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By Robin Kirby Gatto

I had to do another note in order to continue to show forth the confirmation as to what God had me write on 3/19/14. Now more information has come to me as my friend, Brad Heath sent me another article that refers to the security group involved in this whole plight where there was some unfortunate deaths. The security group is the Trident Group and the odd thing about it is the code they have in their plans totals up to the number 19 “also marketed as China Southern Airlines flight 748 through a codeshare.” Here is the article

In addition I told you I felt the number 19 was both Psalm 19 and Revelation 19 and yesterday I received confirmation on them both. I’ve taught Revelation 19 many times; it is one of my favorite chapters in the Word of God as we see the Spirit of Prophecy; the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of all Prophecy. (Revelation 19:10). While I was led to watch a youtube of L A Marzulli in there he mentions the enemy trying to start a battle as in Revelation 19 and my spirit leapt!!! Here is the youtube video:

After that I later received an email from Cam Bissett regarding something that was happening in the heavenlies as with Psalm 19 and how the stars and sky speak to us! Yesterday it was posted that NASA found images of what appears to be occurrences on one of Saturn’s moons called the TITAN!!!! This is what is crazy the further study came from the University of Idaho in MOSCOW!! I did a double take because I thought of Moscow, Russia. Apparently there is a Moscow, Idaho. The University state that the waters are stirred up on Titan and the waves are moving in the sea on Titan. Again, all I could think of was Poseidon from the ocean, the titans as mentioned in that first note on End time Revelation The Missing Flight. The odd thing is the headline has in it “light on Saturn’s moon Titan likely waves” and all I could think of is like waving of the hand at first glance until I read it. God is always speaking if we will simply hear Him!! Here is the link:

What the Lord is showing me is that the enemy is sending a message of what appears to be like a military operation to alert the powers of darkness of something to the point of Trident and Titan 19. The Psalm 19 I believe was God telling us to look to signs in the heavenlies to alert us and it did yesterday. I believe Revelation 19 is to alert us in the Spirit of Prophecy through Jesus Christ which is seen in Christ Jesus the Warrior King that will wage war in righteousness and has the blood of the enemy on His garment; satan is already defeated!!!!!

Warriors of God Almighty Rise up in Jesus Name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


here are the links to the 1st Word and the Confirmation

Part 1- End Time Revelation the Missing Flight

Part 2- Confirmation on End Time Revelation

Also here is the training series God had me do first weekend of March that is about the Word of God and the Book of Enoch revealing God’s Holy Eagles that will rise up!!!!



    Lora Ledlow said:
    March 21, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Oh my goodness!!! Our political leaders have been waving these false flags over our eyes so we would focus on other countries and build up hate whereas we would willingly WANT WAR!!! I had heard about the Vatican-catholic churches space observatory on Mt Graham in Az (can’t remember. name of it) being more powerful than our Hubble telescope and their plan to “prove” that JESUS was conceived through alien copulation and not Holy Spirit, probably 3 yrs ago!!! So much more information tying this, the cover ups, the END TIMES!!!Bless you sister!!!

    Lora Ledlow said:
    March 21, 2014 at 4:24 pm

    The name of the telescope is lucifer!!! Also, the cargo ship mentioned is the same one that a movie was made about entitled Captain Phillips, Captain of US MAERECK from Alabama…mem,aleph,resh,chet,kaph????

    […] Continued Confirmation on Endtime Revelation the Missing Flight […]

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