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Saints of God this is truly Ephesians 3:20 in the healing process and makes complete sense! I discovered it while reading the  book “Remove the Thorn and God will Heal You.’ When I did further research it blew me totally away! I discovered with Ozonated Water and an Ozone Generator that it adds an extra Oxygen molecule to O2 and goes after bacteria, fungus, mold, virus, parasites and more! When it finds the nasty agents the 3rd Oxygen molecule  (now that will preach Glory to God because there are 3 in the God head and Jesus rose on the 3rd day) starts destroying all that which is not good.

This idea generated from Tesla’s work, which I have taught on in our school of God’s Fire Wall School of the Prophets.

Diseases of all kind cannot live in an oxygenated environment!!!!! The normal tap water we get now a day is about 7% oxygen and that does not even count the chlorine, fluoride and other harmful agents in it that poison you. We do not do tap water and buy gallon water jugs of distilled water from the store. With that distilled water or mineral water you can put an ozone water diffuser in it and it transforms the water from having 7-10% oxygen to 18 % and above oxygen!!!! Not only does it take out the parasites, bacteria, virus and mold but it puts oxygen into the water! I also saw a video that was done in Asia and they put it in a water that had chicken which had been injected with GMO and it removed all the GMO poison!!!!


Please saints of God check into this!


God bless!



Here are links:

My favorite link Ozone for water, air and foods : Ozone video from Asia


Ozonated Water




The Benefits of Ozone Therapy


Ozonated Water as a Treatment for Cancer





    Sylvia said:
    April 28, 2016 at 9:52 pm

    Just finding you on my phone!!! “Excited” is s poor word. Will start checking mail here more often! Have missed you!! Will check into this! Love you, sister!

      robinkgatto responded:
      April 28, 2016 at 9:58 pm

      OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO GLAD!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SYLVIA!!!!!

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