Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69! Day 6 by Robin Kirby-Gatto

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Day 6 “Thy Deliverance Draws Nigh; Psalm 69”

By Robin Kirby-Gatto



12 They who sit in [the city’s] gate talk about me, and I am the song of the drunkards. 13 But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord. At an acceptable and opportune time, O God, in the multitude of Your mercy and the abundance of Your loving-kindness hear me, and in the truth and faithfulness of Your salvation answer me. Psalm 69:12-13 Amp.



We left the last day’s study as we saw David rising up and being stirred by God’s Word and Spirit, to see the Light of God come in the midst of his darkness. The piercing of the strength of God through the Nail, Yeshua, of the Most High. David’s language has been transformed as he is now speaking with the tongue of God and those that are in his presence and know not God think David is speaking a foreign language and mock him for that language which he speaks. The enemy will mock you when you speak with God’s tongue in and over your life ad tell others you are crazy! We see this further depicted in Psalm 69:12.



Sit in Hebrew is yashab yaw-shab and means to sit down (as judgment in ambush, in quiet) by implying to dwell, to remain, to settle, to abide, abiding, continue, fail, habitation, inhabitant, place, remain, sitting place.  (SC # 3427) The Hebrew letters in sit are Yood, Sheen and Bet indicating the works that consume/destroy the house. Therefore, what you see here is sit represents the opening to the soul receiving here, that which wants to come in and DWELL in you. Does your soul receive the destroying works of the devil and see that OR does your soul receive the consuming works of God that are forever at work in and around us, if we would but SEE THEM. Reflect on God’s word and His eternal work that is occurring in and around you every day!



Gate in Hebrew is sha’ar shah’-ar an opening, door, gate, city or port. (SC # 8179) The Hebrew letters are Sheen, Ayin and Resh. The word picture here of Gate being consumed by what you see in your person.

The gate we see in Psalm 69:12 indicates the works that you see in and around your house are either consuming you or destroying you. If they are God’s works they are consuming you and if they are the enemy’s works they are destroying you. Therefore, that which you see enters into your soul. If you acknowledge the lie of the serpent that is sitting at your door (the devil’s works and messages) it will then be what you see in your person if you dwell (think) on it then it will dwell in you!!



Here David is acknowledging the fact that the enemy’s works that are at operation against him have entered his soul but no longer is David going to allow the enemy to enter his inner chamber. Instead David is separating that lie of the enemy outside of his person, outside of his soul!!!



For example, when I was an alcoholic before I got delivered by God’s Word and Holy Spirit I received prior to that, that alcohol was in me and it was until I was to my bottom that God came in to show me that I WAS NOT AN ALCOHOLIC (THE LIE-SIN) BUT INSTEAD OF WAS A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD A HOLY NATION (THE TRUTH THAT SAVES) THAT I WAS ABLE TO GET DELIVERED!!! Even in times where my flesh had given into the sin that was at operation in my soul I began to acknowledge those were the lies of the enemy at my gate and it had to VACATE!!!!! That which is within you when you bring the Word of God in to it will be uprooted, torn down and destroyed; the Word brings judgment against the lie!!!!!



David has a change in perspective because David recognizes that which has come into his soul, that which he is seeing within reflects into David’s outside, his life. He is able now to distinguish with understanding what is occurring in his soul and as a result begin by God’s Spirit and Truth come into his deliverance!




We see where Cain was given opportunity to see God’s Work in his life before the enemy entered into his inner chamber as we look here at sin crouching at Cain’s door in Genesis 4.


If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him. Genesis 4:7 KJV.  Door here is pethach peh’-thakh (SC # 6607) meaning door, entrance way, door, entering in, entrance, gate, opening, etc. The Hebrew letters here are Pey, Tav and Chet indicating the words that you come into agreement with come into your inner chamber.


