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I hear the Father saying:
Do you not see that which I have been showing you, as I have revealed the strategies of heaven to you against the powers of darkness?
I have given you wisdom and this you must trust, not leaning on your own understanding. Simply acknowledge Me in all your ways and know that I am directing your path. I am leading you through the narrow way on the path of righteousness, where you have felt the pressing in this season, knowing that with Me you can do all things.
I have reached out to you with My mighty right arm to bring you strength and justice, as you see the dung of the enemy that has been flung against you, causing you to feel overwhelmed with what I have called you to do.
Do you not know that I Am greater than all you face and that I still sit on the throne providing My counsel to all who would draw near to Me. Do not be dismayed with your circumstances for I tell you truly I Am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I Am the God of Israel and I your God will comfort you and bring you into a place of truth and victory you have not known!
I will make the crooked paths straight and raise up the valley you have been in, to cause you to walk on the heights of My mountain, where you have found Me in the power of My Love, as you have fellowshipped in Christ’s sufferings.
I have not released My grip on you. You have not failed Me, nor have you brought Me disappointment; I knew that which you have need to know, of your own heart, and the trial you have endured over the last two years is to cause you to know your present need of Me.
As you have gone lower My child, I will now exalt you, lifting you on the great heights as the Rose of Sharon, filling you with great grace and mercy, as you overflow in the abundance of My hope and truth to see nations come to the brightness of your rising!
I will give you wisdom in this hour, causing you to see the supply of My power made known in your midst, as you obtain a greater anointing of virtue in the Character of My Son, to see My holiness and truth made known.
Do not back down, nor shrink from what I have called you to do, simply know that My grace is greater, as it was for Paul when he cried out for Me to remove the thorn. As i delivered him into the greatness of My grace, so surely I will do for you that which I have promised!
Robin Kirby Gatto


2 thoughts on “I HEAR THE FATHER SAY 5/24/17

    Cristina McNutt said:
    May 24, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    Thank you Robin!!  This is Cristina from Father’s House, I don’t attend there but I came again when you were there the last time.  I’m not sure if you remember me or not, but I want to just thank you for being faithful and obedient to the Lord.  This word went deep into my spirit!!  The last 10 yrs have been tough (a whole generation of loss).  Then my husband in 2011.  I’ve been in AL for the last 2 yrs.  It been a totally different life.  The Lord has been so faithful and good to me, I can’t express in words how His grace and mercy has seen me through daily. I just wanted to express how this word spoke to me, and let you know how much I appreciate you!! Thanks so much!God’s richest blessings over you and your family! Cristina McNutt

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      robinkgatto responded:
      May 24, 2017 at 8:37 pm

      GOD BLESS YOU AND YES I REMEMBER YOU!!!!!! 🙂 So sorry about your loss. Wow so amazed at God’s faithfulness!!!!!! Oh wow thank you so much you blessed me today!!!!! Hugs!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!

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