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As I was in prayer this morning I felt the leading of our Lord and Savior to encourage the Bride:



Dearly Beloved, who I call my own know that I see every tear that falls from your eyes. As you are in the place of trying and testing, knowing what I felt as I went to the cross, that place of rejection and being despised, know that I bore the shame for you so that you would not have to. Do not let the shame of the enemy attach itself to your soul, during this trying of your faith, but wake up to the form of My glory and My Father’s Name, which feeds you in His mighty strength to know the power of the promise.


You have asked for the promise, and therefore you are now going through the persecution and the preparation in order to be fully Mine. There have been things in your heart that have pulled on you, causing you at times to be divided with the power of My truth and I tell you that even you do not know what is hidden in your heart, but I do. It is this trying of your faith in the hour you find yourself, where you will begin to rejoice and dance at this place of purification and sanctification as I show you off the powers of your enemy that will be intimidated by you; they will see only Me.


That which you have clung to so tightly in wanting the approval of others, is being stripped from you as you find out that you have already been approved in Me by the Father. I walked this way, and did I not say that you would have to pick up your cross and follow me? If you follow Me in laying down your life and losing it, you will gain more than you could ever know of the eternal and that which is true, of My Father that will be revealed to you in this hour.


I have given you a voice that is not your own but it is the voice of My Love through the Father, Who is Love, and Loved the world so much that He would send Me. This Love is coming greatly upon My Church in this hour as the power of truth and righteousness rises in a greater anointing to reveal My Father and glorify My Name.


All that I did on the earth was to glorify My Father and you, my child, will glorify the Father through the shame you have endured and being despised, knowing the rejection that I felt. You too, have been rejected by your own (the brethren) and I tell you that it is that very rejection that will enlarge your heart in this hour and allow the infilling of the greatness of My Name, so that your light will come in greater measure and as I told My disciples to walk in the light, surely you will know the greatness of My light and others will walk in it. I will bring nations to the brightness of your rising, which required you to lose your life all the more and be wholly given to my plans, as many come unto the anointing of the Power of My Marvelous Light out of the kingdom of darkness.


The kingdom of darkness knows your name and has marked you as its enemy and that is what you have battled, not man. Forgive others as I have forgiven you and know that I am coming suddenly in power with a greater anointing upon your life as I reveal Who I am, the Word, in power and in truth and Greater Wisdom to baptize you in the Holy Spirit and Fire. This fire is that of revival and it will make those who are dead (spiritually), alive, as you speak to the dry bones and prophesy strength of heaven that will supernaturally be supplied to you in grace and in virtue as you have followed Me.


Do not despise the day of small beginnings for I tell you that I am lifting you up in this hour into a place of the promise My Father has spoken so you will enter the plans and purposes that have always been destined for you. Love Me as I have loved you and Love one another, for by this the world will know that you are My disciples.






God bless!

Robin Kirby-Gatto


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