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By Robin Kirby-Gatto


1 And so it was with me, brothers and sisters. When I came to you, I did not come with eloquence or human wisdom as I proclaimed to you the testimony about God. 2 For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 3 I came to you in weakness with great fear and trembling. 1 Corinthians 2:1-2 AMP

20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Galatians 2:20

To preface this note I want to say that I refuse to point fingers at anyone, naming names as to people who might be deceived, thinking they are doing things of God and it is not God. I have watched information as I have done research about the Kundalini spirit when Holy Spirit told me about the spirit and had me put a word out from the Lord. Holy Spirit told me some people were being falsely accused as it related to this spirit and that we are to humble OURSELVES and for us to get before the Lord in order that the consecration He desires to do in us will be fully performed by Holy Spirit. Therefore, in knowing this information as you read this note, do not attribute inferences towards individuals or ministries because I am simply presenting what Holy Spirit has told me, which is to let Holy Spirit search MY HEART! Also if you would please pray this if Holy Spirit leads you before reading this note. God bless you!

Prayer: God I ask that You bring the Hebrews 4:12 Sword of the Spirit in my heart to divide between soul and spirit, my intentions and motives, and expose all things which are not of You in my heart God. God give me eyes to see and ears to hear. I desire only to allow You to examine my heart and reveal to me where I need to repent so that I will be transformed more into the image of Your Son, Christ Jesus. In Jesus Name. Amen.


As Holy Spirit had been speaking for months about the transition that was going to take place in the Bride of Christ Jesus (The Church), God had given me several notes starting August 2011 about what was about to transpire in order that God’s government would be established in the earth. God had me write several notes, particularly 5 notes that dealt with deceptions, demonic attacks and the circumcision of our heart, detailing that if individuals and ministries did not submit to God, that they were going to be shut down within 6 months. I have received reports two weeks ago that God is confirming the Word of the Lord. About four to three weeks ago Holy Spirit began to speak to me about a deception in God’s Church of where the enemy was profaning God’s Holy Spirit and the kundalini spirit was exposed to the light, which was a spirit that mocked and mimicked Holy Spirit. God had me post the note “Do Not be Deceived, the Kundalini Spirit.”

As I was listening to Holy Spirit on a movie to watch last Friday 2/3/12 He led me to a movie that immediately when I had it in my hands a complete download of revelation was deposited into me by Holy Spirit about further details of deception in this hour. Then Holy Spirit told me to reveal this message so God’s Church could understand the wiles of the enemy and the truth of true holiness.

The movie I watched last Friday with my husband and youngest son, Matthew, was “Contagion.” The plot of the movie was about a pandemic medical disaster that wiped out millions of lives in a brief period. In order to give more background to this, when I was doing my master’s degree social work internship at UAB (University of Alabama at Birmingham) in the department of Geriatric Medicine I went to monthly seminars for doctors and nurse practitioners. (I graduated with my Master’s degree in social work from University of Alabama, specializing in Geriatrics). At these monthly seminars doctors from all over the world would come and speak regarding a study they recently had published in a medical journal that would be related to geriatric medicine. I simply had favor to go to these meetings; these meetings were not open to staff, but rather were invitation only, luncheon seminars. As a result of wanting further continuing education units for my undergrad license while I was in school and my desire to learn more as well as get a free catered lunch I looked forward to these meetings. After I finished my internship with the Department of Geriatrics and received my MSW (Masters of Social Work) at the University of Alabama, I later went into psychiatry and worked at the UAB outpatient Psychiatric program for adult patients. Since I was still at UAB I was able to have continued favor to attend these luncheon seminars each month. They were very helpful in giving me further education so that I could provide better care to my clients. One particular day though I attended a conference where a physician from out of state came and did a seminar on a “Pandemic” potential that usually cycles so many years, describing that we were set up to come close to another world wide pandemic soon (this was in the 1999). As I sat there and listened I was amazed because I had heard of epidemics but never a pandemic. Therefore, when I listened to his study and findings it alarmed me that we could be set up for a time in which another pandemic might occur.