Lieth/crouching here in Genesis 4:7 is rabats raw-bats’ sounding like you are saying the words raw bats in Hebrew means to crouch, recline, recline, repose, brood, lurk, imbed, make to rest and SIT!!!!!!!!!! Do you see this because we see the sitting of those at the gates that David refers to in Psalm 69:12 and we see the sitting in Genesis 4:7 at Cain’s door, the door to his soul. Therefore, the words that are at our door, the door of our soul that Cain came into agreement with were not God’s word but instead the SIN (that which was sitting) at his door and as a result it ENTERED HIS INNER CHAMBER (CHET IN HEBREW). The Hebrew letters for rabats (lieth) are Resh, Bet and Tsade indicating the desire of the person’s house. If the desire of our house is either us or anything other than God then the enemy is allowed to work and bring destruction! If the desire of our house is God then it is God that triumphs in our soul removing the attack of the enemy, because we are consumed in seeing Him regardless of our circumstances. Cain’s house had the desire for Cain here in Genesis 4 therefore sin that was sitting outside his door was able to come into his inner chamber and bring forth Cain’s carnal nature’s desire in his person. Sin on the outside that took hold of Cain now was manifesting. That which was already destroying Cain’s house, because satan was already murdering Cain, simply manifested it in the act of killing his brother!!!!!! Whatever crime that is committed in the natural is what is already occurring in that person’s soul in the spirit!!!!! Therefore, if you see people convicted of different crimes in the natural it has already gone on at length within their soul by the enemy coming against their house (person).



Talk/speak in Hebrew is siyach see’-akh meaning to ponder, converse with oneself, and hence, aloud) or utter, commune, complain, declare, meditate, muse, pray, speak and talk. (SC # 7878) The Hebrew letters are Sheen, Yood and Chet. Here, David states that those that sit at his gates talk about him. The Hebrew letters here for talk/speak combine to form the word picture of the consuming works that are in the inner chamber or the destroying works in the inner chamber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS SPEAKING IN YOUR INNER CHAMBER?????????????? IN YOUR SOUL????? Do you see this!!! David is saying there was the lie of the enemy sitting there at the door of his soul as we see sin crouching at Cain’s soul wanting to overtake him, speaking to David’s soul. However David instead chose to listen to the voice of the Lord being a proverb to others, foreign, so that the talk of the enemy could not overtake him, could not bring works into his soul and destroy him!!!! Wow!!!!! This is huge revelation at a deeper level and you see the scripture about taking your thoughts captive because Paul is basically saying that we are to take the talk of the enemy captive and not let the works of that talk/become thoughts that enter our inner chamber/ our soul!!!



We see David say that he is the song of the drunkards; David is truly coming to the place to where he truly sees where the attack is on his soul and in his circumstances and now realizes that which he thinks is what he is!!! David realizes the circumstances in his natural are those already that have occurred in the supernatural within David’s soul.



It all goes back to WHOSE REPORT DO YOU BELIEVE!!! When the 12 tribes were sent to spy out the promise land and God instructed them to go and take the land Joshua and Caleb had in their house (heart) the Word of God while the other 10 tribes had the report (talk) of satan abiding in their heart and only saw GIANTS!!!!! WHAT DO YOU SEE?????????????? DO YOU SEE GIANTS OR DO YOU SEE THE PROMISE LAND BECAUSE WHEN YOU ONLY SEE THE PROMISE LAND THE GIANTS WILL SEEM LIKE ANTS!!!!



Song in Hebrew negiynah neg-ee-naw’ meaning music, a stringed instrument, a poem set to music, an epigram, etc. (SC # 5058) The Hebrew letters Noon, Gimel, Yood, Noon and Hey. The Hebrew letters for song here create the word picture of the activity that either lifts up or brings pride through the works that are active within you are revealed. Here the songs that David is speaking of are those of drunkards, those intoxicated with something else other than God.



Drunkards in Hebrew is shikkowr shik-kore meaning intoxicated, as a state or a habit, drunkard, drunken man, etc.  (SC # 7910) The Hebrew letters Sheen, Kaph, Vav and Resh. Therefore, the word picture of drunkards is the destruction that is allowed and is added to your person. When you put song and drunkards together it is the word picture of the activity within you through pride that is actively coming forth and being revealed because that which is destroying you is allowed to be added unto your person! IT ALL GOES BACK TO THE PRIDE OF LIFE!!!!! That which Jesus overcame in the wilderness!! David is seeing the truth of how the enemy’s lies came to dwell in his soul and sit down, building up a camp to talk to him continually was through his own pride, HIS OWN INTOXICATION OF SELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW that is huge!!!!! Are we intoxicated with self or consumed by God!!! When we are intoxicated with self the activity within us lends itself unto pride to be actively revealed in and around us, allowing the destroying works of the enemy to be added to our person!!! WE HAVE TO REPENT OF ALL PRIDE (also please see the Leviathan notes on the cursed structure of pride!)



