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God is going to cause you to know the power and the purpose of your call as never before in this hour, as you step into a new season, seeing change as never before! He is moving things on your behalf that you cannot even see, and when your eyes are opened, it will seem as though it came SUDDENLY!
God is moving quickly to gather His laborers for His harvesting in this new season, as we see the remnant that has been lame, gathered together, because of enduring the trying and testing of the Word of God for the NEW ANOINTING!
Divine breakthrough is coming, and you will see the joy of the Lord poured out as never before, seeing yokes of oppression destroyed, cloaks of heaviness lifted off, and a garment of expressive praise brought forth, as God’s people praise Him for answered prayer!
God says it took the past trials to get you to pray the right prayers, the prayers of His heart, in order that He could move on the souls of many, making you a fisherman of men, seeing the power of His abundant grace, love, light and truth released to many, as He breathes upon them!
He is going to turn your weeping into laughter, you will have joy in this season as you see the outpouring of His abundant blessings that will overtake you, in this hour!
Overnight things will change, and I hear Him say watch the weather patterns. I keep hearing “snow,” and about His treasuries of snow in the heavens that will be poured out. When the snow comes you will see the time of abundance and grace. I keep seeing the news and on the news there are reports of snow. The snow that is coming will be an “unusual snow.” (not sure of the timing but God has been speaking to me about this for 3 days now and continues to talk about this unusual snow that will be a sign).
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto


I pray God’s divine direction be in and upon you, giving you over to the power of His promise, which causes you to enter the GREATER WORKS that Jesus Christ promised, giving you strength to walk in the gift God has given you, yielding His abundant life! In Jesus Name!
I pray you rise up into the power of God’s perfection, seeing the display of the greatness of God giving you purpose and direction, as you see His plan before you, lifting you up in mighty strength to know the victory of the Promise, the power of the Spirit of Prophecy, which is the Testimony of Jesus Christ!!!!
I pray you walk in divine wisdom and knowledge by the power of Holy Spirit causing you to here the way of the Lord, as you lean not on your own understanding but acknowledge Him.
I pray you come to know the mind of Christ Jesus in greater measure, where Holy Spirit searches out the things of God diligently, providing inquiry into your call, where you pray and ask God only to watch Him answer!!!!
GLORY TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!
I pray you know what to ask the Father, and it is not amiss, but it is right on direction, giving you greater focus on what God has called you to, so that your talents (gifts) will not be buried but multiplied by the power of God’s life!!!!!!!!
I pray for Hope to stir up in you by the power of Holy Spirit for the purpose and promise God has called you, giving you strength and fortitude to press into the call of Christ Jesus!
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto





One thought on “SUDDENLY!

    roba81 said:
    August 25, 2017 at 6:25 am

    Amen Robin, so ready for a new season. It seems for ten years now it’s been one trial after another with little peeks of breakthrough right before another trial. This year has been extremely rough, I continue to pray and believe there is better days. I have had this heaviness for such a long time, I’ve even gained weight from feeling such fatigue and oppression. Your prayers are appreciated.


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