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I hear the Father saying:

You are entering the season of breakthrough. Where you have had but a little strength, I Am filling you with the power of My Great Name, revealing the character of My Son through you.

You have cried out to Me, asking why am I in a strange place and hit on every end? Why do others prosper why I endure heartache? I tell you My Child I have given you a greater grace than you can imagine, as you are in the tangled maze of the jungle where the enemy has tried to bring chaos all around you, but I have given you a strength so that you run with horses.

You are the apple of My eye and I see all that is concerning you and know that there is not one thing that goes unnoticed; I see you and I know what you are enduring. Do not give into the voice of the enemy that would lie to you and tell you that I Am not near; I Am near you and an ever present help in your time of need.

I see the anguish you endure and know that you have but a little strength and keep holding onto My Word. Know that in this time I Am strengthening you as I bring a Psalm 92:10 anointing to exalt you in the power of My Name, lifting up My Son Jesus Christ, so that all will see the brightness of My glory as many skilled workman are farmers, winning many to righteousness!

I have allowed you to be tried and tested for the harvest that is at hand. The time is near when many will enter the Kingdom of My Marvelous Light, as they are loosed from the fetters of the powers of darkness through the display of My Love and My Light through you.

I am quickening you by My Spirit on the Highway of Holiness, to where no lion treads on that road, so you will know the strength of My glory as you have overcome the roaring lion and the snarling dogs.

As My Son overcame, surely you will overcome and know the power of My New Anointing (Fresh Anointing) that will surely fall on you in this hour.

Where you felt so small in the anointing, I tell you truly you shall increase and the enemy will know the power of My strength through you that will torment the devil.

Press in My child and know I Am with you and giving you an ample supply of strength!

Glory to God!

Amen and Amen!

Robin Kirby Gatto


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