Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69! Day 8 by Robin Kirby-Gatto

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Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh Day 8; Psalm 69!

By Robin Kirby-Gatto


17 Hide not Your face from Your servant, for I am in distress; O answer me speedily! 18 Draw close to me and redeem me; ransom and set me free because of my enemies [lest they glory in my prolonged distress]! 19 You know my reproach and my shame and my dishonor; my adversaries are all before You [fully known to You]. Psalm 69:17-19 Amp.

The last session David revealed that the enemy had caught him in a pit whereby he was surrounded continually with chaos and the lie. In distinguishing the enemy’s voice surrounding his person, David was able to delineate the truth of the voice of the lie. As a result David cried out to God for deliverance and to surround him pulling his person out of the mire that would keep him down. Here we see a continued revealing to David as he is conversing with the Lord about the enemy of his soul, knowing his need for deliverance. How many times have you fought something over and over, knowing that it was not your portion to be in bondage and in need of God’s deliverance from the oppression of the enemy? This is where David is and we see the transparency of the one who was after God’s heart to unveil the torment of his soul to get the healing and deliverance needed.

In the prior verses we have seen the flooding of the enemy against the soul of David and how the voice of the enemy was at the gate of David’s soul flooding him with chaos and lies. David in his present circumstances begins to acknowledge that the reason he is suffering the trials and tribulations was because the enemy against him was truly inside of his soul speaking to him. David’s circumstances merely exposed that which was speaking to his soul. Likewise, our present circumstances reveal that which we battle within. We prosper in life and in health as our soul prospers and the circumstances that are as a result of bondage, oppression or chaos merely reveal to the poverty and wounding of our own soul that is in need of deliverance and healing.

17 And hide not thy face from thy servant; for I am in trouble: hear me speedily. Psalm 69:17 KJV

Hide (SC # 5641) in Hebrew is chthar saw-thar’ meaning to hide, be absent, keep close, conceal, keep secret and surely. The Hebrew letters are Samech, Tav and Resh forming the word picture turning toward the Covenant of the Most High; being supported in your person by the Covenant. Here when David is saying Hide not from the depiction of the ancient Hebrew letters rather he is saying Turn Your Covenant to me oh God and support my person with Your Covenant. David realizes he needs the support within himself of The Word of God, the promise which always heals the whole person.

David in realizing his dilemma, on purpose turns to God’s covenant knowing that God will avenge and deliver him. We see David clinging, choosing Covenant, although all around him would shout how far he is from the manifestation of God’s Covenant in his life.

Face (SC # 6440) in Hebrew is paniym paw-neem and means the face (as in the part that turns) favor, enquire, beseech, countenance, please, presence, accept, etc. The Hebrew letters for face here are Pey, Nun, Yood and Mem forming the word picture the Word of Life that Works Massively. David is longing for the presence of the Lord, to see the works of his God and be continually in His presence. The word picture of the Hebrew letters indicate God’s presence to David is revealed in the Word of Life that comes through God’s Massive Works, it is His massiveness.

David knows his need for God’s Word and Life and how in the past it has come so with works of massiveness. This is what people, if they truly grasp this would praise God for the dark times, the trials and tribulations because it is IN THE DARKNESS THAT YOU SEE THE GREAT LIGHT OF THE WORD OF LIFE WHICH COMES FORTH WITH MASSIVE WORKS!!!! We prosper in life and in health as our soul prospers and your soul prospers by faith, which is through hearing the Word! Hearing in scripture in the context of faith and hearing the Word means “to understand.” You can hear the Word of God all day long but unless you understand what you are hearing then you will not see the Light/Life of the Word. Therefore, it is the dark times, the trials and tribulations which pricks us and causes our soul to obtain already what Jesus has done for us and walk in it. We work out our own salvation in fear and trembling and this right here is the working it out process! It is in your trial that the Light of Christ Jesus shines brighter than ever and causes you to see!! Isaiah 9:1-7 leads up to the Government of God and depicts those that sit in darkness have seen a great light and those that sit in intense darkness and the valley of death the light of Christ Jesus has shown upon them!!! Micah 7:7-8 declares a God that will hear you and answer you and declares “rejoice not against me oh my enemy for when I fall I shall arise and WHEN I SIT IN DARKNESS the Lord will be a light to me.” Therefore, it has been my trials, the dark times that have been the GREAT LIGHT OF THE SOUL!!!! This is where David is and he is turning to God to know the massiveness of God revealed in his life.

Servant (SC # 5650) in Hebrew is ebed eh-bed meaning servant and bondservant. The Hebrew letters of servant here are Ayin, Bet and Dalet forming the word picture of one that sees the house and enters. Here in longing for God’s presence and the massiveness of God David is seeing the tabernacle of God, the tent of His presence and identifies himself as a servant. You have to understand that servant is an honorable title and the title given to Moses, Joshua, David and Messiah. A servant is one that Sees the House of the Master and Enters. Therefore, David is proclaiming himself as one who sees the House of God, the presence of God and in seeing he desires to enter.