David here realizes that he has been intoxicated with SELF instead of God’s promises, God’s Call and as a result the enemy was able to enter his soul and speak to him continually bringing oppression and keeping him intoxicated but here David is able to say NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



As we saw briefly in the last note of Hannah and Peninniah in 1 Samuel 1 and how Peninniah vexed Hannah at the place of worship, in the house of God, satan is going to vex you at the house of God, in your person when you are seeking God all the more and the only way he can do so is through pride!!! Remember it was Eli that was the priest who rebuked Hannah and Eli means lofty, proud!!!! When you humble yourself and pour out your soul unto the Lord that pride will sure enough show up and  start mocking you saying  “who do you think  you are that you can be delivered, remember this…..” that is all pride speaking!!!



What I love about Hannah’s story is that it took the vexing of Peninniah to get Hannah to be humble and dissatisfied where she was! I started preaching this message in the summer of 2011 titled “IRON PILLAR” and it was all based on Hannah’s story in 1 Samuel 1 – 2. One thing God had me share is what Peninniah’s name means, which is actually two things, not one. One thing it means is “look at from a different angle.” The second thing it means is “pearl!” God began to tell me “Robin if you look at every trial you experience from a different angle you will get the pearl of great price, the treasure!!!!” I was blown away but it is TRUTH! Therefore, here David is now looking at his trial from a different angle and getting the pearl of great price because he realizes through his own pride the circumstances in which he has an inner conflict with have come upon him!!!! Like Job that which he had FEARED (through pride) had come upon him!!!! Here David realizes his need for God’s help!!!!

David humbles himself and turns to the Lord to lift up prayer and instead  of seeing the enemy to see God’s greatness!!


13 But as for me, my prayer is to You, O Lord. At an acceptable and opportune time, O God, in the multitude of Your mercy and the abundance of Your loving-kindness hear me, and in the truth and faithfulness of Your salvation answer me. Psalm 69:13 Amp.



Prayer in Hebrew is tephillah tef-il-law intercession, supplication, a hymn and prayer.  (SC # 8605) The Hebrew letters are Tav, Pey, Lamed and Hey. The word picture for prayer here is the Covenant of the Word that reveals Authority! Therefore, David instead lifts up the talk of God, praise, over his person and there is where the enemy is defeated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, because before I was delivered in the natural from addiction of alcohol I had already gotten the victory on the inside of my person!! I praised God in the midst of my bondage, the talk of the enemy and the talk and praise of God became louder than the enemy’s talk in my inner chamber that before I knew it God evicted the enemy and set me free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is praise, authority and prayer that binds up the strong man!!!!!!!!



25 And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand: 26 And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? 27 And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? therefore they shall be your judges. 28 But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you. 29 Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? and then he will spoil his house. 30 He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. Matthew 12:25-30 KJV. 


Jesus knew the Pharisees THOUGHTS WHAT WAS SPEAKING IN THEIR HOUSE SO THEY WERE DIVIDED AGAINST HIM, THEIR OWN PRIDE HAD THEM BOUND UP IN FEAR AND IN DEATH SO THEIR HOUSE WAS BEING CONSTANTLY DESTROYED BY satan. THEREFORE, THEY WERE INTENT ON COMING AGAINST GOD’S HOUSE, JESUS!!! Jesus states that a kingdom (house) divided against itself cannot stand!! The enemy is not going to send a word to cast out himself because that is an oxymoron!! The talk of the devil is the talk of the devil and it will not cast him out but rather make him stronger. On the contrary a God breathed Word of Holy Spirit in Jesus could speak to a person’s house filled with the lie of the enemy and cast it out of them!!!! It is the Spirit of God that casts out the devil from our house by God’s authority, His tongue, which is TRUTH! This revelation of truth signifies the fact that the Kingdom of God has come upon a person, to walk in the delivering power of God in their person/house!!!!!!! IT IS DELIVERANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELIVERANCE IS A SIGN THAT THE KINGDOM OF GOD HAS COME INTO THEIR HOUSE AND THAT THEIR HOUSE IS NOT DIVIDED!!!!!!!  Jesus then depicts the person in need of deliverance having a strong man in their house that needs to be bound up in order to spoil his goods. The first thing Jesus said that we are to do is to bind up the strongman and then spoil his goods.  Bind here in Greek is to bind in bonds, knit, tie and wind.


