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I hear the Father saying:
To those of you whom are My apostles, I am bringing to light that which has been planted by the enemy against you. I am causing you to recognize a greater anointing of My Strength that will cause you to rally together corporately in a greater anointing with My truth to pull down ruling powers and principalities that have been at work against the nations. There is a conspiracy in the nations and it will be exposed, so that My truth will be made known and the power of the Light of My grace will bring many out of captivity and into My marvelous light.
I Am exposing underground rings of darkness that have been planted to destroy many and I will bring that thing which is hidden out of hiding and all will see the display of My mighty power as I overthrow the powers of darkness.
I Am shaking the nations and the heavens once more as I remove the dross of impurity that has been in My church and I will cause My church to rise up in the power of My authority such as has not been seen in the earth, as the knowledge of My glory covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.
I will wake you up My spotless bride as you have been prepared in the garments of righteousness, seeing a greater grace for the lost and desiring the prayer I have put in your heart, as it comes in a greater grace upon your life, quickening you in travail and in My mighty power to see heaven manifest on earth.
Be not dismayed My prophets for you have been in a place of hiding as Elijah because of the attacks that have come against you of Jezebel, but as I sent Elijah to that place of hiding at Mount Horeb, so I sent you so that you would become very jealous for My covenant and My people, seeing that they will rise up in the strength of My Name Jealous, which I have given you!
You are not overlooked My Pastors for I tell you that you have known shepherding as the Good Shepherd in measure. You have been overwhelmed and feeling like you failed, but I tell you truly I was showing you the need of strength for which I am bringing to you this hour and you will rise up in My truth and see deliverance come speedily to your congregation as they are set free from that which has held them down.
My evangelists who have been weary, I am bringing a new anointing to you in this hour, where you will know a zealousness of My mighty power and I will deliver it quickly, opening up doors to nations that you might go through and see the judgment of My strength delivered against the powers of darkness and the harvest come in!
My teachers I tell you truly that you have been tried and tested in great faith in the Word, which you have taught. Do not give up or back down from what I have called you to, for I am listening to your heart like I did Hannah and know that you have dealt with Eli, the pride of life that operated through others against My Word, and I am bringing judgment on those whom have dealt treacherously with you.
Rise up My church and know that My power is coming quickly. Prepare as you prepare for battle, knowing My glory and My grace will be made known in this hour, as I deliver My Holy Fire upon the altar of the hearts of man!
Robin Kirby Gatto


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