“A pandemic (from Greek πᾶν pan “all” + δῆμος demos “people”) is an epidemic of infectious disease that is spreading through human populations across a large region; for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide. A widespread endemic disease that is stable in terms of how many people are getting sick from it is not a pandemic. Further, flu pandemics generally exclude recurrences of seasonal flu. Throughout history there have been a number of pandemics, such as smallpox and tuberculosis. More recent pandemics include the HIV pandemic and the H1n1 pandemic.” (

I never forgot that luncheon seminar because it was the most profound one I attended as it relates to medicine. With that said Holy Spirit brought that back to remembrance as I began to prepare to watch the movie, Contagion.


“Contagion” the movie has different characters who represent prophetic symbolism as to where we are right now even in this hour for the Bride of Christ Jesus. “The film documents the spread of a virus transmitted by fomites, attempts by medical researchers and public health officials to identify and contain the disease, the loss of social order in a pandemic, and finally the introduction of a vaccine to halt its spread.” ( “A fomite is an inanimate object or substance which is capable of carrying infectious organisms.” (Wikipedia.fomite). Therefore, the movie started out showing you that a character was attacked by this fomite (inanimate object which carried and infectious organism) which within a brief period killed her. It started out with what one would consider a cold or infection of some sort but within a brief period of anywhere between two days of catching it the person would be dead. (Please do not think this is a true story because it is a movie, I’m simply giving details and God’s revelation and right now I bind any fear in Jesus Name).

The characters in the movie consisted of Beth Emhoff, who is married to Mitch Emhoff. Beth and Mitch have two children, Clark and Jory. Beth is overseas on a business trip to Hong Kong; when the movie starts she is in a layover in Chicago where she has just met up with her boyfriend, with whom she is having an affair with in Chicago. She is talking on the phone with her boyfriend after returning from a date with him, while at the airport waiting for her flight home. She then gets on the flight to return to her husband and children in Minneapolis. When Beth gets home she seems to have as what we know most as the common cold but within being home a couple of days she ends up having a seizure and is rushed to the hospital by ambulance. The doctors come out later and give the news to Mitch that she has died. What is worse, Mitch checked his son out of school the day before because he seemed to have a common cold and while he is at the hospital overcoming the death of his wife he receives a call from someone stating that his son had a seizure of some sort. When Mitch arrives he finds out that his son has died. Mitch is quarantined at the hospital to see if he has the virus. His daughter, Jory, meets him at the hospital and waits for her dad to be released before going home. In the meantime, you see other occurrences where there are scenes of others who have the sickness too in Hong Kong and England getting sick and dying from the virus. Doctors begin an autopsy in Beth’s brain to determine what the cause of death might be; it is unexplainable. By this time the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has been contacted and alerted about the different unexplainable deaths in order that a study can be done promptly to make sure it does not spread. A doctor, Erin played by Kate Winslet, is sent out there by the CDC to investigate the incident.

Mitch ends up getting out of the hospital quarantine because he does not have the infection and he quarantines his own daughter, Jory, at their house in order that she would not get the infection. In the meantime the virus spreads and the Minnesota National Guard quarantine Minneapolis so the virus will not spread further. Conditions end up being horrible, with many deaths, people looting stores and homes, much lawlessness, and further fear that is instilled in those who live in the area.

The CDC doctor, Erin, who was investigating the outbreak ended up getting the infection herself and died. Dr. Ellis Cheever is over the CDC administrative duties for the CDC and finds out about Erin’s death. Being overwhelmed Dr. Ellis could not get Erin out of the horrific contagion environment and knowing what was to come for those he loved, he warned his soon to be wife who was in Chicago, where Beth’s prior affair with her boyfriend when she cheated on Mitch, had died and began spreading the virus. Dr. Ally Hextall ends up coming up with a vaccine that she inoculates into her own body and intentionally exposes herself to the sick people in order to determine if the vaccine works. Dr. Ally ends up finding the vaccine as a result of her work.