Jesus on the earth was a walking talking HOUSE OF PRAYER, OF TEPHILLAH (THE COVENANT OF GOD’S WORD AND AUTHORITY REVEALED!!!!) Paul became a bond servant bound up by Christ Jesus, the Word and he was able to be a walking, talking house of prayer that the demons knew his name!!! It is the Word, in us that as we bind it to ourselves, as we are so filled with seeing and knowing the Word that it is binding the strongman dwelling in us in places whereby we have become oppressed.  Jesus came as God’s Covenant and the Word that His authority was continually revealed so the demons trembled at His Name because His Name meant SALVATION!!!!!!  FREEDOM FROM ALL OPPRESSION!!!!!!

To spoil the goods here means to PLUNDER THE ENEMY’S EQUIPMENT, STRUCTURE OF THE LIES GIVING ITSELF to the house, the dwelling place of the enemy, it is the lies that have come into your soul, inner chamber that you have agreed to that begin to build a dwelling place for the strongman. Every little lie that you have bought by the enemy that is contrary to God’s Word is a brick in the devils structure. Therefore, if the strongman is bound up then every lying structure that has built his house is demolished the strongman has no place to dwell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your praise is to bind yourself to the Word, Covenant and see the revealing of God’s authority in your life!!!! That is what I did when I was bound up; I kept using scripture against the lie of the enemy; my praise to God bound the enemy up and gradually brick by brick the structure was demolished and there was no place for the enemy to stay!!!!!!!!!!!

We see that it is at the acceptable time that God hears us and answers us. Acceptable/opportune in Hebrew is ratsown raw-tsone meaning delight, be acceptable, delight, desire, favor, good pleasure, will, as what would, etc. (SC # 7522) The Hebrew letters are Resh, Tsade, Vav and Nun forming the word picture of the desires of the Most High through the Nail, Yeshua, which add and secure Life!!! There is an appointed time God has for you where His desires will manifest if you but hold onto the Word and praise Him seeing Him more than you see the enemy!!!!! Turning your eyes upon Jesus, not looking at the storm and not being swayed by your natural but moving our natural by God’s supernatural, His Word in Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multitude in Hebrew is rob robe meaning abundance, abundantly, common sort, excellent, greatness, huge, be increased, long, more in number, most, much, multitude, plenty, etc.  (SC # 7230) The Hebrew letters Resh and Bet indicating the house of the Most High!! That in time as you press in you will be fully possessed as the house of the Most High where the enemy no longer oppresses you.  David also refers to God’s mercy. Mercy in Hebrew is checed kheh’-sed meaning kindness, implying toward God, piety, rarely by opposition reproof, or beauty, favor, good deed, kindly, loving, kindness, merciful, mercy, pity, reproach, etc. (SC #2617) The Hebrew letters are Chet, Kaph and Dalet forming the word picture of the separation unto God whereby you are covered by Him and enter into His dwelling place, His rest, His blessings. David in the midst of his storm that which the enemy would sound so loudly around him and even in him enters into God’s abiding place, His rest and finds himself becoming a House of God and the enemy (oppression) is no longer present. The only songs over David’s house become that of the Lord God.

Hear in Hebrew is ‘anah aw-naw’ meaning to eye, to heed, pay attention, to respond, to begin speak, sing, shout, testify, announce, give account, cry, hear, lift up, speak, bear, witness, etc.  (SC # 6030) The Hebrew letters are Ayin, Noon and Hey. David said it was in God’s mercy the covering of God that would separate David unto Himself and cause David to enter in which God hears David, the praise of David’s house that chooses to see God! That hearing of David’s soul, the praise in the midst of the trial is the place where God would answer David in truth and salvation.


Truth in Hebrew is ‘emeth eh’-meth meaning stability, certainty, truth, trustworthiness, assured, establishment, faithful right, sure, truly and verity.  (SC # 571) The Hebrew letters are Aleph, Mem and Tav and form the word picture the strength massively coming forth of covenant!!!! Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth which is the massiveness of God’s strength and covenant!! It is not by our power or might (strength) but it is by God’s Spirit, the massive strength of His Covenant that does all things, specifically bringing us freedom and deliverance. God would answer David in salvation, too. Salvation in Hebrew is Yesha’ yeh’-shah meaning liberty, deliverance, prosperity, safety, salvation and saving.  (SC # 3468) The letters in Hebrew are Yood, Sheen and Ayin form the word picture the Works that consume you and is what you see!!!! Do you see this (lol- a play on words but the pun is intended here)? David’s eyes are changing it goes back to what you see, the veil and scales being removed from the eyes!!!


