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I hear the Father saying


My child you are entering a new season that has been planned for you from days of Old, the Ancient Days of that which is Eternal and I tell you that the finest anointing and glory of your era is about to be poured out, as I have fashioned you in the palm of my hand with the quickness of speed as a messenger of grace and of purpose so that many would know Me.


I have allowed the trying of your faith, as satan asked permission to sift you. I having prepared you before hand, allowed you to go through this fire, knowing that it would all the more cause a greater wellspring of My love to rise up in you, as you came from what seemed a watery pit of battle, but by My grace you did rise and obtained a greatness of the resurrection of My Son, to know the Victory that has been won.


Your eyes have been opened as I have awakened you to the form of My glory and the likeness of My Word you so desperately desire to see revealed. I Am truth and righteousness in you, as you grow stronger in spirit and pick up your cross, following My Son, to know the power of the journey that led to His crucifixion but all the more to His resurrection!


You have only required of Me that which you desperately needed. Thus, the trial where you were sifted like grain by the enemy was allowed to cause a greater need of My grace and My power, as you began to groan like Hannah and like David, for the power of the living God; you panted like a deer for the water brook in the dry season knowing there was a grace available but not made known until this trial.


I have led you this way by My Spirit, giving you strength and power even in your weakness. You know me greater than you can imagine, as you have been sifted through the trials and tribulations and even tempted by the tempter to be like Adam and Eve in the garden and eat the fruit that leads to death.


You chose to not listen to the voice that distorts My Word and instead resisted the temptation and have overcome the death that the enemy longed for you to bite into. You resisted the temptation as grace was given to you.


As My Son was ministered by angels when He overcame the cunning one, I too am sending My angels to minister to you!


You have been in the wilderness to overcome the temptations of accuser, which are the pride of life, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and I tell you My child you have overcome!


Now i am enduing you with a power from on High that many long for but have not tasted because they have not been that vessel that has been prepared and fashioned for My glory. These trials and sufferings you have endured, as you were slandered, falsely accused and misunderstood that led to many despising you, is the place of My greater glory, as I release to you the greatness and depth of My anointing of resurrection power!


Wait on Me, be still and know that I am coming quickly through My message of hope and grace, which will shine forth the increased power of My glory to release to you in this hour!


I am shaking the nations in this hour and you will truly know those who are for Me and those who are against Me. I have sent you My wise ones in this hour to guide and direct My church into the place of safety and security, under the shadow of the Almighty, as a greater grace is given to discern the hour you are in among the sons of man.


Ask for My wisdom and grace in this hour and know I will hear you and answer you, lifting you up in a greater anointing of My strength as I feed you My Word, praise will be on your lips as you taste the sweetness of My Word in power and truth that will sustain you in the days ahead.


I am leading you a way that you have not known; you would have never chosen this path, but I have fashioned you when you were in your mother’s womb to be a child of My Promise for this very hour. Rise up and walk in the hour of greatness where I make the hearts of the sons of man great!






Robin Kirby Gatto

(sons of man here means everyone, men and women)


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