Part 2 Pulling Down the Cursed Structure of Pride Operating in Leviathan by Robin Kirby-Gatto

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By: Robin Kirby-Gatto


Leviathan in Hebrew is livyâthân meaning “a wreathed animal, serpent, the crocodile or some other large sea monster, the constellation of the dragon; also a symbol of Babylon.” (Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Word #3882). The root word of leviathan is lâvâh which means “to twine, to unite, to remain, also to borrow (as in the form of obligation) to lend, abide with, cleave, join (self).” (Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Word #3867). This root word of leviathan is the same root word for “Levi” that is Lêvîy a son of Jacob, the tribe which was chosen to serve God’s HOUSE, to serve Aaron the Priest. (Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Word #3878). Levi in Hebrew means “attached” and comes from the root word lâvâh.

See the enemy is still the same! The enemy has always wanted to take God’s place; he believes in some evil warped pride that he is to be worshipped above all and HE IS NOT! The enemy lost in heaven with God and was flung out of the third heaven and came to earth taking the form of the serpent in the Garden of Eden to see if he could come against the Image of God, Elohim, in man by taking our authority and becoming prince of this world.

31 Now the judgment (crisis) of this world is coming on [sentence is now being passed on this world]. Now the ruler (evil genius, prince) of this world shall be cast out (expelled). 32 And I, if and when I am lifted up from the earth [on the cross], will draw and attract all men [Gentiles as well as Jews] to Myself. John 12:31-32

I will not talk with you much more, for the prince (evil genius, ruler) of the world is coming. And he has no claim on Me. [He has nothing in common with Me; there is nothing in Me that belongs to him, and he has no power over Me.] John 14:20

About judgment, because the ruler (evil genius, prince) of this world [Satan] is judged and condemned and sentence already is passed upon him. John 16:11

In which at one time you walked [habitually]. You were following the course and fashion of this world [were under the sway of the tendency of this present age], following the prince of the power of the air. [You were obedient to and under the control of] the [demon] spirit that still constantly works in the sons of disobedience [the careless, the rebellious, and the unbelieving, who go against the purposes of God]. Ephesians 2:2

The enemy still wants to continue to rip apart the image of God, Elohim (God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit) in which man was created (Genesis 1:27). We being in Christ Jesus now are to walk in the divine expressed image of God as seen in Colossians 2:9-10.

9 For in Him the whole fullness of Deity (the Godhead) continues to dwell in bodily form [giving complete expression of the divine nature].10 And you are in Him, made full and having come to fullness of life [in Christ you too are filled with the Godhead—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and reach full spiritual stature]. And He is the Head of all rule and authority [of every angelic principality and power]. Colossians 2:9-10.

Likewise, the Levites were spoken of the Lord God to be His in Numbers 3. The levities were to be attached to, united, joined with God!

12 Behold, I have taken the Levites from among the Israelites instead of every firstborn who opens the womb among the Israelites; and the Levites shall be Mine, Numbers 3:12.

The Levites were taken from among Israel after God had brought Israel out of Egypt and were considered to be set apart by God, to serve Him. And the name of Levi comes from the same root word of Leviathan Holy Spirit showed me the enemy, satan, and how as satan was created by God however, his pride caused him to think he could usurp God’s authority and be over God. As a result a third of the angelic host followed him. Lucifer was actually closer to God than many of the other angelic host and in that closeness he still thought he could usurp God not because he was less spiritual though.

12 How have you fallen from heaven, O light-bringer and daystar, son of the morning! How you have been cut down to the ground, you who weakened and laid low the nations [O blasphemous, satanic king of Babylon!]13 And you said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will sit upon the mount of assembly in the uttermost north.14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. Isaiah 17:12-14.

Here the word describes Lucifer as wanting to make himself “like the Most High God.” The purpose of Lucifer’s fall was because he said in his “heart” that he was going to ascend and be like God. He wanted God’s position, God’s throne. As a result his heart was exposed and cast down from his place in the heavenly places. Before satan had fallen he was close to God and had been attached and united with God and God’s Kingdom. However, somewhere in that attachment he began saying in his heart that he wanted to be “like the Most High.” It was that attachment that relationship that he became too familiar with the Most High God and began to treat Him as common to him (Lucifer). Lucifer wanted to start building his own kingdom, his agenda, his plans detaching from God’s Kingdom, God’s plan and purposes. Lucifer wanted to worship himself and for others to worship him, too.

Likewise there is a line in which only God’s grace and mercy in us by His Holy Spirit in us can keep us in the straight and narrow way by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord we stay attached in building God’s Kingdom, worshipping Him, being in reverence and awe of God Almighty! Considering and treating God as Holy and to be reverenced. The prophecy of Jesus being from the lineage of Judah through Jesse in Isaiah 11:1-4 indicates that Jesus would delight in the Fear of the Lord and the purpose of the Fear of the Lord is that we might reverence and worship God in true reverence, keeping us from sin that would try and rise up against us. The Fear of the Lord keeps us from sin, from evil! Therefore, likewise the enemy knowing the truth of this downfall that is possible of having pride rise up in those not further from God, but those closest to God entered the Garden and played the same card that he fell for in heaven! He played the card “you will be like God.”

