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I hear the Father saying:


I gave you your personality, do not try to conform or fit in with others, feeling as though you do not measure up. I have fearfully and wonderfully made you, as My design was in heaven before the foundations of the earth, knowing that I would put you in your mother’s womb for a day of greatness and triumph to be seen as a brilliant light in the earth.


You are my witness of truth and of power, at the revealing of My Mighty Name, causing others to see there is Grace and because of Grace there is a Savior Who died for them.


Do not think it strange in this hour at the fiery trial you are enduring for I tell you My child that I have to prepare you for the glory that is coming. The richness of faith that will be required for things to come is causing you to be fashioned like a sword of a mighty man in My hand, so I will wield you and you will willing lay down your life, as I cut asunder the powers of darkness through you, knowing the richness of your faith is being rewarded with an anointing of righteousness you have not known in this measure.


For the richness of faith and My glory will be revealed suddenly as you find yourself in a state of humility you have not known because of the working of the trials that have fashioned you into a more brilliant light of My Love and Wisdom.


You are at the height of the greatest hour in your lifetime as you see the laid plans of man revealed, who thought they could overcome My plans for your life, only realizing that the very threshing floor on which you laid, and were mocked in your trial, will be the place I will lift you up and bring the enemy under your feet, as all will know you are loved by Me and are my instrument of praise in the earth!


I have trained your hands to war but now in this hour there is a greater anointing of spiritual warfare on you, as you have realized the weapons of your warfare are the throwing down of strongholds and I tell you although your mind has been assaulted by the messengers of satan, I tell you My child is was for your betterment so that you would be prepared for the power of My Glory, the New Anointing!


I will surely exalt your horn like a wild ox and give you the new anointing, the fresh anointing of power and My glory in this hour, as you are a reflection of the Light of Truth, My Son, revealing His glory and grace to those lost in darkness!


The battles you have won have been great but there are more still and I tell you I will lay bare the plans of the enemy because you walk in greater grace, power and strength in My Word of Truth. You know My Ways and you walk in the Narrow Way, revealing the strength of my Love.


Hold on My child, for I am moving quickly as I come in strength and power and what has been your demise where you were despised will be the place where I will make the greatest deposit in your life, of the Power and Glory of My Grace!





Robin Kirby Gatto


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