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This teaching on God’s Fire Wall “Alpha and Omega; Revelation 1:8” is utterly amazing!!!! It will completely pierce your heart as never before, bringing in the Sword of the Spirit to operate and remove that which you did not even know yourself! You will be laid bare by God’s Word in order that He can bring forth the fullness of His Covering, His Righteousness and His Kingdom!!!! Find out about the depth of the Royal Priesthood and Holy Nation as never before through Revelation 1 and the book of Esther as you see about being God’s Knight! This teaching is an end time training and will never leave you the same!!!!


1) Knowing Alpha

2) Being Crucified with Christ Jesus

3) Knowing Omega

4) Being Seated with Christ Jesus in Heavenly Places

Here are testimonies!


price is $50 you get military tag with workbook and cds


I cannot begin to put into words that would give this teaching the justice that it deserves. It was absolutely mind-blowing and phenomenal how spot on you always are in delivering God’s truths and His Word in such a deep, revelatory manner. The teaching on Esther and revelation was eye opening and so critical in this hour for me to advance in my walk. The explanation of the purification process, as well as, the beauty treatments Esther had to undergo before she could be in the Kings presence were amazing and so closely related to the place I’ve been for the last two years, it was uncanny. To receive such confirmation from my Savior through you, His obedient servant and incredible teacher of His Word, was what I needed to know that not only was NOTHING I have been through was wasted, but is what has prepared me for my “one night with the King!” I highly recommend this teaching and I am currently on my third listening to the tapes and have received something new every time I have heard them that I didn’t get the time before! This was my favorite teaching and conference yet and I cannot wait to see what comes next! Tracie Mark

During the Gulf Shores meeting, it was healing. So much confirmation for me, such a deeper revelation of Jesus and heaven. I have not been the same since then. The power and authority of Jesus through HOLY SPIRIT, has changed my heart, motives, and my desires. The warfare was heavy. I have learned what Torque means and how it twist us up. the Torque is what what twist to get the motor going (I hope I got that right). It’s the same way with HOLY SPIRIT, He is our torque, which causes us to get twisted, which brings warfare. The tighter or harder the warfare, the more powerful you get in heavenly places. The foundations of heaven is power and authority in Jesus. Jesus sitting on the right hand side of the Father, we sit on the right hand side of Jesus, for those of us who are in Jesus. So I have been come a twisted stump for my King and Savior. That has received Liberty in the heavenly places. To love as He loves us. And I still can’t get over the Troop 77, because we was at the boyscouts lodge. Their lodge number was Troop 77…. recently I had to move our mail to the post office in town and my mail box number is 77. God is talking, and He is moving greater and stronger than ever, and I believe only those who are willing to let it all go to surrender it all, is the ones that is going to be the WAR HORSE on the front lines, going to battle, pushing and plowing our way to the front the lines to get to our King.. To get to our Heaven Father, all the beauty He has for us. This chick and her family, is coming out of the Wilderness, and out of the poverty mentality, and walking in victory. Declaring and decreeing the Word of God, getting free from religious mind sits… Yes… There is freedom where the Spirit of the Lord is, and He was all up in that place!!!! I would encourage everyone to get the book, get the CD’s. And I would encourage everyone to attend the Next God’s Fire Wall. Partake of the Goodness of the Bread and Wine the Lord has for you. You will not be sorry. These meetings are getting more and more powerful and anointed…Robin, I can not describe properly what this last meeting has done. I can’t put it into words. I’m still in awe, and wonder. So many of us do not understand the extent of warfare you endure for all of us. The prayer, the time, the study, the faithfulness, the love, devotion, the unconditional love. the list can go on and one. During my seperation from the church (building as well as the Bride), you have always been there. No matter how busy you have been, or gotten, you have always gone to war for us. You have always been like Christ Jesus, you lay yourself down for us. Because of all of that, I am getting free from so much, I am rising up from the ashes, coming through the horizon from the wilderness to the Paradise. These materials are so worth more than what is being asked. They are rich, they are anointed, and they are truth. They,when they are studied and applied raises the dead up. The Word of truth touches the deepest part of the Soul, that brings life, and love, and hope…. Thank you for being an Ester that goes through the purification and perfumed up, to be a sweet smelling scent to the King. This Workbook, is amazing. Thank you Robin, for all you do, go through and endure for all of us. Thank you for being a War Horse for the KING, and making a determined decision to bring the rest of us with you. God bless you, keep you… Detra Knapp

Wow! I have never been good expressing something in words. Let me say that in this teaching there are so many “parts” that speak to my innermost self….I have hope and faith in that God can take the ordinary, orphan outcast and cause her to be a world and Kingdom changer. A righteous Dove…. Courage and Strength….emptied of all for the sake of the kingdom…. All the while destroying the plans of the enemy while its looking like your about to be hanged. Words like purple, royalty, knight, warhorse, dove!!!! Troop #77… #3 the trinity….Elohim!!! Etc. God is so awesome in revealing Himself!!! These classes and revelations by Holy Spirit are the best I have ever been a part of. I never want to miss a moment. I recommend everyone get these CDs and workbooks and let God raise you up to your calling and destiny in these last days!!!!!! Terry Curtis

Robin, it was so good to see you and Rich! I am blessed beyond measure every time I attend your Meetings/Conferences! I tell you the REVELATION KNOWLEDGE I learned at this Conference was out of this world!! I was once again blessed beyond measure!!! May GOD’S continued blessings be upon your lives in JESUS’ NAME!!! AMEN!!! ….Will continue to be a drive shaft with GOD leading and guiding me ALL the way!!! GOD bless!!!
Love ya!!! Kathryn Prim

There was a powerful anointing on that teaching and you could barley stand up there!!! I was a puddle of tears the whole time!!! It was powerful!! Terry Curtis



    […] Also in one video it shows them all with angel wings and says that there is MAGIC in this bag referencing divination. Moreover, at the end of the ad it says “LET THE REAL GAMES BEGIN’ indicating the enemy coming against God’s people, in confrontation. However, God is allowing this as a FACE-OFF which i teach in the Training “THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA; REVELATION 1:8′ with Esther and Revelation 1: Here is link:… […]

    […] Also in one video it shows them all with angel wings and says that there is MAGIC in this bag referencing divination, while playing “I’M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE.” They are indicating (Illuminati and powers of darkness) that there is going to be an increase in divination and sorcery. Moreover, at the end of the ad it says “LET THE REAL GAMES BEGIN’ indicating the enemy coming against God’s people, in confrontation. However, God is allowing this as a FACE-OFF which i teach in the Training “THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA; REVELATION 1:8′ with Esther and Revelation 1: Here is link:… […]

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