4 But the serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die, 5 For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing the difference between good and evil and blessing and calamity. 6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good (suitable, pleasant) for food and that it was delightful to look at, and a tree to be desired in order to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate; and she gave some also to her husband, and he ate. Genesis 3:4-6

The serpent told Eve she would “be like God” because he knew the words in which would stir up something that was within Eve to be stirred up to cause her to do something that one would never think of and have pride rise up and covet the very throne of God. The enemy’s lie was talking to Eve and she had given her ear to hear the lie and understand it. As a result ate the fruit in which God clearly said they were not to eat of. Listening to the lies of the enemy had the woman desire that which she was not to partake. She found it delightful to look at and desired to eat of it.

Therefore, satan knowing that he would go to that which was “attached to God, unified with God, joined with God” in order to stir up pride within the vessel and cause an ungodly root of coveting that which is not ours to have did so in Eve. Lucifer brought division between God and man through the same sin in which he himself was caught in because he knew it would work. Pride is more pronounced to manifest in us the closer we are to God, which is why the closer we are the more the flesh has to be crucified! .

Lucifer before he was cast out of heaven was beautifully adorned and walked on the Holy Mountain of God near to Him to worship Him. Iniquity was found in him and it was all as a result of pride. Pride came as a result of Lucifer’s heart being lifted up because of his beauty, Lucifer corrupted the wisdom of God for his own sake, his own glory and as a result was cast out of the Holy Mountain of God.

13 You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering, the carnelian, topaz, jasper, chrysolite, beryl, onyx, sapphire, carbuncle, and emerald; and your settings and your sockets and engravings were wrought in gold. On the day that you were created they were prepared. 14 You were the anointed cherub that covers with overshadowing [wings], and I set you so. You were upon the holy mountain of God; you walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire [like the paved work of gleaming sapphire stone upon which the God of Israel walked on Mount Sinai]. 15 You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created until iniquity and guilt were found in you.16 Through the abundance of your commerce you were filled with lawlessness and violence, and you sinned; therefore I cast you out as a profane thing from the mountain of God and the guardian cherub drove you out from the midst of the stones of fire. 17 Your heart was proud and lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the sake of your splendor. I cast you to the ground; I lay you before kings, that they might gaze at you. Ezekiel 28:12-17

Lucifer wanted his will, his kingdom, his way and it was all about him! Jesus came to do the Will of the Father!

I am able to do nothing from Myself [independently, of My own accord—but only as I am taught by God and as I get His orders]. Even as I hear, I judge [I decide as I am bidden to decide. As the voice comes to Me, so I give a decision], and My judgment is right (just, righteous), BECAUSE I DO NOT SEEK OR CONSULT MY OWN WILL [I HAVE NO DESIRE TO DO WHAT IS PLEASING TO MYSELF, MY OWN AIM, MY OWN PURPOSE] BUT ONLY THE WILL AND PLEASURE OF THE FATHER WHO SENT ME. John 5:30.

Likewise we are called to do the will of the Father.

For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother! Matthew 12:50.


Leviathan in pride enters us and the church when we allow our will to usurp the will of the Father. The dream God had given me many years ago during a time in which the attack of Leviathan would hit me and was hitting the Bride of Christ Jesus all over the earth and I didn’t understand it at the time I had the dream because it seems as though it is so full of symbolism that does not make sense. However, when Holy Spirit showed me yesterday the attack of leviathan in and against us God revealed the revelation of the dream.

Dream: I was in a church and the church was built as a barn type structure and a hall ran down the middle of the barn. On the left side was a Sunday school room and when I went in is was not a pure white room but an ivory white room with chairs sat up in it and in the classroom Holy Spirit said to me this is not pure but appears pure leave. I get up out of the Sunday school room only to go across the hall to the sanctuary that is constructed like a theater concert hall setting and is totally black as you would see in a movie theater. I walk in and God instructed me that it was based on entertainment, lifting up man’s agenda, and creating an atmosphere of performance and instructed me to leave. I got up and walked down the hall and went to the left side at the end of the hall at the opposite end and there was a tiny old bathroom that had a small shower and sink to use. I walked in and saw a couple (who now are divorced) and they were getting out of the shower with their clothes on and acted as if they took a shower, leaving the bathroom. I looked and the mirror was covered with all this thick film it was difficult to even look in the mirror. I wiped the film off and looked in the mirror and I saw ashes all over my head, as when the prophets of old repented they covered themselves in ashes. I started wiping the ashes out of my hair and pulled back the shower curtain to get into the shower and wash my hair and noticed that the shower had not been used for years because it was covered with spider webs. I wiped the spider webs out of the shower and then turned on the water that had not been used in a long time to let it flow through the shower. I took a shower and came out dressed with a sport top on and pants. I sat down at the end of the hall looking in a mirror and at the end of the hall was a business man whom I know that is a strong Christian and has been persecuted greatly. His first name is David and I was trying to show him my rib area as when a body builder is showing their rib muscles. Afterward, I rose up from the place I was sitting and walked outside of the church where there was a beautiful scene of the outdoor area so green and plush. I shut the door and on the door it was like a huge X and I left.