Trouble (SC # 6887) in Hebrew is tsarar tsaw-rar’ meaning to cramp, adversary, affliction, distress, narrower, oppress, trouble, vex, etc. The Hebrew letters here for trouble are Tsade, Resh and Resh forming the word picture of being caught in your person by the head, your thoughts! David realizes his own trouble and oppression and that he has been caught within his person in the area of his mind as we discussed in the last teaching (Day 7) the only place the enemy can weary you is in your mind. Therefore, David is crying out to God to be set free in the area of his mind because he knows that is where the battle is presently.

“Hear in Hebrew is anah aw-naw’ meaning to eye, to heed, pay attention, to respond, to begin to speak, announce, testify, bear witness, etc. (SC # 6030) The Hebrew letters that compose the word here are Ayin, Nun and Hey forming the word picture to SEE LIFE REVEALED!” (Day 7) David cries out to God to see the revealing of life and life abundantly. The oxymoron of this attack has actually caused David to cry out for covenant and see the revealing of life (covenant) in his present chaos, his oppression.

Speedily (SC # 4118) in Hebrew is maher mah-hare’ meaning hurrying, hurry, hastily, at once, quickly, speedily, etc. The Hebrew letters that form speedily are Mem, Hey and Resh indicating the Massiveness that is to be revealed in their person. David wants life to be revealed speedily in his person so that the massiveness of God which he has entered, the rest of God, is revealed in his person, as well.

18 Draw nigh unto my soul, and redeem it: deliver me because of mine enemies. Psalm 69:18 KJV

Nigh (SC # 7126) qarab kaw-rab’ means to approach, to bring near, go near, be at hand, join, be near, offer, present, produce, make ready, stand, take, etc. The Hebrew letters that form nigh are Qoof, Resh and Bet forming the word picture of David being low so he can receive the house of the Most High. This drawing nigh comes about in our low estate, which is why Paul continually was going lower the closer he was to the end of his life. This low estate allows the house of God to draw nigh! The very thing of the enemy of David’s soul actually is what promoted his soul; it caused David to go lower so that in the humility of his soul God would draw nigh.

Soul (SC # 5315) nephesh neh’-fesh means breathing, vitality, man, person, self, soul, etc. The Hebrew letters that compose soul are Nun, Pey and Sheen forming the word picture the Life of the Word that Consumes. Here we see David is thirsty for life, his soul thirsts as a deer pants for the water! (Psalm 42) Here David is actually getting pushed into the point of desperation where his soul cries out from the ROARING DEEP!!!! The attack of the enemy (affliction) is actually digging a well in the deep place of David’s soul that God will be filling with life!

Redeem (SC # 1350) in Hebrew is ga’al gaw-al’ meaning to redeem, to buy back, to be next of kin, ransom, purchase, avenger, deliver, etc. The Hebrew letters in redeem are Gimel, Aleph and Lamed forming the word picture to lift up in God’s Strength and Authority and tongue. David knows the Word of the Lord and the voice of his Shepherd and desires to be lifted up by the authority of God through God’s Spirit of Might into God’s strength.

Deliver (SC # 6299) padah paw-daw’ to serve, ransom, deliver, redeem, rescue, etc. The Hebrew letters that form the word deliver are Pey, Dalet and Hey forming the word picture the Word causes the door to be revealed for you to enter. Jesus has opened a door wide open that no man can shut but do we see the door of the Kingdom? Going low causes us to see the door that is set before us for us to enter. David in his low estate sees the open door and wants to cross in through it to enter into God’s rest, His promise.

Enemies (SC # 341) in Hebrew is owyeb o-yabe meaning hating, an adversary, enemy and foe. The Hebrew letters are Aleph, Vav, Yood and Bet forming the word picture David’s enemy going after his strength, as well as adding and securing works against his house. David acknowledges the enemy has come after his strength and did works to come against him but there is a strength from on high by God that he longs for; the enemy caused David to get to the end of his strength!

19 Thou hast known my reproach, and my shame, and my dishonour: mine adversaries are all before thee. Psalm 69:19 KJV

Known (SC # 3045) in Hebrew is yada’ yaw-dah meaning to know, recognition, instruction, knowledge, care, etc. The Hebrew letters in the word known are Yood, Dalet and Ayin forming the word picture of works that have entered and are seen. Therefore, here David is proclaiming that he knows the Lord God knows the works of the enemy that have come against him and sees them.

Reproach (SC # 2781) in Hebrew is cherpah kher-paw’ meaning to reproach, disgrace, rebuke and shame. The Hebrew letters in reproach are Chet, Resh, Pey and Hey indicating that which would separate you from the Word of the Most High being Revealed. David sees the separation of his soul from the revealing of God’s Word and cries out to be fully brought into the revealing of God’s promises. Again this cannot be emphasized enough that we prosper in life and in health as our soul prospers! (3 John 1:2). David’s soul here is in the process of prospering it merely took the attack of the enemy to show the poverty of it before. David is being stretched and goaded as he is being prepared to be made king and in the process his soul has to be revealed to himself in the trial so that he will cry out to God and thereby be delivered from oppression and deception. Your trial is doing the same thing; the lies of the enemy against your soul are revealed in your trial. What lies can manipulate you and control you? What can occur in your life presently to turn your world upside down and cause you to be manipulated by the enemy. It is the revealing of the reproach against your soul where you can no longer take it that it causes you to seek for the Word of God to be revealed in the earth!

