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I hear the Father saying:
Do you not know that I Am the Living God, Who proclaims My glory and My mercy, to those whom I desire to show My great love, knowing the richness of faith is available to them if they would but hear Me.
I know it has been difficult for you to hear Me in this season because of the wilderness you have been in, but what you thought was difficult will now be made very easy, as I give a greater grace of My peace to cause you to rise up in My mighty power and know the truth of My Word that comes with a new anointing, a fresh anointing!
I will exalt you My humble one, who have searched diligently to and fro to find Me, as you knew the pressing of the last season, where you had to press in to find me. I will bring an establishing of My mighty Word of Truth in your darkest hour, knowing that as I visited My servant Moses in the Holy of Hollies, and so surely I will visit you!
This is the hour you have cried out for to know Me in a greater grace and truth, so you will rise up in a greater faith to see the bowels of hell defeated in your life, as you have known Me in a way you have not know before.
You are looking in grace and in truth to find My mercy and I will extend it to you in this hour to show the richness of the treasury of glory that has been deep within your soul (mind and heart) of which you did not know, but in this hour it will come forth, as a demand is put on the anointing!
I will exalt your horn like a wild ox and provide a greater strength than you have known, making your weary place, the place where living waters come forth and pour abundant grace and strength!
You will see blind eyes open and deaf ears opened to the power of My truth, as those who seemed to be blind and deaf with a veil over their heart, will now have a heart of flesh; I will heal and deliver them!
Prophesy My grace and My truth and watch Me move quickly on your circumstances and move that which you cannot move out of the way! I will renew your strength and bring a greater clarity to your mind, causing you to have the Mind of Christ, with a great abundance of My love towards others!
Be expectant and know that I am releasing the double portion increase and I will not be slack in doing this for I have spoken it and out of the mouth of two witnesses it will be established!
Robin Kirby Gatto


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