It is the Chastening of the soul in fasting as we saw from the last not and here prayer that cause you to walk in the power and the authority to see the enemy cast out, oppression demolished and salvation manifest in great measure in your house!!!!!! Fasting in Hebrew remember is Tsome made of the Hebrew letters Tsade, Vav and Mem indicating the word picture of the Desires to be added unto your house massively of God and prayer so that you can see the Covenant of God’s Word and Authority revealed!!!!! That is why the disciples could not cast the demon out of the boy who was being tormented because the disciples had to be fully given over to the desires of God massively, no pride could exist and in that being low they could fully be given over to prayer/praise for the Covenant of the Word to bring the Authority to be revealed in the earth, the KINGDOM OF GOD COMES NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




What is real interesting is that a couple of days ago we were behind a fire truck and right in the middle of it I saw the emblem for the maker of the truck stamped, which read “PIERCE.” Now this totally blew my mind because I remember the piercing of God’s word in me like the book Hinds Feet in High Places depicts as when Much Afraid is pierced by the thorn/splinter placed in her heart by the Good Shepherd, which later turns into a beautiful flower. I was pierced so deep that people would come up to me all the time and say “Robin it looks as though you ache for Jesus.” I could not explain it but I truly did ache for Jesus and it felt as though something the size of a nail was in my heart and I had this ache that would even leave me doubled over at times where I could not have enough of Jesus!!!! Well when I saw the word “PIERCE” on the fire truck I had to check it out and googled “Pierce and fire truck” and found the company “Pierce” that makes fire trucks. You will never believe what came up on their web page!! I pulled up and the last delivery they had was in ALABASTER, ALABAMA where I lived for most of my life in Alabama.  THEY DELIVERED IT THE DAY BEFORE THANKSGIVING, NOVEMBER 27, 2013 THE WOMAN WITH THE ALABASTER BOTTLE WAS SIMPLY A HOUSE OF TEPHILLAH OF PRAISE AND PRAYER!!!!!! LOL I saw the woman with the Alabaster bottle and the piercing of the light of Jesus in her and realized the fire truck had so much to say!!! Not only was pierce on the back but “keep back” was on the back, too. I realized the fire that is within us keeps back the devil and his minions it binds the devil, it is prayer and praise that is louder than the voice of the enemy at our gate!!!!! It is the flame of God within us that pierce’s us so deep that satan cannot manipulate us or control us because Love’s voice, Jesus Christ the hope of glory, is LOUDER than the voices at our gate!!!!!! I thought of the siren that sounds when a fire truck is going down the road and everyone keeps back because they know if they don’t they will be barreled over!!! DO YOU SEE THIS???? The Flame of God within you that has become so brilliant because of your fasting (being tsowm in Hebrew forming the word picture of the desires through the nail that adds and secures, Yeshua, massively come forth in your heart, Jesus the Word pierces your heart)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the piercing of God’s Word in your darkness that is louder than the voice of the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the voice of God louder than those that sit at your gates???? That is what David realized is the voice of God, the praise and prayer of God was louder magnifying the covenant of God!!!!! When that is louder is like a fire truck siren that is filled with water, rivers of living water, to put out the fire of the enemy (the flaming missiles as you see in Ephesians 6:16).  The piercing of God’s Word causes His Word to be louder so that your deliverance is nigh because the Word is God breathed with Ruach to dismantle the enemy’s house and remove the dwelling place where the strong man resides! What is so cool is that the Pierce Company just celebrated its 100th year this year in business and all I could see was a hundred fold!!!! The worship, your Alabaster bottle is louder than the voice of the enemy at your gates and if not then press in with fasting and prayer until you see that truth!