Shame (SC # 1322) in Hebrew is bosheth bo’-sheth meaning shame, ashamed, an idol, confusion, greatly put to shame and shameful thing. The Hebrew letters for shame are Bet, Sheen and Tav forming the word picture of that which would destroy covenant in your house. The enemy is after covenant and shame is the place where the enemy comes to destroy God’s covenant in you, in your house. Therefore, David acknowledges the place in which he has been attacked with the lies of the enemy coming against God’s covenant.

Dishonor (SC # 3639) in Hebrew is kelimmah kel-im-maw’ meaning disgrace, reproach, dishonor and shame. The Hebrew letters for the word dishonor are Kaph, Lamed, Mem and Hey forming the word picture of that which would cover you in the tongue of the enemy bringing chaos to be revealed. Dishonor reveals the lies of the enemy that have covered you with his tongue only to bring chaos in your life to where it appears you are failing at everything. If you seem to be failing in your finances, parenting, and marriage relationships, oppression of a bondage then it is because the enemy has covered you with his tongue and his lies that have the fruit of chaos. If your life is chaotic that fruit is evident that the tongue of satan is operating against you.

Adversaries (SC # 6887) in Hebrew tsarar tsaw-rar’ meaning to cramp, trouble, adversary, distress, afflict, oppress, etc. The Hebrew letters are Tsade, Resh and Resh again meaning those that would catch you in your person through your head. Again we see the Hebrew word tsarar indicating where the enemy is catching your person by battling you in your mind; the battlefield is surely in the mind. Again David acknowledges that the place of attack has been in his mind and this revealing is brought before God Who already knows all things. Before (SC # 6440) in Hebrew is paniym paw-neem, meaning the face (as the part that turns), before, etc. The Hebrew letters that form the word are Pey, Nun, Yood and Mem forming the word picture of the word, activities and works of the chaos of the enemy known to God. David here is handing his battle over to the Lord to be Jehovah Shavuot, the Lord of Host, and the Lord of the Battle!!!!

What battle are you presently in that is causing your life utter chaos? First praise God for it because it is in the midst of the darkness of your trial that you see the great light of the Breakthrough and victory!
As we began a lifestyle where I was no longer in a full time job but now for nearly 3 years (which will be February 24th of next month) we have lived on faith and do not have donation buttons, I do not promote my books or materials every day and we let people attend the meetings for our schools for free not charging them tuition costs we never know the provision of the Lord. God will not let me promote myself; promotion comes from the Lord and everything I have done right now for the ministry it has been God that has opened doors no man can shut. However, to get us to this point we lost everything and became fully reliant on God. This process has allowed me to see the lies of the enemy that would come against my soul saying “Robin you are going to not receive any help from the Lord to pay any of your bills, you’re not going to receive bookings to minister and nor will people give to your schools or meetings.” This is the lies that I did battle early on and the enemy does at times today; times we have ministered to those that have a spirit of poverty in their soul only took from us instead of giving. However, that was to help me to know that God is our provider and show me the poverty and lack in myself that believed the lie of the enemy. God began to prosper my soul greatly in my darkest trials, in the attack of the enemy! The very thing that was meant to take me out actually took me lower and closer to God to where I could SEE HIM GREATER!! Thereby, I began to prosper from the inside out!!! You cannot walk into the greatness of God until you have been threshed and processed with such wealth in your soul to walk in the treasury of that wealth which is CHRIST JESUS THE HOPE OF GLORY IN YOU!!!!!
God bless you!
Robin Kirby-Gatto

17 Hide not Your face from thy servant (but rather turn me to Your covenant Most High that brings forth the Word of Life that does massive works; I see your house and desire to enter in); for I am in a narrow place (where my person has been caught in my mind by the enemy) answer me swiftly (cause me to see Your life revealed massively in my person). 18 Be near unto my soul (I am so low and Oh I see Your house and the life of Your Word to consume me); and avenge me (lift me up into Your strength and authority, Your tongue); deliver me because of my enemies (Your Word has caused me to see the open door revealed so that the strength which has come against me from the works of the enemy is no longer tolerated). You have known my reproach (You see the works of the enemy that have entered into my mind to separate me from seeing the Word of the Most High revealed), and my shame (the destruction of the enemy in my house against Your covenant), and my dishonor (the tongue of the enemy that has covered me to reveal chaos); my adversaries are all before You (that which has caught my person by battling my mind, their words, activities and works of chaos are known to You). Psalm 69:17-19 TGBFWY (copyright Robin Kirby-Gatto)

1 Read John 1:1-18
2 Read Jeremiah 29:11-13
3 Read John 1:1-18 again 


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