Overall, millions were struck with this horrible infection and died as a result. However, a vaccine was discovered in time and then lotteries of some sort were held to determine who the recipients would be of the new vaccine. Mitch continued to have his daughter, Jory, in the house ensuring her safety, protecting her from the deadly infection. Blue bands were placed on those who did receive the vaccine and in time some normalcy returned after a pandemic that began but what was least expected. “The film concludes by tracing the origin of the virus from a bat nesting in a tree being cleared by Emhoff’s mining corporation. The bat flies to a nearby pig sty and drops a banana where it is eaten by the pig, presumably transferring the bat virus into the pig. The pig is sold to and butchered by a chef in a Macau casino who greets Beth Emhoff without washing his hands of the pig’s blood, transferring the bat-pig hybrid to her and creating the MEV-1 human strain.” (


Beth means “house” and is referred to often in Hebrew with Bethel, Bethlehem, Bethany and every instance it is used as a variant for “house,” as well as “My God is an oath.” Mitch comes from the variant form of Michael, which means “Who is like God.” Clark means “priest” and Jory comes from the word Jordan, meaning to “descend” or “flow down.” Erin is a variant form of Aaron, as in the priesthood, meaning High Mountain or exalted one. Ellis comes from the word Elijah and Ally comes from Alison/Alice meaning a “noble kind.” Therefore, what Holy Spirit showed me is that Beth was supposed to be faithful to Michael who pronounces “Who is Like God?” However, Beth exchanges fidelity to a union with whom she was in covenant, her husband (indicating Jesus, God’s New Covenant) and in her adultery exchanges her relationship to one with the world and other gods. Beth means “house” and also “my God is an oath” demonstrating that people in God’s house are exchanging God’s oath; His covenant for another oath with the devil and do not know it. Clark, Mitch’s son represents the priests, those in leadership in God’s house that are still walking in immaturity who are going to have to mature in order to have the discernment to distinguish between the clean and unclean. If they remain in immaturity they are at risk of getting deceived as to what is holy and what is unholy.

Jory indicates a “descending” of Holy Spirit “flowing down” from God’s throne room and being poured out, therefore demonstrating a move of Holy Spirit that God will pour out upon the earth. (Joel 2:25-28). In the movie Mitch, “Who is Like God” is protecting Jory, “the flowing down” of Holy Spirit, the move of Holy Spirit. He has held it back for such a time as when there has been judgment and testing in His house to determine who will be loyal to Him. This is seen by the testing of our faith through many trials and tribulations that we the Body of Christ Jesus have been through for years. God has been separating the profane from the Holy in us individually and as we have yielded to it, He is refining us. Ellis represents the Spirit of Elijah mantle that is administrating the return to the Lord, a repentance cry, to prepare the way of the Lord. Ally indicates those who are a Royal Priesthood a Holy Nation (of a noble kind) who are coming forth in this hour that have so much of Christ Jesus in them to overcome, death, hell and the grave! Jesus Christ has become greater in them than he that is in the world! The fact that the first place the virus in the US is released, is Chicago which means “Windy City” and “City of Big Shoulders” indicates the Move of Holy Spirit (Windy City) bringing forth the (Government of God) and that the enemy is trying to hit those who carry the Isaiah 9:7 Apostolic anointing that brings forth Isaiah 22:22 releasing of God’s government. The blue band being positioned around people to indicate they are clean and uninfected being those sealed by Holy Spirit.

7Of the increase of His government and of peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and over his kingdom, to establish it and to uphold it with justice and with righteousness from the [latter] time forth, even forevermore. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this. Isaiah 9:7 AMP.

22And the key of the house of David I will lay upon his shoulder; he shall open and no one shall shut, he shall shut and no one shall open. Isaiah 22:22 Amp.

God showed me Dr. Erin who goes to investigate the outbreak becomes infected and that likewise presently, Holy Spirit is giving the bride discernment by wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God’s Holy Spirit what is of God and what is not so we do not get carried away with the profane things in God’s House that are being judged in this hour and miss this move of Holy Spirit. Judgment comes to God’s House first and we are presently in the midst of judgment!

God said that false words and lies (likened to FOMITES in the movie) have been released from the enemy against our mind (indicating the autopsy on the brain) so that it would be determined by those that are mature, rooted and grounded in the Word of God, the love of Christ Jesus, to see who would be a true virgin of the Lord with her lamp all the way full, waiting upon the Lord.

God says that we are in the midst of God promoting those who walk in the mantle of Elijah and are preparing the way of the Lord to send the message and warn those who would have ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying. God is showing that there is NO OTHER god before Him because “WHO IS LIKE OUR GOD?” no one; there is only ONE GOD, Yahweh!