14 And when they came to the [nine] disciples, they saw a great crowd around them and scribes questioning and disputing with them. 15 And immediately all the crowd, when they saw Jesus [returning from the holy mount, His face and person yet glistening], they were greatly amazed and ran up to Him [and] greeted Him. 16 And He asked them, About what are you questioning and discussing with them? 17 And one of the throng replied to Him, Teacher, I brought my son to You, for he has a dumb spirit. 18 And wherever it lays hold of him [so as to make him its own], it dashes him down and convulses him, and he foams [at the mouth] and grinds his teeth, and he [[i]falls into a motionless stupor and] is wasting away. And I asked Your disciples to drive it out, and they were not able [to do it]. 19 And He answered them, O unbelieving generation [without any faith]! How long shall I [have to do] with you? How long am I to bear with you? Bring him to Me. 20 So they brought [the boy] to Him, and when the spirit saw Him, at once it completely convulsed the boy, and he fell to the ground and kept rolling about, foaming [at the mouth]. 21 And [Jesus] asked his father, How long has he had this? And he answered, From the time he was a little boy. 22 And it has often thrown him both into fire and into water, intending to kill him. But if You can do anything, do have pity on us and help us. 23 And Jesus said, [You say to Me], If You can do anything? [Why,] all things can be (are possible) to him who believes!  24 At once the father of the boy gave [an eager, PIERCING, inarticulate] cry with tears, and he said, Lord, I believe! [Constantly] help my weakness of faith! 25 But when Jesus noticed that a crowd [of people] came running together, He rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to it, You dumb and deaf spirit, I charge you to come out of him and never go into him again. 26 And after giving a [hoarse, clamoring, fear-stricken] shriek of anguish and convulsing him terribly, it came out; and the boy lay [pale and motionless] like a corpse, so that many of them said, He is dead. 27 But Jesus took [a strong grip of] his hand and began lifting him up, and he stood. 28 And when He had gone indoors, His disciples asked Him privately, Why could not we drive it out? 29 And He replied to them, This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting. Mark 9:14-29 Amp


Here Jesus came on the scene filled with light that people were amazed and in awe. Then He arrives upon the scene where his disciples are having difficulty casting out the devil that has tormented the boy. But get this; you see the manifestation of that devil that has tormented that boy because it has the disciples so preoccupied with its loud self even making a show of things to cause the enemy at their gates to be louder than the Word that was already resident within them!!! There was not enough light in them to pierce the darkness because the song of the enemy had them so intoxicated that they could not be effective in delivering the boy. The Father Cries out to Jesus to help his unbelief because he has been PIERCED as we see in the amplified here and the cry of the Word, the light within him had pierced him through the spoken Word, Jesus, that the darkness was bound up not only in him but in the boy!!!! The equipment, spoils had been taken so there was no dwelling place for the demonic spirit to dwell!!! Ruach of God had entered the boy and dismantled, totally demolished, the demon’s home and the demon had no place to stay!! As Jesus commanded the demon to leave it came out with a show but the Word in Jesus was louder than the voice of the enemy in that boy!!! The disciples asked him why it could not come out and Jesus said this one comes out with prayer and some manuscripts add fasting. Therefore, when we reflect at David’s psalm we see that it is becoming a HOUSE OF PRAYER, OF PRAISE WHERE THE SOUL IS SO CHASTENED FILLED WITH THE TSOME (MASSIVE DESIRE OF THE NAIL, YESHUA THAT CAN PIERCE THE DARKNESS AND BRING THE LIGHT OF THAT PRAYER – TEPHILLAH PRAISE WHICH IS THE COVENANT OF THE WORD THAT HAS AUTHORITY REVEALED)!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS NOT HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAY IT, RATHER IT IS THE FACT THAT GOD’S WORD IN YOU IS LIKE A SIREN TO THE devil’s LITTLE PIP SQUEAK VOICE WHICH IS LIKE A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU HAVE A SIREN OF GOD’S WORD, AN ALARM LIKE A FIRE TRUCK THE DEVIL WILL KEEP BACK AND YOU WILL SEE DELIVERANCE!!!! 



12 Those who sit at the gate (bring forth works to destroy my house so that all I see is the destruction of my person) talk about me (trying to bring works to destroy my inner chamber/soul), and I am the song of drunkards (the activity of all pride actively at work in me is revealed so no longer is destruction allowed and added to me). 13 But as for me, my praise is to You, YHVH (I choose to believe the Covenant of Your Word and authority to be revealed instead). At an acceptable time, Oh God, (the desires of the Most High adding life unto me), in the multitude of your mercy (me being simply a house of the Most High through you separate me unto Your covering and cause me to enter into your rest) You hear me (causing me to see Your life revealed), and in truth of Your salvation you answer me (the strength and massiveness of Your Covenant bring forth Your Works that consume me, causing me to see You)! Psalm 69:12-13 TGBFWY (copyright Robin Kirby-Gatto).



To see the Word pierce you and increase please continue to press in and read these scriptures. God bless you!

Robin Kirby-Gatto


1 Read John 1:1-18

2 Repent of any pride, asking God to expose it

3 Continue to seek God’s fast

4 BREATHE!!!!!!!!



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