I hear the Father Saying 7/19/17

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I hear the Father saying
Do not despise the day of small beginnings for I am giving a weighting out of My anointing by the Power of My Word that is resident within you, yielding a hundred-fold standing grain harvest, showing forth the power and knowledge of My glory, as I turn your weeping into joy, your mourning into laughter! I will recompense you with a mighty reward, as My faithful servant, who has sought Me and My kingdom, hungry and thirsty for My righteousness.
I Am bringing you into a greater anointing of My power, displayed in My might and My majestic Name, as you reveal the secret mysteries of My Covenant to those who are far and wide, and surely you will make the Jew jealous in this hour, as I draw forth a greater oil of unity for the One New Man.
I Am recompensing all that the enemy stole from you, as I give you a double portion in this hour; this is the hour of My double portion, and I will exalt your horn like a wild ox, giving you the New Anointing, the Fresh Anointing. I will lift you up in My mighty power, revealing the nature of My virtue, strength and ability to do that which you cannot.
I will cause you to cross over into My promises, as you enter the time of great recompense, and I give out to those who have been faithful with a little, making them ruler over much. I will make of you a glorious display as a faithful steward of My promises, causing you to know the joy and delight I have in you, My child, knowing that you are My beloved and in you I Am well pleased.
You will open your mouth with a greater anointing of My strength to see the lost come to the rising of the brightness of My light, as you are a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden. I will cause you to shine all the brighter as I bring the wealth of the nations into My house, bringing the camels far and wide, as I did for Rachel in her time of jubilee. You will be like Rachel who served Me when she poured out to water the camels, and I tell you over the last 10 years, you have been watering the camels for the time of promise, where you will reap a mighty reward, a mighty recompense.
This is the time of recompense and I will bring it for My people, rewarding them for their obedience and faithfulness. Be expectant and hopeful, knowing that I have opened a door wide open for you that no man can shut.
Robin Kirby Gatto


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