The note on Do Not Be Deceived Note on Kundalini is but the beginning of the deception because it is so much more. In the movie the virus started with a bat that was eating a banana, indicating what looked to be fruitful was bad fruit, contaminated with guile and profanity it was not God’s fruit. Moreover, it was dropped in a place for a pig to eat indicating “unclean” and that the pig’s blood was on the chef’s hand who in turned and shook hands with Beth. The chef in the movie was indicating those in ministry that were feeding rotten fruit, fruit from satan, and not God. God is no longer going to allow us to shake hands and have part with what is unclean, the bad fruit (works – sin) of the devil. God is going to places in our heart in order that we become repentant and turn to Him, returning to our First Love, Jesus Christ, bringing us forth as a Royal Priesthood a Holy Nation. In the Kundalini note I explain that God gave me a scripture, Daniel 11:31-32, in February 2010 and said that this scripture had been unlocked at that moment in time. We are nearly two years later and the witness to that scripture is being manifested by Holy Spirit.

31And armed forces of his shall appear [in the holy land] and they shall pollute the sanctuary, the [spiritual] stronghold, and shall take away the continual [daily burnt offering]; and they shall set up [in the sanctuary] the abomination that astonishes and makes desolate [probably an altar to a pagan god]. 32And such as violate the covenant he shall pervert and seduce with flatteries, but the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God]. 33And they who are wise and understanding among the people shall instruct many and make them understand, though some [of them and their followers] shall fall by the sword and flame, by captivity and plunder, for many days. 34Now when they fall, they shall receive a little help. Many shall join themselves to them with flatteries and hypocrisies. 35And some of those who are wise, prudent, and understanding shall be weakened and fall, [thus, then, the insincere among the people will lose courage and become deserters. IT WILL BE A TEST] TO REFINE, TO PURIFY, AND TO MAKE THOSE AMONG [GOD’S PEOPLE] WHITE, even to the time of the end, because it is yet for the time [God] appointed. Daniel 11:31-35.


Right now God is calling us to repentance in order that we come to a place of consecrating ourselves to go forth as to THE HOLY MOUTAIN (Psalm 24), a place of Holy Visitation with the Lord! There is a move of Holy Spirit that is about to blow upon us and will be poured out by God the Father for such a time to bring many souls into the Kingdom of God. Holy Spirit has been showing me areas in which the fiery trials in my life have been a refinement process in order that we could come forth as gold, Holy and pure, having been tested. But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:9

8 In the whole land,” declares the LORD, “two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it. 9This third I will put into the fire; I will refine them like silver and test them like gold. They will call on my name and I will answer them; I will say, ‘They are my people,’ and they will say, ‘The LORD is our God.’” Zechariah 13:8-9 AMP.

God has had me lay down and allow Holy Spirit to search my heart because Judgment is in the House of the Lord and He is removing all profane things out of His house, those given over to uncleanness and in adultery with another god. God is causing us to see sins in our lives that are enmity with Him and having us repent. Holy Spirit has showed me much that I have been repenting of and for the last two weeks I have been in deep repentance. God has given me this Word to give to the Bride of Christ Jesus so those that have an ear to hear will turn to the Lord in repentance. God spoke to me Psalm 51 and when I read it today, somehow the scripture appeared different than before; it was as if my eyes were opened. I spoke this word of repentance to the Lord and there was a renewal of joy and assurance of the joy of my salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage you to read the note on Kundalini, listen to the youtube video that someone sent me three days after my note confirming that word (, and declare Psalm 51 to the Lord coming to a place of true repentance. We want to be Holy as God as Holy which can only come from us humbling ourselves and allowing Him to search our heart and letting Him do a work of holiness in our lives. I pray God’s peace, wisdom, knowledge and understanding be upon you in Jesus Name!

