-2 KJV here, too.

Save me, O God; for the waters are come in unto my soul. 2 I sink in deep mire, where there is no standing: I am come into deep waters, where the floods overflow me.  Psalm 69:1-2 KJV

Soul here in Hebrew is nephesh neh’-fesh meaning breathing creature, vitality, mind, man, person, etc. The Hebrew letters that compose the word soul are Nun, Pey and Sheen. Nun the ancient symbol in Hebrew is a fish darting through water meaning life and activity. Pey the ancient symbol in Hebrew is the mouth meaning to speak, a word and to open.  Sheen the ancient symbol in Hebrew is teeth/fire indicating to consume or devour (destroy). (SC # 5315) These letters come together to form the word picture of Life by the Word that Consumes!!! That is your soul the Word Himself, Jesus created you and it is that life that consumes you!

Before we go further let me share with you a revelation in which God revealed to me about healing and deliverance. As we go from glory to glory in the Word of God being transformed into His image, the Image of Christ Jesus, we are going to experience the 1 Peter 1:6-7 fiery trials and tribulations as well as suffering of temptations so that we are transformed so that Jesus can be revealed in and through us. With that said before you get healed and delivered in your soul it might look like your behaviors actually get worse but what is truly happening is the enemy (satan and his minions) are flooding your soul attacking you with all kinds of lies that are rooted in your soul by which they can manipulate you that literally your world can be at times chaotic! That is what David is experiencing but you have to remember he has to experience this in order to prepare him for the Throne so he will only rule by God’s order and not his own. It was the same way for Joseph because had his soul not be processed in the pit, in Potiphar’s house or in the dungeon then he would have killed his brothers, wiping out the whole nation of Israel from the maimed place in his heart where his brothers had hurt him. God allows the flooding only to bring forth His standard, His Word and drive the enemy out!!

David said he was sinking in deep mire where there was no foothold, indicating there was no way he could get himself  out of this situation and his soul was going further and further down into the chaos.  Sink here in Hebrew is taba’ taw-bah’(# 2883) to sink, drown, fasten and settle. It is made of the Hebrew letters Tet, Bet and Ayin and this will blow your mind!! Tet in the ancient Hebrew is a symbol of a snake and means “to surround” but it is not always negative as to the snake per se.  Bet in the ancient Hebrew is a symbol of a tent or house meaning within, in, household and family. Ayin in the ancient Hebrew is the picture of an eye meaning to see, know and experience so get this, Taba indicates the surrounding of your house by the enemy (serpent) is all you see, know and experience!!!! Do you see this; it  is blowing my mind!

David was sinking in deep mire. Deep here is metsowlah mets-o-law and means a deep place of water or mud- bottom, deep and depth.  The Hebrew letters here in deep are Mem, Tsade, Vav, Lamed and Hey. Are you ready for this? Vav is the ancient symbol of a tent peg/nail meaning to add and secure. Tsade is the ancient symbol of a fishhook and means catch, desire and need. Lamed is the ancient symbol of a cattle goad meaning control, authority and tongue. Hey, is the ancient symbol of a person holding their hands up in the air meaning ‘to reveal.” Therefore, the word picture here is that the chaos has caught David and added unto him the revealing of the control of the enemy in his soul!!! David’s soul seems to be have hit bottom and nothing he can do can get it out from being at the bottom.

Mire here in Hebrew is yaven yaw-ven and means dregs, mud, mire, miry and hence. (SC # 3121). The Hebrew letters that compose the word mire are Yood, Vav and Nun. Vav is the ancient symbol of a tent peg/a nail and means to add and secure. Nun is the ancient symbol of a fish darting through water meaning life or activity. Therefore, the word picture here is the works of the enemy that added to David’s massive overwhelming feeling of chaos coming against the life resident within him.. We know that satan is the enemy of our soul that kills, steals and destroys; those are his works. Therefore, the enemy coming after David soul is literally trying to kill him and destroy him.

David sinks deep where he can get no foothold. Foothold in Hebrew here is mo’omad moh-om-awd meaning foothold and standing. (SC #4613) The letters that compose the word foothold/standing in Hebrew are Mem, Ayin, Mem and Dalet. Dalet is the ancient symbol of a door and means to enter and pathway. Therefore, the word picture of foothold here that David is looking for is the Massiveness for Him to see is of God which causes David to enter into the power of that Massiveness!! When God is bigger the enemy has no power or control over us!! How big is your God right now!!! David was having a struggle seeing the massiveness of God because of the attack of the enemy against his soul.

