I Hear the Father Saying 7/5/17

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I Hear the Father Saying:
Do not listen to the lies that are within your heart, for the enemy of your soul longs to devour all that he can by the whispering and twisting of My Word of truth, in the midst of your circumstance.
I have already prepared you and equipped you to stand on My truth, knowing that I will perform all that I have promised. It is in this revealing of your present trial, where you will see that which is not of Me, as you realize what you have been leaning on in some regard is not the truth but that carnal bent of your soul that has been in fear of the things of this world, not having fully relied on Me.
I am revealing these leanings in your soul that are hurting your walk in the power of My truth, so that you cry out unto Me, knowing that I will hear you and answer you My child.
I have not left you powerless, nor given you a spirit of fear or timidity. That which has been timid and in fear within you, is the area where My love has not invaded your heart and mind, giving you My perfect peace from above. I Am a God of breakthrough and deliverance, giving you wholeness and completion in My perfect love, as you hear the Word of truth, which is life and light to all who would hear.
Areas where you have not leaned on me, are the places in your heart that have been asleep to My power and the resurrection of My Son. I am opening the eyes of your heart in these areas, to flood it with the light of My truth and bring you understanding, as you see that all things have been worked to your good, because you love Me and are called according to My Purpose.
I am lining things up in the months ahead to move you quickly into the promise I have spoken for your life, knowing that I will perform My Word in your life, as you are yielded fully, relying wholly on Me.
I will deliver your children and those whom have been afflicted, working a great and mighty work of freedom and deliverance, as I reveal My love and truth, waking the spiritually dead, as My Army stands up and cries out for the hope of My truth!
I will speak to your sons and your daughters, arise and shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Living God has risen upon thee! I will cause them to recognize and acknowledge that I Am God alone and the victory will be in hand, as they fill My house, calling out to Me, knowing what I have done in their heart and mind.
I will turn your weeping into laughter, bringing you the victory on every end, working all things to your good, as I quickly come with the breakthrough I have promised that is exceedingly, abundantly, above what you can think or imagine, because of My great and mighty power now at work within you!
Be ready and willing in the days ahead, when you enter the open door that I have set before you and know that I have seen your tears, and heard you cries, to answer them quickly in this hour!
God bless!
Robin Kirby Gatto


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