God showed me what the dream meant. The ivory colored Sunday school room indicated that the teachings that it looked pure but was not pure but instead had been tainted by flesh which had caused it to be unclean. Then the sanctuary that was like a theater and performance oriented indicated that God was not lifted up but rather man lifted himself up and was performing, being a celebrity of sorts to the audience in the church. The church had become a mere concert or performance to entertain people. Later as I walked to the end of the hall and went into the old green bathroom Holy Spirit showed me that because of envy in the church there was no true healing and deliverance but rather the mirror was covered up so people could not see truly their condition. Moreover, the fact that I had ashes on the top of my head indicated Holy Spirit had caused a repentance to rise up in me so that I could see truly the condition of the surroundings and take the word to clean things. The couple that was in the shower and thought they took a shower never turned on the water but rather stepped out and thought they were clean. The washing of the Word was not flowing, Holy Spirit was not flowing in their healing and deliverance but they thought they were delivered and healed but truly were not. The spider webs in the shower are in reference to Isaiah 59.

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened at all, that it cannot save, nor His ear dull with deafness, that it cannot hear.2 But your iniquities have made a separation between you and your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you, so that He will not hear.3 For your hands are defiled with blood and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue mutters wickedness.4 None sues or calls in righteousness [but for the sake of doing injury to others—to take some undue advantage]; no one goes to law honestly and pleads [his case] in truth; they trust in emptiness, worthlessness and futility, and speaking lies! They conceive mischief and bring forth evil!5 THEY HATCH ADDERS’ EGGS AND WEAVE THE SPIDER’S WEB; HE WHO EATS OF THEIR EGGS DIES, AND [FROM AN EGG] WHICH IS CRUSHED A VIPER BREAKS OUT [FOR THEIR NATURE IS RUINOUS, DEADLY, EVIL].6 THEIR WEBS WILL NOT SERVE AS CLOTHING, NOR WILL THEY COVER THEMSELVES WITH WHAT THEY MAKE; THEIR WORKS ARE WORKS OF INIQUITY, AND THE ACT OF VIOLENCE IS IN THEIR HANDS.7 Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood. Their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; desolation and destruction are in their paths and highways.8 The way of peace they know not, and there is no justice or right in their goings. They have made them into crooked paths; whoever goes in them does not know peace. Isaiah 59:1-8.

The adder’s egg, the snake, here indicating leviathan is hatched along with the weaving of the spider’s web in order that instead of being washed in the washing of the Word, instead people think they are eating the Word but instead, they are eating of the adder’s egg, that of a viper and although they think it is God speaking to them it is satan because the truth is twisted and perverted, unclean, and has no power but instead has become witchcraft. They then use the witchcraft, twisting of the truth, to cover themselves and that is their covering, not the righteousness of Christ Jesus but rather they are workers of iniquity, committing acts of violence, running to evil, shedding innocent blood, having thoughts of iniquity and bring destruction wherever they go. They think they know peace but that way they do not know because they are workers of iniquity.

Holy Spirit showed me this begins in a person or church that because of pride stirring up in them they instead of wanting to see the image of God in which they are made, they instead want to be “like God, like the Most High” just as Lucifer in heaven and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They both wanted to usurp God and be “like” Him.

The reason God had me turn on the water was because the Word was not flowing and used it to wash myself not getting weaved in the web of leviathan. In addition I was at the end showing off my ribs to David as a body builder, indicating that I was my beloved’s because David means beloved and the rib area indicates where a person is ONE WITH, UNITED WITH. I was united with God in the truth and I walked out of the place that had deception due to pride.

Like in Isaiah 14 where Lucifer wanted to be “like the Most High” in Hebrew is dâmâh and means “to compare, to resemble, to liken, to consider, and devise.” (Strong’s Concordance Hebrew Word # 1819). Therefore, Lucifer had become so close to the Most High walking the Holy Mountain of God that instead of worshiping and serving God he begin to take his eyes off of the Most High and look at his own beauty to start to COMPARE HIMSELF TO GOD, TO RESEMBLE GOD, TO CONSIDER HIMSELF GOD, TO FINALLY DEVISE TO BE GOD! Likewise, the closer we get to God, the deeper we go with Him, we have to maintain a position of humility, which I purpose to do, by the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. As we draw closer to Him and God draws closer to us there is more clarity as to the knowledge of Him and if we are not careful we can find ourselves instead of desiring to be created in God’s image simply to glorify Him we instead decide we are like God, we compare ourselves to Him, we do our own will, we begin to rebel and eat of the fruit of iniquity in our heart because pride has entered and sin has sprung to life! We instead of exalting God, exalt ourselves and call it God truly believing that it is of God that we are preaching and teaching what we are to others when if we are deceived because of pride we are rather teaching not the TRUE GOSPEL but another gospel which exalts man to the level of God causing profanity to enter the House of God! We then make church what we want and commit the sin of Cain to bring to God that which is of the flesh and offer it to Him when in fact it is strange fire and utterly an abomination!

Part 3 to be continued…………………


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