David then cries out he has come into deep waters where the floods have overwhelmed him. Waters is the same here as in verse 1. Deep here is the Hebrew word ma’amaq mah-am-awk’ meaning deep and depth (SC # 4615). The Hebrew letters that make up this word are Mem, Ayin, Mem and Qoof.  We have already seen what Mem means and by the way again we have two indicating the pronounced position of David being overwhelmed. Qoof the ancient symbol is the back of the head and some do say the sun on the horizon and means last, least, to follow as well as a rising.

David coming to the deep waters, the chaos that seems to be overtaking his life is causing him to be overwhelmed by floods. Floods here in Hebrew is shibbol shib-bole’ (SC # 7641) and means a stream flowing, water, flood as well as an ear of corn. The Hebrew letters that compose the word are sheen, bet and Lamed. Sheen in Hebrew is the ancient symbol of teeth/fire meaning consume, devour and destroy. Therefore, here the word picture is the enemy has tried to devour (destroy) David’s house by controlling it with his tongue!!! Do you see this because satan cannot touch your spirit man he can only speak through your carnal nature (flesh) to get to your soul with his lies. (as seen in the note the tongue of satan and the Tongue of God). Therefore, David is saying that the enemy has come in and his house is being destroyed because of the tongue of the enemy against his house (his soul). It is a lying serpent on David’s neck that has to be lifted off!  Corn usually indicates where your faith is therefore because of the enemy coming in so hard David’s faith has gotten hit and he is trying to resist the enemy and not believe the lie of what his circumstances spoke by the enemy of his soul.

Overwhelmed here is sheteph shay-tef and me deluge, flood, overflowing, etc. (SC # 7857). The letters that compose the Hebrew word are Sheen, Tet and Pey. Pey is the ancient symbol of a mouth and means to speak, a word and to open. Therefore, the word picture here is that the enemy’s word (lies) are surrounding and consuming David!

That is what it seems like before you get deliverance from the bondage, lies, of the enemy of your soul! Instead of things getting better it seems to get worse and flood your soul creating havoc and chaos on every end!!! The words of the enemy and the works of the enemy seem to be speaking to your soul that you are going down and your soul seems to be at the bottom of the pit, in the dungeon, at the bottom to where you don’t think you can make it anymore. However, it  is at this place where God brings in His standard and lifts it up against the enemy!!!!!

The Hebrew word standard in Isaiah 59 is nuwc noos meaning to vanish away, abate, be displayed, put to flight, lift up a standard, etc. (SC #5127). It is funny because even the word here in English is pronounced like our word noose, rofl!!! The Hebrew letters that compose the word standard are Nun, Vav and Samech. You will love this because Samech in Hebrew is the ancient symbol of a prop and means to twist slowly, to support and to turn around!!!! Do you see the word picture here? Oh my, God’s standard is that Life that has been added unto us by the Nail (Yeshua-Christ Jesus) is about to come in the midst of the flood and TURN THINGS AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD IS ABOUT TO PUT A NOOSE AROUND THE ENEMY’S NECK!!!

God’s Word is His standard and truth that drives the enemy out of your soul and turns things around!

1- Psalm 69

2- Read John 1:1-18

3- Declare God’s standard from John 1:1-18 in your life that turns things around

Be encouraged and blessed knowing that God is about to deliver you and set you free because it looks like when they are the worse is actually when you are being  set  up for total deliverance!!!!!



Save me Elohim for the waters (that which would bring forth massive chaos in my life through the works of my enemy) have flooded my soul (the place where Your Word consumes me bringing me life); I sink to the bottom of the mud (all I see is that I am surrounded by the chaos that has caught me and added unto me by my enemy to reveal his control over me through His works and activity) and I cannot see a place to stand in (the massiveness of seeing you Elohim that would cause me to enter into Your massiveness, Your Shadow); I am in deep waters (where all I can see is the chaos of the enemy that floods my soul and follows me everywhere I turn), where the floods overwhelm me (the control of my enemy that tries to destroy my house is constantly speaking and surrounding me). Psalm 69:1-2 TGBFWY (copyright Robin Kirby-Gatto)

TGBFWY is commentary of “The Tongue of God, the Baptism of Fire, the Word Yeshua” by Robin Kriby-Gatto.

SC indicates Strong’s Concordance.


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