Holy Spirit said that in this hour the enemy has released an attack against the Bride of Christ Jesus to cause a pandemic of deception being released where many would fall away should they not continue to mature in the truth of the Word of God. God is establishing His Government on the Throne of David with Justice and Righteousness and those who are allowing Holy Spirit to come into your heart and circumcise it with the Sword of the Spirit, dividing between the soul and spirit, the motives and intentions of our heart, would have a deliverance and healing of wounds that have tormented them and controlled their behaviors. God said that we are rising up as mature sons and daughters of the Most High God! I had a dream recently where I went into this room and Holy Spirit showed me what is killing the Church. The deception is allowed to come in because we are not feeding the meat of God’s Word; we are watering down the Gospel of Christ Jesus and giving milk when it is the hour to give meat!!!!! In the dream I saw a black room and there was an adult on a bed that had a black bed spread. They were lying on top of the bed in a clear casket made of glass. Inside of the casket the person was covered with nothing but milk and when I asked God about this He said that many ministries are not feeding the Meat of God’s Word which is causing many Christians to fall into deception and they are falling away from the truth. I remember one time someone said to me that they were not bringing their young people to 22 IS 22 (Isaiah 22:22 Company) our ministry for young people that equips them in the prophetic because they were still in the milk of the Word and it our meetings there is HEAVY DUTY MEAT! I told them they were doing an injustice to their young people because God is able to feed the meat of His Word to whomever He wills!!!!!!!! We’ve had bound up drug addicts come into our meeting and on one occasion one came to our meeting high and when Holy Spirit ministered to them after the Word came forth in power they were sobered, set free and delivered that night!!!!!! We are doing God’s church an injustice by not giving the meat of God’s Word! If someone comes to one of the meetings Holy Spirit in me ministers they are changed! I have seen this time after time after time after time where Holy Spirit sends our ministry hard cases for deliverance and He does ALL THE WORK!!!!!! We have got to release the TRUTH, the JUSTICE, and the POWER OF GOD’S WORD AS HE INSTRUCTS!!!!!!



1HAVE MERCY upon me, O God, according to Your steadfast love; according to the multitude of Your tender mercy and loving-kindness blot out my transgressions. 2Wash me thoroughly [and repeatedly] from my iniquity and guilt and cleanse me and make me wholly pure from my sin! 3For I am conscious of my transgressions and I acknowledge them; my sin is ever before me. 4Against You, You only, have I sinned and done that which is evil in Your sight, so that You are justified in Your sentence and faultless in Your judgment. 5Behold, I was brought forth in [a state of] iniquity; my mother was sinful who conceived me [and I too am sinful]. 6Behold, You desire truth in the inner being; make me therefore to know wisdom in my inmost heart. 7Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean [ceremonially]; wash me, and I shall [in reality] be whiter than snow. 8Make me to hear joy and gladness and be satisfied; let the bones which You have broken rejoice. 9Hide Your face from my sins and blot out all my guilt and iniquities. 10Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right, persevering, and steadfast spirit within me. 11Cast me not away from Your presence and take not Your Holy Spirit from me. 12Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and uphold me with a willing spirit. 13Then will I teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners shall be converted and return to You. 14Deliver me from bloodguiltiness and death, O God, the God of my salvation, and my tongue shall sing aloud of Your righteousness (Your rightness and Your justice). 15O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth shall show forth Your praise. 16For You delight not in sacrifice, or else would I give it; You find no pleasure in burnt offering. 17My sacrifice [the sacrifice acceptable] to God is a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart [broken down with sorrow for sin and humbly and thoroughly penitent], such, O God, You will not despise. 18Do good in Your good pleasure to Zion; rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. 19Then will You delight in the sacrifices of righteousness, justice, and right, with burnt offering and whole burnt offering; then bullocks will be offered upon Your altar.

1 The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; 2 for he founded it on the seas and established it on the waters. 3 Who may ascend the mountain of the LORD? Who may stand in his holy place? 4 The one who has clean hands and a pure heart, who does not trust in an idol or swear by a false god. 5 They will receive blessing from the LORD and vindication from God their Savior. 6 Such is the generation of those who seek him, who seek your face, God of Jacob. 7 Lift up your heads, you gates; be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. 8 Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle. 9 Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. 10 Who is He, this King of glory? The LORD Almighty— He is the King of glory. PSALM 24





    Debbie Brown said:
    June 29, 2014 at 1:17 am

    Thank you for releasing this timely strategy to equip the Body, bringing her into maturity…Blessings, protection & favour!!!

      robinkgatto responded:
      July 1, 2014 at 10:44 am

      GOD BLESS YOU DEBBIE!!!!!!!!


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