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I hear the Father saying:


Stand up and arise My child as I take you into the new land, the land of promise and of Victory, for which you have believed and now you will see.


The very things that have come against you were to work to your good, as it caused you to be fashioned like a sword of a mighty man in My hand, as the fire increased all the more, causing you to be refined as gold.


I tell you that the Word in you has been persecuted and has been refined as I promise in My Word seven times, and that seven times has brought a greater strength of purity, holiness and righteousness, in order that you will shine like the stars and win many to righteousness.


You are My dear ones, who are teachers of righteousness and walk in great wisdom . This will be the hour of My wisdom and that which you know will be amplified in greater revelation as I reveal mysteries untold that were sealed up in the book of which Daniel did see, and I will cause My righteous ones, My just ones to rise up in truth in this hour, knowing the mighty power of My deliverance not only in their lives and the ones they love but for the many!


I tell you many will see the power of My glory; as you have sought Me not for riches but you have sought Me for Wisdom, I will now give you untold Wisdom that will magnify My Name, as the richness of faith is given to you, causing you to rise up in resurrection power as an army seen in Ezekiel 37! Did I not promise them that I would bring them in the land of Promise and when I did that they would magnify My Name?


You are My army of Love and of Power as I reveal My Glory through you bringing many into My marvelous Light, My Son will be lifted high in this hour through you, as you reach for the lost and I send you out into My harvest.


The fields are white and I am forcing laborers of My vineyard to go get the fruit of life eternal, as revival fire covers the nations. I will set ablaze My fire in the nations to reveal the glory of My presence and many crusades will be held, because there will be no room to hold the masses of souls that come in.


As there was no room in the inn for My Son at the time of His birth, I tell you there will be no room in the churches to contain the outpouring of My Love, where I will give a desperate hunger and thirst to crave righteousness, causing the streets of nations to be filled with My praise.


Nothing will hold back My promise!


I am repositioning My people as you are now fit and prepared for the place of promise like David and Joseph, as you arise in greater strength and see the victory of My plan made known among all in your midst!


I Am with you, going before you and My glory is your rear guard. Rise up in strength and in My mighty power as the truth of My Name will give you a greater anointing because Wisdom will be revealed, opening up the ancient paths to cause you to be dipped and painted in the power of My grace, raising the dead, healing the sick and casting out devils. This is the time of My power and the glory of My Name!






One thought on “RECOGNIZE WISDOM!

    sylviamajetich said:
    March 12, 2017 at 3:20 am

    Thank you Robin. God bless you greatly.

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